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Cooking With Papa Tuck Show is all about helping food pantries in the USA . Papa Tuck is on a mission through his shows , to get the word out to everyone in the country to help others who are in need . Cooking with Papa Tuck’s Cooking show teaches new and old cooks how to prepare meals for there hard working family’s . Papa Tuck films a average of four shows per month with people from all over the world as guest on his show. You will never know what Papa Tuck is cooking up next. Papa Tuck is cooking at the Pa Club in Oak Bluffs once per month on Martha’s Vineyard . All proceeds are going to charities through the Club . Papa Tuck is also a author and publisher of books . He is working on his 3rd cook book and some of his guest are authors and stars .

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Stations , We are sponsoring your down loads for you . Please take a minute and send Papa Tuck a e-mail telling us about your station your viewers count and how many shows you will be airing. This way we can keep up with the sponsor cost. Papa Tuck will be filming 28:00 & 58:00 episodes . If you prefer 28:00 episodes we will edit them into part one and part two for your station . They will be uploaded both ways for you. We here at Papa Books production are on a mission to help our hungry in the USA through food pantries . Your station can help by airing all the shows . E-mail to
Thanks , Papa Tuck

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

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0001 PapaTucksHotDogSauce.mpg00:28:450.67121
0001 Trilogygameshow.mpg00:28:280.6715
0002 PapaTucks PastaSauce.mpg00:28:310.67117
0002 Trilligygameshow.mpg00:28:280.996
0002 TrilligygameshowPA.mpg00:28:280.672
0003 PapaTucksLasagna.mpg00:28:300.67111
0004 PapaTucksSpareRibs.mpg00:27:110.63112
0005 PapaTucksScallopedPotatoes.mpg00:28:180.6791
0006 PapaTucksStuffedShells.mpg00:27:580.6581
0007 PapaTucksNewEnglandDinner.mpg00:27:580.6280
0008 PapaTucksFettuccini.mpg00:57:560.9952
0009 PapaTucksMeatLoaf.mpg00:27:580.6678
0010 PapaTucksJamaicanMeal.mpg00:28:550.6865
0011 PapaTucksThaiFood.mpg00:27:580.6459
0012 PapaTucksStuffedLobsterRavioli.mpg00:57:560.9940
0013 PapaTucksSausagePeppers.mpg00:28:580.6855
0014 PapaTucksChickenKavarna.mpg00:58:260.9930
0015 PapaTucksBeefStew.mpg00:57:560.9931
0016 PapaTucksMacaroni.mpg00:29:580.7147
0017 PapaTucksGlumpys.mpg00:58:440.9923
0018 PapaTucksChickenTanTan.mpg00:29:560.7144
0019 PapaTucksMancotti.mpg00:57:560.9921
0020 PapaTucksTurkeyPie.mpg00:29:580.6846
0021 PapaTucksTurkeySoup.mpg00:29:580.6840
0022 PapaTucksItalianBraciole.mpg00:29:580.6838
0023 PapaTucksNo-Bakes.mpg00:29:580.6839
0024 PapaTucksSearedTuna.mpg00:29:580.6938
0025 PapaTucksBo-Knots.mpg00:29:580.6835
0026 PapaTucks Beef Soup.mpg00:28:080.6639
0027 PapaTucks TurkeyDinner.mpg00:28:080.6549
0028 PapaTucks PickledKielbasa.mpg00:28:080.6633
0029 PapaTucks HomemadePieCrust.mpg00:28:080.6640
0030 PapaTucks AppleTreats.mpg00:28:080.6638
0031 PapaTucks HealthySalmon.mpg00:28:080.6638
0032 PapaTucks PA-Club Special.mpg00:28:080.6627
0033 PapaTucks Home-MadePizza.mpg00:28:080.6642
0034 PapaTucks HotWings.mpg00:28:080.6639
0035 PapaTucks HamDinner.mpg00:52:360.9333
0036 PapaTucks Home-MadeButter&EnglishMuffins.mpg00:28:180.6634
0037 PapaTucks SplitPeaSoup.mpg00:28:080.6634
0038 PapaTucks CubeSteak.mpg00:28:080.6530
0039 PapaTucks SundayBrunch.mpg00:28:180.6630
0040 PapaTucks ItalianCalzone.mpg00:28:180.6635
0041 PapaTucks ProsciuttoCreamSauce.mpg00:28:280.6729
0042 PapaTucks Laundry Detergent.mpg00:28:280.2033
0043 PapaTucks ShortRibs.mpg00:28:080.2034
0044 PapaTucks TrippingLilyInterview.mpg00:28:000.6619
0045 Tripping Lily concert with papa tuck.mpg00:58:160.999
0046 PapaTucks TrippingLilyatPAClub.mpg00:28:480.6812
0047 PapaTucks ChickenCordonBleu.mpg00:29:580.7032
0048 PapaTucks FriedChicken.mpg00:28:280.6735
0049 PapaTuck @ JimmySeas.mpg00:58:410.9913
0050 PapaTuck @ fatherchips.mpg00:30:080.7124
0051 PapaTucks HotPastrami with Miche.mpg00:29:180.6927
0052 PapaTuck with Mike @ PA Club.mpg00:29:580.7020
0053 PapaTuck MV Catch.mpg00:29:080.6825
0054 PapaTuck Fajita' sByMichelle.mpg00:29:580.7029
0056 PapaTucks BakedZiti.mpg00:28:580.6830
0057 PapaTuck at Nancys.mpg00:28:380.6718
0058 PapaTuck LobsterFishing.mpg00:29:580.7031
0059 PapaTucks SmokedSteak.mpg00:29:580.7025
0060 PapaTucks ShishKabobs.mpg00:29:430.7029
0061 PapaTuck BlueberryDumplings.mpg00:29:380.7029
0062 PapaTuckCarrotCake.mpg00:28:160.6625
0063 PapaTuckGoulash.mpg00:28:340.6724
0064 PapaTuckPumpkinPie.mpg00:28:180.6731
0065 PapaTucksHardeyBurgers.mpg00:28:180.6628
0066 PapaTucks BeefStroganoff.mpg00:28:080.6629
0067 PapaTucks Frenchonionsoup.mpg00:28:180.6625
0068 PapaTucks MediterraneanKaleSoup.mpg00:29:580.7124
0069 PapaTuck WatergatePudding.mpg00:29:240.6918
0070 Papatucks Enchiladas.mpg00:29:380.7025
0071 Papatucks CurryChicken.mpg00:28:140.6719
0072 Papatucks YogurtChickenCurry.mpg00:29:480.7021
0073 Papatucks BuffaloChickenChowda.mpg00:30:130.7118
0074 Papatucks SmokedBeerCanChicken.mpg00:28:220.6723
0075 PapaTucks StuffedQuahogs.mpg00:30:350.7220
0076 PapaTuck at YMCA.mpg00:28:050.6617
0077 PapaTucks RedWineChicken.mpg00:28:320.6723
0079 PapaTucks StuffedPeppers.mpg00:28:060.6624
0080 Cookingwithpapatuck MoosePasta.mpg00:29:050.6817
0081 PapaTucks CoupeDeville.mpg00:28:320.6713
0082 PapaTucks StuffedPorkChops.mpg00:29:080.6824
0083 Cookingwithpapatuck GOGS Part1.mpg00:28:580.6813
0083 Cookingwithpapatuck GOGS part2.mpg00:28:200.6713
0087 PapaTucks ChickenQuasedillapa.mpg00:28:460.6815
0088 PapaTucks PulledPorkpa.mpg00:28:280.6715
0089 MamaAmysShirmpCreolePA.mpg00:28:280.6717
0090 Ericscampspecial.mpg00:28:280.6616
0091 Mvcatchshow.mpg00:29:580.7015
0092 KingSalmon.mpg00:28:280.9922
0093 PapatucksCoconutchicken.mpg00:28:280.6722
0094 PapatucksPeppersteak.mpg00:29:290.6920
0095 PapaTuck@11North.mpg00:28:040.6611
0096 PapaTucksFishCakes.mpg00:29:430.7017
0097 PapaTucks CajunChicken00:30:080.7115
0098 PapaTucks VenisonMeal00:28:280.6712
Pantry Commercial.mpg00:01:500.0415

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