Detail For Show: An Original TelePlay, Rope of Sands

Show Description:

Rope of Sands is a original teleplay written, produced and directed by Toni Seger. It was taped in Portland, Maine for the Community Television Network.

Rope of Sands is a domestic drama (read 'food fight') in one-act touching on many things including the nature of creative expression and the potentially lethal destructiveness of passivity and non-communication.

The dynamic is that of three characters who verbally chase each other in dizzying and frustrating circles. At times, they are witty and are often deliberately provocative, but none of the three are able to connect.

In No Exit, Jean Paul Sartre depicted hell as being eternally trapped after death in a triangle of people with whom you can’t make contact and you can’t escape. Rope of Sands brings that hell into life.

Rope of Sands was favorably reviewed after running in a NYC festival.

Rope of Sands won three nominations at the Planet Connections Summer Festival, in New York City, including one for Best Playwright.

The play runs 48 minutes.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

"Rope of Sands" is an entertaining and enlightening look at a dysfunctional family system. At times, the narrative is heated, but it's also highly recognizable as family members jockey for space.

"Rope of Sands" has run at numerous stations with excellent responses to the script and compliments for its production values. It's also been staged live in theater settings.

Staging a play at an access station is not easy. You want to create the feeling of reality and you can't do that without blocking which means you need to use a boom. This play though it appears to run nonstop, actually took two days to tape because lights and boom were continually reset.

Type of Show: Specials

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Frequency of Episodes: One time show

Show Producer: Toni Seger - independent producer

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