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TRAIN TIME is produced by members of the Great Falls Model Railroad Club of Lewiston/Auburn, Maine. Videographers from the club and their friends record trains from Maine, other New England states, and eastern states as far west as Pennsylvania, Virginia, and California.

TRAIN TIME is produced with railroad enthusiasts in mind. Adults and young children who enjoy watching trains are quiet and relaxed as they watch train cab rides, excursions, fall foliage trips, snow scenes, and trains passing through the country side.

Although most programs feature real trains in action, some of the shows are based on model railroading with “How to” clinics and model railroad layouts.

This popular program has elicited such comments as: “The only time my children are quiet is when they sit down in the afternoon and watch TRAIN TIME.” “When I get off work in the evening I love to sit down and relax by watching the trains travel through beautiful locations and familiar places.”

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Mt. Blue Community Television

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E230_Mt Washington Railways.mpg00:05:390.19/N/A25/0
Train Time 001-Chinese Stm Eng-Rutland2Bellows FlsVT.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A46/0
Train Time 002-Wreck Trn W Paris-1998 03 17.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A36/0
Train Time 007 Paper Mill Rumford to Auburn.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A30/0
Train Time 020-Guilford ME Portld2Watrvl TV95 to Aub.mpg00:28:330.99/N/A30/0
Train Time 024 CSX in NY: Erie Canal: Selkirk.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A23/0
Train Time 027 Rigby Yd2Monmouth-Searspt2N ME Jct.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A25/0
Train Time 033-Guilford in ME Watrvl2Bangor-2002-8-30.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A23/0
Train Time 071-Guilford-Watrvl2Buckspt-2003-6-18.mpg00:28:330.99/N/A18/0
Train Time 085 Worcester West to Palmer Mass.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A20/0
Train Time 086 Autumn in New England.mpg00:28:320.99/N/A26/0
Train Time 087 St Lawrence and Atlantic RR Trains 393 and 394.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A20/0
Train Time 088 Tracks Across Virginia.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A22/0
Train Time 089 Hauling Coal in Virginia.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A19/0
Train Time 090 Virginia Freight Trains and Delaware Passenger Trains.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A21/0
Train Time 091 Trains in New England.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A26/0
Train Time 092 Trains in Maine (and more).mpg00:28:300.99/N/A23/0
Train Time 093 St Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A20/0
Train Time 094 St Lawrence and Atlantic.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A19/0
Train Time 095 Annual Caboose Excursion on the Belfast and Moosehead Lake RR.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A24/0
Train Time 096 December in Montreal.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A22/0
Train Time 097 Gilead's 200th Birthday.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A17/0
Train Time 098 Lobster Train to Rockland.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A28/0
Train Time 099 Caboose, Hobo RR Flying Yankee Amtrak Demo to Brunswick.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A21/0
Train Time 10 FGLK Geneva to Auburn NY00:28:380.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 100 Trees and Trains December 9-12 2004.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A19/0
Train Time 101 Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad and Common Ground Fair.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A28/0
Train Time 102 Model Building Dowel Mill Layout Details.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A23/0
Train Time 103 Maine Eastern Railroad Operation Lifesaver October 20 2005.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A25/0
Train Time 104 Maine Eastern Railroad Wiscasset to Rockland.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A21/0
Train Time 105 Maine Eastern Railroad Rockland to Wiscasset.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A21/0
Train Time 106 Maine Eastern Railroad Cab Ride Wiscasset to Nobleboro.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A19/0
Train Time 107 Maine Eastern Railroad Cab Ride Nobleboro to Warren.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A17/0
Train Time 108 Maine Eastern Railroad Cab Ride Warren to Rockland.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A17/0
Train Time 11 FGLK Switching in Auburn00:28:360.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 110 MER-Cab ride warren to nobleboro T2845.mpg00:28:450.99/N/A18/0
Train Time 111 cab ride nobleboro to wiscasset 3125.mpg .mpg00:31:240.99/N/A13/0
Train Time 112 christmas train at maine state museum 2837.mpg00:28:580.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 12 Finger Lakes Railway Canandiagua Run00:28:350.99/N/A13/0
Train Time 121 Trains in Biddeford Talgo, GNNG, Shay Move.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A24/0
Train Time 122 New Hampshire Northcoast.mpg00:28:280.99/N/A24/0
Train Time 123 Autumn on the St Lawrence and Atlantic.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A23/0
Train Time 124 Along the Merrimack River Concord NH.mpg00:28:280.99/N/A24/0
Train Time 125 SLR Cab Ride Auburn to North Yarmouth.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A19/0
Train Time 126 SLR Cab Ride Yarmouth to Portland.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A18/0
Train Time 127 A Day at Horseshoe Curve October 14 1989.mpg00:20:370.75/N/A15/0
Train Time 128 Along the Androscoggin on the Lewiston Lower.mpg00:20:160.73/N/A18/0
Train Time 129 Horseshoe Curve Pennsylvania.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A18/0
Train Time 13 Train Festivals Bellows Falls and White River JCT00:28:350.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 130 Altoona Area Action.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A21/0
Train Time 131 Climbing the Hill at Horseshoe Curve.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A20/0
Train Time 132 Rail Cars Wilton to Bennington.mpg00:28:080.99/N/A24/0
Train Time 133 Train Watching at Horseshoe Curve.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A16/0
Train Time 134 Over the Hill at Horseshoe Curve.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A13/0
Train Time 135 Moving People and Products Through Pennsylvania.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A21/0
Train Time 136 Concord Tower to Northfield Cabooses.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A22/0
Train Time 137 Steam on the WW&F.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A27/0
Train Time 138 Pennsylvania Pride.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A24/0
Train Time 139 Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A24/0
Train Time 14 Rutland to Bellows Falls Vermont00:28:370.99/N/A9/0
Train Time 140 Rail Car Recreation Wolfeboro to Sandbornville.mpg00:26:260.96/N/A22/0
Train Time 141 the WW and F.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A21/0
Train Time 142 Railfan Overlook Cassandra PA.mpg00:28:200.99/N/A20/0
Train Time 143 Maine Narrow Gauge Museum.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A24/0
Train Time 144 Rail Cars on the Mountain Division.mpg00:28:280.99/N/A22/0
Train Time 145 Trains Hugging the Hudson.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A20/0
Train Time 146 Pennsylvania Parade Summerhill to Cassandra.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A18/0
Train Time 147 Maine Eastern Railroad Brunswick to Gardiner.mpg00:28:280.99/N/A17/0
Train Time 148 Maine Eastern Railroad Gardnier to Brunswick.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 149 MMA Cab Ride Northern Maine Junction to Hudson.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 15 Vermont Railroads00:28:340.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 150 MMA Cab Ride Hudson to Derby.mpg00:28:300.52/N/A14/0
Train Time 151 MMA Cab Ride Derby to Brownville.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 152 MMA Cab Ride Brownville to West Seboeis.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 153 MMA Cab Ride West Seboeis to Millinocket.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 154 MMA Train 202 Northern Maine Junction to Brownville.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A13/0
Train Time 155 MMA Train 202 Brownville to Millinocket.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 156 MMA Cab Ride Millinocket to South Twin Lake.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 157 MMA Cab Ride Perkins to Brownville.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 158 MMA Cab Ride Brownville to Northern Maine Junction.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 159 MMA Train 203 Millinocket to Brownville.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 160 MMA Train 203 Brownville to Northern Maine Junction.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 161 Pennsylvania Summerhill to Altoona.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 162 Helping Coal Climb the Hill.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 163 Catching Trains at Cresson PA.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 164 Tracking Trains in Pennsylvania.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 165 Pennsylvania Variety.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A9/0
Train Time 166 Maine Eastern Railroad Brunswick to Lisbon Falls.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 167 Vermont Railroad Burlington to Charlotte Cab Ride.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A13/0
Train Time 168 Vermont Railroad Charlotte to Burlington Cab Ride.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 169 CSX in Va WV and Pa.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 170-Norfolk So-So Fork2Tyrone PA.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 171 Norfolk So. Mdl Div.-Juniata Rvr.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 172-CSX Mohawk River NY.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 173-Silver Bullet Ski Trn-1996Feb.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 174-Silver Bullet Ski Trn Aub2Bethl-1996Mar.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 175 Silvr Bullet Ski Trn Bethl2Auburn-1996Mar.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 176 Sundy Rvr Xprs Ski Trn-1996Dec.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 177-Sundy Rvr Xprs OHJHS-1997Jan.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A8/0
Train Time 178-Sundy Rvr Xprs Ski Trn Bethl2Portld-.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 179-Sundy Rvr Xprs Aub2Bethl 19970322.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A9/0
Train time 180-Sunday Rvr Xprs-Bethl2Aub-1997Mar.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A7/0
Train Time 181 Sunday River Express Portland to Bethel.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 182 Sunday River Express Employees' Special.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 183 Downeaster Update.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 185 Maine Eastern Railroad Brunswick to Augusta.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A13/0
Train Time 186 Maine Eastern Railroad Augusta to Rockland.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 187 Rail Fans on the Pan Am.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 188 Working on the SLA Log Jam at Leeds Junction.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 189 Strasburg Railroad.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 190 Pennsylvania August Hot Spots 1.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 191 Boothbay Railway Museum.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A17/0
Train Time 194 Pennsylv-Gallitzin2Portage.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 195 Trains in PA Gallitzin and Conemaugh Viaduct.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 196 Trains in PA Gallitzin and Horseshoe Curve.mpg00:28:280.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 197 Trains in PA Working at the Slope.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 198 Trains in PA Gallitzin to Tyrone.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A8/0
Train Time 199 Trains in PA Gallitzin to Petersburg.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A8/0
Train Time 200 Trains in PA Gallitzin to Warrior Ridge.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A8/0
Train Time 201 50th Anniversary of the Sunapee Central.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 202 Maine Coast Railroad Cab Ride.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 203 Kit Bashing Models with Larry Cannon.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 204 Wreck Train from West Paris.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 205-Morning2Night NY 2Mass-2008-1230.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 206 MER-Rocklnd2Wiscst Fall Foliage Run 2008-1018.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 207 MER Wiscasset to Brunswk-Fall Foliage Run 2008-1018.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A13/0
Train Time 208 MER Brunswick to Wiscasset Fall Foliage run 2008-1018.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 209 MER Wiscst to Rockland Fall Foliage Run 2008-1018.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 210 WW F Victorian Christmas 1 2009-1219.mpg00:28:320.99/N/A13/0
Train Time 211 WW F Victorian X-Mas 2 2009-1219.mpg00:28:280.99/N/A12/0
Train Time 212 Garden Rail G-Gauge Clark Johnson DeYoung Leslie.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 213 Penn Aug Hot Spots 2 2008-0802.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 214 Penn Aug Hot Spots 3 2008-0804.mpg00:28:300.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 215 - Penn August Hot Spots2008-0805.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 216 - Penn August Hot Spots2008-0806.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 217 UnPacfc Roseville CA Yard 2009-0806.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 218 Union PacificDonner Pass Rte-2009-0810.mpg00:28:320.99/N/A17/0
Train Time 219 Portola CA Feather Rvr Rte 2009-0811.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A15/0
Train Time 220 BNSF Caliente Tehachapi 2009-0807.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A14/0
Train Time 233 WWF Victorian Christmas Pt200:28:360.99/N/A9/0
Train Time 235 NS on the Reading Line00:28:360.99/N/A7/0
Train Time 236 CSX and Amtrak in Maryland00:28:350.99/N/A9/0
Train Time 237 Amtrack on the Keystone Line00:28:360.99/N/A7/0
Train Time 238 Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway00:28:360.99/N/A9/0
Train Time 239 Pan Am and NBS Railroads00:28:360.99/N/A8/0
Train Time 240 MER rockland to Brunswick00:28:350.99/N/A9/0
Train Time 242 ExTRAINaganza00:28:360.99/N/A8/0
Train Time 243 G Gauge Garden Railroads00:28:390.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 244 Trains from Nowhere to Nowhere00:28:350.98/N/A11/0
Train Time 26 Train in Snow00:28:340.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 3 Am Assoc of Private Car Owners00:28:360.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 4 Mass Bay Railroad enthusiasts on the SLR00:28:360.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 5 Trains to selkirk00:28:380.99/N/A9/0
Train Time 6 Bridges the Hudson and Tunnels00:28:370.99/N/A11/0
Train Time 8 Boston and Albany Line Boston and Berkshire Subdivisions00:28:370.99/N/A10/0
Train Time 9 Winter on the St Lawrence and Atlantic RR00:28:340.99/N/A13/0
Train Time- 117 Norfolk and Southern on the Pennsy.mpg00:28:320.99/N/A10/0
Train Time- 120 Repair to Ride-Rail Cars.mpg00:28:400.99/N/A15/0
Train Time- 184 Rockland to Brunswick.mpg00:28:330.99/N/A14/0
Train Time- 192 Trains in Penn Cresson to South Folk.mpg00:28:350.99/N/A11/0
Train Time- 193 Trains in Penn Tie Replacement Crew.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A16/0
Train Time- 221_Union Pacific in Tehachapi Pass.mpg00:28:310.99/N/A17/0
Train Time- 222_Metrolink-Antrak CA to Fullerton.mpg00:28:330.99/N/A13/0
Train Time- 223_Union Pacfic-Sunset Route.mpg00:28:330.99/N/A17/0
Train Time- 224_BNSF in Cajon Pass.mpg00:28:330.99/N/A15/0
Train Time- 225_Union Pacific in Cajon Pass.mpg00:28:280.98/N/A16/0
Train Time- 226_BNSF in Cajon Pass Episode 2.mpg00:28:340.99/N/A15/0
Train Time- 227_UP Meets BNSF in Cajon Pass.mpg00:28:330.99/N/A15/0
Train Time- 228 Downeast Expantion.mpg00:28:320.99/N/A19/0
Train Time- 229_Conway Scenic Railway.mpg00:22:190.77/N/A28/0
Train Time- 231 Steaming Up Mt Washington.mpg00:28:320.99/N/A29/0
Train Time- 232_WW and F Victorian Christmas Pt1_T2836.mpg00:28:360.99/N/A21/0
Train Time- 234_Long Island Rail Road_T2834.mpg00:28:340.99/N/A22/0
Train Tine 241 MER Brunswick to Rockland00:28:360.99/N/A19/0

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