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Open Mic Poetry is a monthly show of poets from San Francisco and around the world. Generally the poets have nationally available books. I also post them online for viewing and podcasting at: . The youtube main address is: I recommend you view them first on those sites if you want more than the ten minute glance that pegmedia offers.
I have alot of videos of poetry festivals and other things in broadcast quality here including audio: that you can download. Feel free to use it.

I've decided that for my TV show I am going to have a second host named Clara Hsu I think this is my best format for my TV shows. In this format we will have two segments within 30 minutes with 2 poets instead of just one.

Note as of 6/12/09: I hope people will download my bluscreen episodes of "Open Mic Poetry" but I am going to from now on be producing shows without bluescreen because at standard def I prefer regular backdrops.
All old Bluscrreen shows will say: Chroma-key.

Most of my videos I have run thru Streamclip, but I would check and run them again the way Pegmedia recommends. They are all valid working videos tho'

Notes to Stations About This Show:

For more information about my poetry podcast/tv show email me at info at
For all my web sites visit: .

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: John Rhodes

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to John Rhodes for covering this cost.

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Open Mic Poetry Clara Hsu and Bill Mercer Poetic Duet No Chroma Key00:28:400.0063
Open Mic Poetry Stephen kopel & Marc kockinos.mpg00:28:540.0041
0019 Open Mic Poetry Foley Weiss converted NO CHROMA KEY.mpg00:29:230.0049
0020 Open Mic Poetry C Kraman NO CHROMA KEY improved audio.mpg00:28:180.0045
0031 Open Mic Poetry Bill Gainer Chroma key.mpg00:29:320.0041
0034 Open Mic Poetry Dana Lomax Steve Mackin no chroma key00:29:430.0030
0044 Open Mic Poetry Dan Brady & Wendy Wolters.mpg00:29:390.0030
Al Averbach and John Rhodes on San Francisco Poetry Podcast TV 00:29:520.008
Al Young on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry TV: Re-mastered00:27:190.0017
Bob Clifford and Adelle Foley on San Francisco Poetry Podcast TV 00:24:580.0022
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and Peter Thabit Jones: Open Mic Poetry TV00:29:240.0027
Chappell, David Holt, and Bob Loomis on San Fran. Poetry TV00:30:010.0015
Charles Entrekin & Vince Storti on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry TV00:29:430.0027
Clara reading in Chorus w/Jack & Adelle Foley on Poetry TV00:29:470.0023
Diane Frank + Hal Robins on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry TV 00:26:530.009
E.K. Keith and Anna Booth open mic poetry TV00:28:290.0019
Ed Coletti and David Madgalene read on San Fran. Poetry TV00:29:590.0013
Elizabeth Hack & Amos White on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry TV00:28:490.0010
Erica Goss and Charles Blackwell Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV00:29:510.0016
Gary Turchin and Alex Benedict on Open Mic Poetry TV00:28:150.0017
J.R. Brady and William Taylor on Open Mic Poetry PEG TV00:29:450.0017
Jack Foley and Cesar Love on Open Mic Poetry00:29:070.0026
Jane Rades & Ann Leonard on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry tv 00:25:380.0012
Jeanne Lupton and Jack O'Neill on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV00:29:530.0015
Jennifer Barone and Sally Love Saunders on San Francisco Poetry TV00:29:180.0011
Jesse Glass, Jack Foley, Clara Hsu on the San Francisco Poetry Show00:27:280.0018
Jimmy Mankind, Laurie Winestock, S. Kopel,Clara Hsu on PEG Poetry TV00:30:200.0012
Joan Gelfand and Bob Dewhurst Open Mic Poetry TV00:28:280.0013
Joyce Jenkins & Richard Silberg on Open Mic Poetry TV00:29:030.0018
Joyce Jenkins Poetry Flash Award: dual mono, no chroma-key00:29:580.0027
Larry Beresford and Rose Mark read on San Francisco Poetry TV00:28:200.0019
Laura Eden + Chris Olander on S.F. Poetry Podcast PEG TV00:28:390.0011
Marsha Campbell & Tim Donnelly TV Show 00:29:540.0010
Marvin Hiemstra & Jeffrey Lilly read on S.F. Poetry TV00:24:520.0015
Nellie Wong & Valerie Ibarra-Featured Poets-San Francisco Poetry TV00:29:360.006
Open Mic Poetry AMUN JOHN JC no chroma key.mpg00:29:590.0020
Open Mic Poetry Ana Elsner-Richard Loranger No chroma key00:28:000.0026
Open Mic Poetry Brennan Manning no chroma key.mpg00:27:580.0029
Open Mic Poetry Chris Bernard and Carlos Ramirez no chroma key.mpg00:28:570.0019
Open Mic Poetry Chris Trian and Deidre Evans.mpg00:28:280.0020
Open Mic poetry Clive Matson Chroma Key.mpg00:26:470.0024
Open Mic Poetry Dale Jenson & Judi Wells.mpg00:27:570.0017
Open Mic Poetry Doreen Stock Chroma Key.mpg00:29:380.0023
Open Mic Poetry Ed Mycue CHROMA-KEY00:28:090.0027
Open Mic Poetry Emmanuel Williams Chroma key.MPG00:28:340.0023
Open Mic Poetry Geri Digiorno and Nancy Keane 00:26:300.0018
Open Mic Poetry Greg P. and Carlos R. :Sing Langston Hughes00:26:560.0014
Open Mic Poetry Ivan Arguelles CHROMA-KEY00:28:110.0027
Open Mic Poetry Jim LeCuyer & Alan Kaufman 00:28:570.0022
Open Mic Poetry Joan Gelfand and Jeanne Lupton no chroma key00:29:120.0025
Open Mic Poetry John Rhodes Steve A. No Chroma key.mpg00:29:420.0020
Open Mic Poetry Ken Saffran Selene Steese No Chroma Key.mpg00:28:380.0023
Open Mic Poetry Lawrence DiCostanzo + Karen M. McGoon 00:29:300.009
Open Mic Poetry Lucille Lang Day & Avotcja No Chroma Key00:29:000.0021
Open Mic Poetry Martha Meltzer Poet laureate-Pleasanton, CA. CHROMA-KEY00:29:490.0024
Open Mic Poetry Martin Hickel-KellyAnn Conway no/chroma/key00:29:550.0018
Open Mic Poetry Rebecca Foust no chroma key.mpg00:29:020.0024
Open Mic Poetry Robert Arthur no Chroma Key.mpg00:29:110.0022
Open Mic Poetry Roz Spafford no chroma key00:29:290.0028
Open Mic Poetry with Herman Berlandt New Chroma Key00:29:360.0017
Open Mic Poetry with Poets Kirk Lumpkin & Gail Mitchell00:28:250.0019
Open Mic Poetry: Mike Aguzin and Mary Marcia Casoly00:30:280.0016
Open Mic Poetry_Ormerod_Lyon_Mackey_Mel.mpg00:29:400.0023
Poet Robert Arthur Fancy Background Version (Chroma-Key)00:30:030.0012
S.F. Open Mic Poetry with Poet Neeli Cherkovski CHROMA-KEY00:28:480.0034
Sharon Coleman and Fred Norman-Open Mic Poetry/Vegas Pro00:28:170.0010
Tyler Garrison and Kit Kennedy read on San Francisco Poetry TV00:28:450.0021

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