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Life’s Highway is in it’s 10th year and is hosted by well known recording artist Wade Spencer.

4. I am a full time Gospel singer having recorded 34 albums. I am also an active outdoorsman. Life’s Highway is a combination of my outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, horseback riding, life on the farm, cooking, and my Gospel music videos that are filmed all over the country. We film elk hunts in the Rockies on our own horses, film whitetail deer hunts in several states, film turkey hunts, do horse back riding in the mountains of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming, fish for different species of fish such as trout in West Virginia, Crappie, Small mouth bass, walleye, ect. Some episodes include my wife cooking. We include short inserts into our show about life on the farm, gardening techniques, and other subjects that we are interested in and we think you will be too!

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Our goal is to produce 13 episodes per year. Season 2018 is available now with 13 new shows. With 13 episodes, you can replay them 4 times a year to complete a 52 week season. Our new season usually starts around March of each year.
Someone told me 10 years ago that I have a very interesting life, and that I should video a lot of things I'm involved in. Thus, the show "Life's Highway" was born. It's unique as it combines my outdoor lifestyle with my full time job, singing Gospel music, and the music videos you see here are filmed in many different and unique settings. Life's Highway is top notch quality for your audience to enjoy. I hope you can give a specific airtime to Life's Highway so your audience will get accustom to watching it at a specific time. We put a lot of time and effort in this show. Thank you for playing Life's Highway for your audience! Sincerely, Wade Spencer

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Wade Spencer

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0001 LIFES HIGHWAY Kentucky elk hunt.mp400:28:32N/A/0.000/14
0002 LIFES HIGHWAY West Virginia Squirrel.mp400:28:32N/A/0.000/13
0003 LIFES HIGHWAY Tennessee River Catfishing.mp400:28:32N/A/0.000/14
0004 LIFES HIGHWAY Trout Fishing in West Virginia.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/14
0005 LIFES HIGHWAY In the Ohio Deer Woods.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/13
0006 LIFES HIGHWAY Elk in the Rockies.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/11
0007 LIFES HIGHWAY Kayak Fishing.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/12
0008 LIFES HIGHWAY Fishing Lake Erie Backwaters.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/9
0009 LIFE'S HIGHWAY Squirrel in Adams County part 1.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/9
0010 LIFES HIGHWAY Squirrel in Adams County part 2.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/8
0011 LIFES HIGHWAY Crappies and Walleyes.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/10
0012 LIFES HIGHWAY Crappie Alone.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/7
0013 LIFES HIGHWAY First Morning Bull Elk.mp400:28:31N/A/0.000/7

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