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"Surviving Everyday" is Produced by Leslie Pavia of Pavia Productions at PAT, (Peabody Access Telecommunications, Inc.), and Jeffrey Geibel, Technical Director for the show. The show addresses acquired disabilities that usually present what seem to be insurmountable obstacles for most people and their caregivers.

Surviving Everyday interviews the survivors of life-changing events. The interviews present the coping strategies that survivors have adopted - which allow them to enjoy their life no matter what their circumstances might be. Surviving Everyday also provides the perspective of how the world is viewed through the eyes of those who are disabled.

These shows are designed to give HOPE to those individuals who may be living these events themselves and also teaches the family member, friend, or caregiver how to give proper support to their loved one. It also coaches viewers on the language to use that helps the disabled, and behavior to be avoided when interacting with someone in these circumstances.

Having been a stroke survivor herself, Producer Leslie Pavia is living proof that people with disabilities can have a beneficial life, enjoy the body they live in and contribute by adding value to the community. This series will raise the awareness of many viewers who do not routinely interact with people with disabilities and connect people with disabilities to the right organizations that will help them reach their highest potential. By personal experiences, it demonstrates what can be achieved with some empathy, effort, and support by others.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Surviving Everyday will provide an important element of diversity in your programming., With 47 shows produced on a wide variety of topics - topics that often get covered by the mainstream media only years later - Surviving Everyday is the cutting edge of enablement programming. (Our shows have won multiple awards.) It is available exclusively on cable-access television stations. Surviving Everyday episodes are designed to be run in any order and every episode is different even if it covers the same particular subject. Each episode raises public awareness, inspires the viewer, and empowers the viewer so they want to return for more inspiring Surviving Everyday stories.

Surviving Everyday treats topics from a national perspective and gives them a local perspective. Shows are approximately a half hour in length and fit the programming for any size community - anywhere.

Viewers not only get educated but also gain useful tips on how to get connected to organizations that provide services for the disabled. By applying language learned in Surviving Everyday the viewer will be able to give proper support to help their loved one.

Production is studio quality produced at Peabody Access Telecommunications, Inc. and can be downloaded from

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 90 days

Show Producer: Leslie Pavia

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0000 30 Second Teaser for Surviving Everyday00:00:300.02/N/A0/0
0010B Spaulding Adaptive Sports - North Shore (Boston)00:30:220.58/N/A4/0
0010C Easter Seals - Communicating with Others00:29:430.99/N/A3/0
0011A NEADS - National Education for Assistance Dog Service (1st Place Award)00:29:370.99/N/A7/0
0011B Aging in Place Accessible Housing - Interview with a CAPS Contractor00:29:150.87/N/A6/0
0012 The South Shore (Boston) YMCA Parnership Program - innovation in matching the disabled with volunteers and trainers00:29:210.71/N/A3/0
0013A Gould Farm (Mass) - Transition into Wellness - Progressive Treatment00:28:280.46/N/A3/0
0013B Perkins School for the Blind (First Episode) - Talking Books for all00:29:180.83/N/A3/0
0013C Helping Hands - Monkey College - Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, Inc00:30:050.85/N/A4/0
0013D Disability Etiquette - an interview with a Gold Medal paralympian00:27:300.78/N/A5/0
0013E Maine Handicapped Skiing opens a challenging sport to the disabled 00:27:580.79/N/A4/0
0014 Surviving Everyday with Outdoor Explorations00:30:110.99/N/A4/0
0015 Caring for a Special Needs Child - Looking through the eyes of a Caregiver.00:30:020.95/N/A7/0
0016 Surviving Everyday- Care Giver of Spinal Meningitis child00:30:050.99/N/A3/0
0017 Surviving Everyday Pay Tribute to an Ovarian Cancer Survivor.00:30:060.99/N/A5/0
0018 Surviving Everyday-Giving HOPE to Stroke Survivors.00:30:070.99/N/A6/0
0019 Surviving Everyday discusses how to communicate with a Down Syndrome child.00:35:100.99/N/A3/0
0020 Surviving Everyday-Life altering changes are made after car accident.00:28:110.67/N/A8/0
0021 Surviving Everyday examines what it is like living With Multiple Sclerosis00:30:030.99/N/A6/0
0022 Surviving Everyday - An interview with host and producer Leslie Pavia00:30:360.39/N/A6/0
0023 Surviving Everyday-Learns Coping Skills from Tom Gee00:31:410.99/N/A4/0
0024 Surviving Everyday wants to raise the quality of life for survivors of brain injury.00:52:120.60/N/A3/0
0025 Surviving Everyday with Ablevision00:29:250.48/N/A4/0
0026 Surviving Everyday -- Embracing Your Disability00:28:240.99/N/A7/0
0027 Surviving Everyday recognizes Para Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist Maureen McKinnon-Tucker00:30:000.99/N/A3/0
0028 "Surviving Everyday" looks back to the beginning.00:35:430.46/N/A2/0
0029 Surviving Everyday with Job Corps00:26:580.96/N/A3/0
0030 Surviving Everyday shows us what it's like living with "Chronic Fatigue"?00:30:020.95/N/A5/0
0031 Surviving Everyday's learn's from Ed Colozzi "what career is best for you."01:36:000.99/N/A1/0
0032 Surviving Everyday-Access Sport America for the Disabled00:29:110.99/N/A5/0
0033 Surviving Everyday looks at disabilities from behind the camera.01:29:150.99/N/A3/0
0034 Windrush Farm Therapeutic Equitation programs including Horses for Heroes00:27:470.79/N/A6/0
0039 Surviving Everyday looks to advocate Pat Lawrence as to how she advanced the "Mental Health Illness"00:29:520.85/N/A6/0
0041 Surviving Everyday-Cerebral Palsy00:29:590.99/N/A5/0

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