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A television show that provides inspiration, information and resources to those looking to make their next BOLD move. Personally and or professionally. Many of us reach a time in our lives where we re-evaluate our situation and ask ourselves questions like; Am I in the right job, career, or industry? Is there something I have a passion for that I’m not doing something about? Why am I dissatisfied and restless and what can I do about it?

Our show will help viewers learn strategies and tips to inspire them to move forward with their dreams and goals.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The reason I am producing this show is to help people who are in a transition point in their lives in regard to their work or career. It is a resource for those who are trying to figure out what is their next bold move, how can they use their gifts and talents in new ways, and in what can they contribute more and make a deeper impact. It's a show for people out of work and looking for their next job. It's also a show to help people who are sick and tired of doing the same ol' job day in and day out. It's for those who want to do some kind of work that feels more meaningful to them. So many people could benefit from a resource to help them think through what's next and give them ideas and often free resources.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Wendy Capland

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0009: Energy Healing00:30:040.7562
0001 Doing Your Life Purpose Work00:47:080.7063
0002 Wake Up with Wendy show 3.mpeg00:46:150.6945
0003: Creating Joy in Every Part of Your Life00:31:090.5558
0006: What’s Next for You? Check Your Childhood for Clues 00:29:510.5355
0007: Get Started and Create Your Future00:29:120.5157
0008: Hearing the Call to Change Your Life00:29:340.5251
0010: How to Balance Your Work with Your Passions00:29:480.7351
0011: Keeping Yourself Healthy Through Food00:57:010.8243
0012: Marry Your Passion & Your Work00:28:590.5241
0013 How to Deal with Being Out of Work00:30:000.7446
0014: Dieting, Weight Loss and Health Management00:29:380.5340
0015 : Fear and Change00:30:000.7439
0016 : Aging Gracefully00:29:430.7340
0017: Surround Yourself with Passion00:32:330.7739
0018 Re-Inventing Your Career00:30:150.7540
0019 Celebrating and Maintaining Breast Health00:29:290.7236
0020 Job Transition Begins with You00:29:300.7045
0021 Market Yourself By Telling Your Story00:30:120.7439
0022 Invest in Your Relationship00:28:440.5244
0023: The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle00:29:150.7040
0024 Create Your Future with a Vision Board00:28:590.7639
0025 Money, Investing and the Rest of Your Life00:28:300.6944
0026 Is Starting a Business Right for You?00:29:000.7146
0027 Transforming Your Relationship With Money00:31:230.5638
0028 Strategies for Healthy Aging00:30:000.7244
0029 What Kind of a Leader Are You?00:30:000.7243
0030 Get Your Career Path on Track00:30:000.7245
0031 Starting a Fitness Business00:31:060.7333
0032 Job Search Strategies and Tips00:30:000.7247
0033 Expand Your Small Business00:29:590.7344
0034 How Do You Figure Out What’s Next Professionally00:29:150.7039
0035 How to Avoid Miscommunication00:31:140.5537
0036 Revolutionary Approach to Increase Health, Reduce Stress, and Overall Well-Being00:29:150.5139
0037 Leadership Tips for Mastering The Art of High Stakes Conversations Part 100:29:300.7037
0038 Leadership Tips for Mastering The Art of High Stakes Conversations Part 200:30:000.7237
0039 Building Leadership Skills: 3 Secrets to Successful Decision Making Part 100:30:320.7238
0040 Building Leadership Skills: Leadership Tips for Influencing Key Stakeholders Part 200:29:580.7137
0041 How to Become An Entrepreneur00:28:450.6540
0042 The Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurship00:29:450.7238
0043 Take the Lead00:31:270.5632
0044 Next Level Fitness00:30:350.7235
0045 Choose Health00:30:070.7134
0046 Managing Talent and Performance00:29:290.7032
0047 Motivational Management00:28:480.6833

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