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Garden Thyme, a gardening show, features twin sisters, Donna Sawyer and Dianne Senechal dispensing gardening tips with homespun humor and downeast wit.

Donna and Diane had never picked up a video camera before May of 2009 but they compensate for their lack of production expertise with the infectious enthusiasm and down to earth gardening information they bring to each episode of this popular show.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: New England (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Saco River Community Television

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2014 S6 Garden Thyme Steep Falls Farmers Market00:29:570.998
2014520 GardenThyme Twin Visits00:28:380.5512
2014610 Garden Thyme Unusual Plants00:27:040.5221
2014725 Garden Thyme at ODonals Nursery Hydrangeas00:31:470.619
Belfast garden tour Orland 6-10.mpg00:27:200.5420
Garden Thyme Back at the Worm Farm00:40:040.777
Garden Thyme (springtime preparation)00:29:100.3631
Garden Thyme - Sphagnum Moss Wreath_chunk_1.mpg00:29:020.5720
Garden Thyme 12 (Hodgepodge).mpg00:27:080.5428
Garden Thyme 13 - Locavore tour.mpg 00:30:480.6132
Garden Thyme 14 Family Reunion Garden Party.mpg00:28:300.5726
Garden Thyme 15 Day Lilies.mpg00:26:220.5339
Garden Thyme 16 - Maine's Oldest Apple Orchard00:27:110.5439
Garden thyme 17 Skyline Farm.mpg00:31:550.6325
Garden Thyme 24 Phil Burnell woodworker.mpg00:27:390.5520
Garden Thyme 26 Parsonfield, Maine.mpg00:27:070.5419
Garden Thyme 26 Rejuvenation.mpg00:29:350.5920
Garden Thyme 8 Gorham Garden Tour (continued).mpg00:30:460.6129
Garden Thyme Bean Hole Supper.mpg00:43:000.9912
Garden Thyme Christmas Special00:29:080.5822
Garden Thyme Cornish Apple Fest_chunk_1.mpg00:26:360.5219
Garden Thyme Grab Bag 2-2011.mpg00:40:580.978
Garden Thyme HB Emery revised name correction.mpg00:25:550.5112
Garden Thyme Hostas Make a Home00:38:130.7411
Garden Thyme II (Water Features for Your Garden)00:25:480.5135
Garden Thyme III - Hosta Plants.mpg00:33:560.6732
Garden thyme IV - Converting farmland to Gardens space.mpg00:27:260.5430
Garden Thyme Libby & Son U Pick.mpg00:29:000.5812
Garden Thyme Limerick garden.mpg00:19:180.3912
Garden Thyme Low Maintenance Garden.mpg00:25:450.5130
Garden Thyme Open House00:24:560.4914
Garden Thyme Ossipee Trail.mpg00:29:000.5715
Garden Thyme Patches of Pine Root00:38:500.997
Garden Thyme Penny Rugs 20.mpg00:45:230.908
Garden Thyme Quilting 11-10-10.mpg00:39:570.648
Garden thyme River Bluff Tour_2011.mpg00:26:460.6315
Garden Thyme Silent Time00:19:580.388
Garden Thyme Spring 2010 season open.mpg00:29:100.3621
Garden Thyme V.Starting a garden in the workplace.mpg00:39:430.7922
Garden Thyme-Strawberry Pot Planting.mpg00:32:260.6418
Garden Thyme: Clematis Vines00:27:280.5216
Garden Thyme: From Sandlot to Garden00:40:120.8021
Garden Thyme: Limington 4th of July Parade00:26:310.497
Garden Thyme: Manure Tea00:25:540.5128
Garden Thyme: Rain Barrel00:36:530.7330
Garden Thyme_Haying with Ma Moulton_10-5-11.mpg00:32:340.7710
Garden Time 1 (Fillers, Spillers and Thrillers)00:35:410.7128
Garden Time 11 (junk shop visit)_chunk_1.mpg00:40:060.7914
Garden Time 7 Gorham Maine Garden Tour.mpg00:31:490.6329
GardenThyme-Christmas 2010 plus lost episode.mpg00:59:260.996
GardenThyme_Fryeburg Fair_10-31-11.mpg00:34:440.6411
GROWING GARLIC.mpg00:24:550.4936
June 10 bus tour.mpg00:22:100.4416
Pineland Farms.mpg00:26:470.5325

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