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Show Description: is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others.

“At we are archivists,” explains founder and philanthropist Charles Annenberg Weingarten. “We strive to create films that allow the viewer to join us on our journey as we go on location and experience what unfolds. It’s like the viewers are traveling with the team.” features a wide range of topics—from animal rights, health and human services, and poverty to the environment, education, and spirituality. Delivered in short, digestible bites, explore films appeal to viewers of all ages, from children learning about other cultures for the first time to adults looking for a fresh perspective on the world around them., the online portal for explore, is a community destination where people share thoughts, engage in dialogue, view and email films and photographs, and embed their favorites on blogs and social networking sites.

Never stop learning™. Come explore.

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EF0001 Explore China.mpg00:48:490.99/N/A127/0
EF0002 Explore Spiritual India River of Compassion.mpg00:27:460.72/N/A177/0
EF0003 Explore Arctic Change at the Top.mpg00:24:080.58/N/A195/0
EF0004 Explore Jenin No Child is Born a Terrorist.mpg00:21:230.52/N/A140/0
EF0005 Explore Gorillas 98.6 percent Human.mpg00:02:530.06/N/A154/0
EF0006 Explore Indias Song The Vanishing Art of Listening.mpg00:20:290.50/N/A174/0
EF0007 Explore Fish Out of Water.mpg00:44:320.99/N/A95/0
EF0008 Explore Salem Witch Hunt.mpg00:30:000.72/N/A227/0
EF0009 Explore Darfur Quest for the Human Spirit.mpg00:22:180.51/N/A164/0
EF0010 Explore Raindrops Over Rwanda Interview.mpg00:19:170.47/N/A72/0
EF0010 Explore Raindrops Over Rwanda.mpg00:22:390.54/N/A142/0
EF0011 Explore West Virginia - Hillbillies, Coalminers, Treehuggers and God.mpg00:27:110.67/N/A166/0
EF0012 Explore Traveling with Jihad.mpg00:27:160.67/N/A50/0
ES0001 Special Episode 01 - China, Costa Rica, US00:25:030.62/N/A172/0
ES0002 Special Episode 02 - India.mpeg00:25:330.62/N/A151/0
ES0003 Special Episode 03 - India.mpeg00:23:380.58/N/A122/0
ES0004 Special Episode 04 - India, Africa, China.mpeg00:15:460.39/N/A113/0
ES0005 Special Episode 05 - Animals.mpeg00:22:260.55/N/A179/0
ES0006 Special Episode 06 - From the Yangtze to the Hood.mpeg00:25:050.62/N/A147/0
ES0007 Special Episode 07 - The Arctic.mpeg00:25:380.62/N/A164/0
ES0008 Special Episode 08 - Hawaii.mpeg00:27:110.67/N/A189/0
ES0009 Special Episode 09 - Middle East.mpeg00:26:120.64/N/A138/0
ES0010 Special Episode 10 - Healing the Human Heart.mpeg00:27:560.69/N/A143/0
ES0011 Special Episode 11 - The Challenge of Change.mpeg00:26:270.63/N/A173/0
ES0012 Special Episode 12 - Nature Collection.mpeg00:22:230.55/N/A191/0
ES0013 Special Episode 13 - Elderly Insight.mpeg00:24:360.60/N/A174/0
ES0014 Special Episode 14 - Religion in the Middle East.mpeg00:21:150.52/N/A152/0
ES0015 Special Episode 15 - Youthful Expressions.mpeg00:24:070.59/N/A192/0
ES0016 Special Episode 16 - Rehab for the Soul.mpeg00:21:550.54/N/A160/0
ES0017 Special Episode 17 - Space.mpg00:21:190.43/N/A210/0
ES0018 Special Episode 18 - Adrenaline Junkie.mpg00:23:430.56/N/A217/0
ES0019 Special Episode 19 - Southwest Borderlands.mpg00:23:100.53/N/A154/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 01.mpg00:05:340.13/N/A60/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 02.mpg00:04:370.10/N/A49/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 03.mpg00:06:030.13/N/A48/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 04.mpg00:03:460.08/N/A48/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 05.mpg00:07:440.17/N/A48/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 06.mpg00:04:200.10/N/A43/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 07.mpg00:03:490.09/N/A39/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 08.mpg00:03:180.07/N/A36/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 09.mpg00:02:500.06/N/A37/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 10.mpg00:04:130.10/N/A36/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 11.mpg00:04:440.11/N/A36/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 12.mpg00:04:230.10/N/A33/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 13.mpg00:04:170.10/N/A33/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 14.mpg00:02:390.06/N/A30/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 15.mpg00:03:580.09/N/A30/0
explore - Mike Prickett's Reel Life Episode 16.mpg00:03:150.07/N/A31/0

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