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"SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest" is a bimonthly TV journey to meet our neighbors who live below the surface of Pacific Northwest waters. Through the magic of underwater video, you'll see surprising colors and contrasts, cold-water creatures seldom seen on TV that look like they might have come from outer-space.

Produced by Still Hope Productions, Inc., each episode of this magazine style show includes several short videos from a variety of sources, from recreational divers to NOAA. The videos also represent diversity in perspective, telling the stories of the underwater world from the points of view of science, art, nature, poetry, or just hanging out with our underwater neighbors.

Remote as the underwater world may seem sometimes, it is the vast majority of our planet, and our fate is inexorably linked to the health of our oceans. Though the show focuses mainly on waters of the Northwest coastal states including British Columbia, there are occasional visits to other parts of the world, from Montenegro to the South Pacific.

"SEA-Inside: Pacific Northwest" recently won a national Hometown Video
award: "Best Magazine Show -- Professional" from the Alliance for Community Media.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Washington

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: Still Hope Productions, Inc.

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0001SEA-Inside Dances With Squid.mpeg00:26:140.57/N/A30/0
0002 SEA-Inside Art and Adventure.mpeg00:25:170.55/N/A29/0
0003 SEA-Inside Fishy Census.mpeg00:25:290.51/N/A26/0
0004 SEA-Inside Alaska South Pacific.mpeg00:25:220.61/N/A26/0
0005 SEA-Inside Painting and Sharks.mpeg00:17:390.35/N/A22/0
0006 SEA-Inside Count Measure.mpeg00:25:170.61/N/A20/0
0007 SEA-Inside Human Structures Underwater.mpeg00:27:320.66/N/A21/0
0008 SEA-Inside Surreal Education.mpeg00:26:300.53/N/A17/0
0009 SEA-Inside Underwater Robots.mpeg00:25:450.51/N/A22/0
0010 SEA-Inside Dances with Crabs.mpeg00:28:120.56/N/A25/0
0011 SEA-Inside Harvest and Knowledge.mpeg00:25:280.51/N/A19/0
0012 SEA-Inside Waste and Reuse.mpeg00:25:170.50/N/A20/0
0013 SEA-Inside Fast Slow Free.mpeg00:25:260.51/N/A19/0
0014 SEA-Inside Out of Sight.mpeg00:23:480.58/N/A16/0
0015 SEA-Inside Ecosystem Art.mpeg00:26:330.64/N/A21/0
0016 Sea-Inside Knowing Your Limits.mpeg00:23:540.58/N/A20/0
0017 SEA-Inside Underwater Parks.mpeg00:22:590.56/N/A23/0
0018 SEA-Inside Perspectives.mpeg00:22:520.55/N/A21/0
0019 SEA-Inside Hard Hat.mpg00:24:280.60/N/A25/0
0020 SEA-Inside Halloween.mpeg00:24:390.60/N/A28/0
0021 SEA-Inside Skoog and POST.mpeg00:27:140.54/N/A41/0
0022 SEA-Inside Crabs and Eggs.mpeg00:25:050.50/N/A32/0
Promo SEA-Inside B.mpeg00:01:000.02/N/A11/0

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