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Butterfly Town USA - Newly released film documents the work of citizens working to preserve a Monarch Butterfly sanctuary.

An OSCAR-nominated, EMMY-winning team kicks off 2020 by releasing a film that documents efforts to protect a threatened Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. This film had been broadcast exclusively on Public Television stations nationwide for two years. The team just received word of expanded broadcast rights to include Cable Access, PEG Media stations and personal use.

Insects, including Monarch butterflies, are in strategic decline worldwide. Pesticides, habitat loss, fires and severe drought all contribute to this situation. The film Butterfly Town USA documents how citizens in one community, Pacific Grove, California are working together to protect their Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Internal disagreements with the City about habitat restoration block their progress at a time when climate change leads to the loss of insects globally. Butterfly research groups report that the population of coastal California Monarchs has dropped significantly over the years.

In the film, we meet determined activists working together to protect the Monarchs. When the City heavily prunes trees in the Pacific Grove sanctuary, citizens organize to plant trees to fill in the gaps in the protective canopy. We watch as one citizen boldly steps forward to lead efforts in rehabilitating the Grove. His efforts lead to a clash with local government about how to best protect the Sanctuary. We see his courage inspire others as he continues, undaunted.

The well-known butterfly ecologist Lincoln Brower adds his perspective throughout the film, as the citizens of Pacific Grove show courage, compassion and determination with their commitment.

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Do let us know if you plan to show the film. When a broadcast is scheduled on your station, we can help you publicize it.

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