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Bill Campbell is professional comedian who has done a cable access show in Chelmsford MA for the last 10 years called Campbell's Comedy Corner.

Campbell's Comedy Corner is a 1/2 hour stand up comedy show filmed before a live audience starring comedian Bill Campbell. Bill is a 30 year veteran comedian who has done it all, clubs, colleges, private affairs, cruise ships, and so on.

Bill hosts the show, opens with a short 5 minutes set, then introduces one guest professional comedian who does a ten minute set to the live audience after which Bill and his guest talk about the world of comedy as only real pros can do.

Bill tapes 2 shows every other month, approximately 10 shows a year. Many of his guests have performed on the Tonight Show, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien.

Further information about the show and Bill is available at his web site

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Bill Campbell, Professional Stand-upComedian

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00 38 Comedy Longwell00:31:240.7429
0001.Comedy Corner, Joe Wong.mpg00:28:090.66128
0002.Comedy Corey Manning.mpg00:29:590.5399
0004.Comedy Mary Ellen Rinaldi.mpg00:36:060.8181
0006 Comedy Lauletta.mpg00:30:230.7668
0007.Comedy Proctor.mpg00:30:180.7261
0008. Comedy Siebel 2.mpg00:31:230.5555
0010.Comedy Braudis.mpeg00:00:020.0121
0010.Comedy Braudis.mpg00:30:090.7146
0011.Comedy Bjork.mpg00:30:010.7053
0013 Comedy Matt D.mpg00:31:180.5643
0014 Comedy Bent.mpg00:30:560.7342
0016Comedy Pennie.mpg00:31:160.7438
0017 Comedy Dorval.mpg00:00:000.5528
0019 Comedy Hall.mpg00:30:450.5535
0020 Comedy Mike Donovan.mpg00:30:300.5435
0021Comedy Clark.mpg00:30:300.5434
0022 Comedy Gilmore.mpg00:31:440.7533
0023Comedy PJ Walsh.mpg00:31:170.5632
0024 Comedy Guilmette00:31:000.7328
0025 Comedy Aceto00:31:390.7529
0026 Comedy Hayes00:30:540.7332
0027 Comedy Gartley00:31:560.7531
0028 Comedy Scalia00:31:000.7326
0029 Comedy Stebbins00:31:070.7427
003 Comedy Margarita.mpg00:31:490.7543
0030 Comedy Langton00:31:150.7425
0031 Comedy Murphy00:31:000.7327
0032 Comedy Lynch00:31:010.7324
0033 Comedy Grady00:31:080.7423
0034 Comedy Baretta00:31:110.7423
0035 Comedy Bowers00:31:140.7423
0036 Comedy Mastrangelo00:31:210.7423
0037 Comedy Pizzi00:30:070.5824
0039 Comedy Russo00:31:180.7422
009 Comedy Gautreau .mpg00:31:150.5532
2015 02 26 Comedy Carroll00:31:280.7418
2015 02 26 Comedy Scarfo00:31:470.7520
2015 05 14 Comedy Crohn00:31:210.7417
2015 05 14 Comedy Koutrobis00:31:280.7420
2015 09 24 Campbell Comedy Gautreau00:26:390.6318
2015 09 24 Campbell Comedy Thibodeau00:26:240.6217
2015 11 19 Comedy Corner Morgan00:26:070.6213
2015 11 19 Comedy Corner Tucker00:26:200.6213
2016 01 28 Comedy Corner Linda Belt00:26:260.6314
2016 01 28 Comedy Corner Will Noonan00:26:280.6313
2016 03 31 Comedy Corner Hurley00:25:520.4915
2016 03 31 Comedy Corner Jenkins00:25:510.4915
2016 05 26 Comedy Corner Larry Lee Lewis00:26:120.6212
2016 05 26 Comedy Corner Mark Riley00:26:430.6317
2017 02 23 Comedy Corner Champlin00:26:460.632
2017 02 23 Comedy Corner Januario00:26:200.623
Comedy Bob Seibel00:30:530.7332
Comedy Januario 09 24 09.mpg00:31:000.7636
Comedy McDonald 2008.mpg00:27:220.6156
Comedy Mitch Stinson00:30:460.7341

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