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Around the globe there are powerful, positive stories that deserve to be told - tales of people and organizations that are working to solve the social and environmental issues effecting their community, and their part of the world.
Actuality Media brings crews to developing communities around the world to meet these changemakers, and to tell stories on the work they do through short documentaries.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Actuality Media was created to tell stories of people doing good in the world, and to educate emerging filmmakers on powerful storytelling. Every year we run Documentary Outreach programs in new locations around the world. On location, each crew makes a short documentary featuring a local changemaker and a micro-documentary as well.
Each season includes multiple documentaries from 3-4 locations around the world, all focusing on people attached to a local nonprofit, social enterprise or other changemaker, to highlight the good work they are doing.
Note the dual numbering system per each season - episodes marked with two digit numbers (i.e. 0014) are micro-documentaries averaging 3 minutes each, and episodes marked with three digit numbers (i.e. 0106) are short documentaries averaging 10 minutes each.
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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: International

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Actuality Media

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Biji Biji00:02:35N/A/0.090/0
Breaking The Cycle00:09:59N/A/0.380/0
Café Armonía00:02:35N/A/0.090/0
Cooking for the Guatemalan Dream00:07:30N/A/0.280/0
Education and Hope00:03:48N/A/0.140/0
I Am Fundi00:08:41N/A/0.340/0
People Like Us00:08:57N/A/0.990/0
People of Pixan00:08:05N/A/0.310/0
Sewn Strong00:02:52N/A/0.100/0
SOLS Solution00:06:35N/A/0.250/0
Souls of Sseko00:03:00N/A/0.110/0
The Barefoot Lawyers of Uganda00:09:33N/A/0.140/0
The Fruits of Silence00:01:43N/A/0.060/0
Waste Management Education Project00:03:00N/A/0.110/0

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