Detail For Show: From Locks and Fences to Jobs and Paychecks

Show Description:

This 30 minute production tells the story of inmates at the Washington State Corrections Center for Women.  They are in a program that teaches them the basics of the building trades.  Instead of leaving prison to their former lives, they return to the community with union apprenticeships and the ability to support themselves. This program, TRAC, was established about 12 years ago and is now being noticed by corrections officials in many states. The instructor, Steve Petermann, will be visiting several states in 2020 to brief prison officials. Viewers will learn that about 40% of the women who go to prison return after their release for reoffending. Grads of TRAC return rate is about 3%.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

This show offers a solution to sending people in prison back to their communities where they will have a productive life. The model of this program is found at the Washington State Corrections Center for Women. The show was shot both inside the prison and with former inmates back in the community.

Type of Show: Specials

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Washington

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Show Producer: Solidarity Films / Chuck Bolland Productions

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