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Host, Michael Killen, conducts skillful interviews with leading scientists, educators and government figures on climate change, energy and how to create a sustainable future for all. See more about it on

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We are producing this show to help the scientists and educators who are working on solutions to the climate change problems. We communicate with the people who are not familiar with this topic. It's about how to create a better world for everyone. What you can do to help the world move in the right direction, avoid the threats, embracing the opportunities and help stop Global Warming by doing your part. By being Ecological and Reuse Our Resources to better our world for all of mankind.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Killen & Associates

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0047 Art and Faith Strengthen the Community00:06:330.09/N/A1/0
0049 How to Create a Sustainable Community00:28:340.30/N/A3/0
0050 Nobel Laureate On Need for Strong Energy Solution to Climate Change00:28:110.40/N/A2/0
0051 Interview With Famed Artist and Talkshow Host Michael Killen i00:28:230.27/N/A2/0
0052 Mayor of Palo Alto On the Cities Next Step00:12:560.17/N/A1/0
0053 Elton Sherwin, Venture Capitalist "Addicted to Energy00:28:090.25/N/A3/0
0054 Impact of Trump on Energy Summit 201700:28:000.48/N/A3/0
0055 New Opportunity to Create Clean Energy00:29:170.48/N/A2/0
0056 Mining the Sky for Diesel Gasoline and Jet Fuel00:28:360.45/N/A1/0
0057 New Approach to Reduce Weight and Improve Health00:28:480.39/N/A1/0
0058 TV Station Executive Shares Insights00:28:390.46/N/A4/0
0060 Honorable George Shultz’s Climate and Energy Plan00:10:520.15/N/A3/0
01 - Population Explosion and the Future of Society - Paul Ehrlich00:27:320.66/N/A9/0
02 - Protecting the Creation - Stephen H. Schneider00:27:310.66/N/A7/0
03 - Solar Energy Business Opportunities - Tony Seba00:27:340.66/N/A9/0
04 - Educating the Educators on Climate Change - Meg Burke00:27:160.65/N/A6/0
05 - Big Bang of Art and Science: Jay Thorwaldson00:28:180.68/N/A3/0
06 - The Psychology of Climate Change: Carol Tang00:28:020.67/N/A4/0
07 - California’s Dirty Energy Proposition SB23 - SusanFrank00:27:560.66/N/A5/0
08 - Charlie Class Interviews Michael Killen00:27:490.66/N/A3/0
09 - Frontiers in Global Ecology Research: Marion O'Leary00:27:370.66/N/A4/0
10 - Biodiversity and Climate Change: Shaye Wolf Phd00:25:580.61/N/A4/0
11 - NASA's Focus on Climate Change and Sustainability: Steve Hipskind00:28:260.67/N/A6/0
12 - Climate Change Missionaries00:28:350.68/N/A4/0
13 - Center of Cleantech Innovation: Pat Burt00:28:410.68/N/A3/0
14 - Community Action on Climate Change: Walt Hays00:28:280.68/N/A3/0
15 - What the Packard Foundation Funds: Cole Wilbur00:28:290.68/N/A3/0
16 - How the Silicon Valley Community Foundation Helps: Eleanor Clement Glass00:28:470.68/N/A3/0
17 Two Strategies to Raise the Climate Change Discussion00:26:440.63/N/A3/0
18 Jeanne Gobplet, Demographer / Rhett Butler, About Deforestation00:28:430.95/N/A3/0
19 NASA Helps California Prepare for Climate Change:00:28:590.95/N/A4/0
20 Save Money On Your Home / Guest: Alex Cannara00:27:570.89/N/A3/0
21 Sustainable Silicon Valley - Exec Dir Marianna Grossman00:27:580.92/N/A3/0
22 TallTreeAwardees00:27:550.88/N/A3/0
23 - S.J. Water Sustainability & The Man Who Helped Build P.A.00:30:520.99/N/A2/0
24 Silicon Valley Protects Real Estate Values00:31:040.79/N/A3/0
25- Helping Home owners Increase Energy Efficency00:28:300.75/N/A3/0
26- Michael Killen Shares His Thoughts On Creating “Sustainability Base”—The Painting00:28:490.50/N/A3/0
27- California Building Contractor Shares How Home Owners Obtain Benefits of “Energy Upgrade California” 00:28:540.46/N/A3/0
28- California Law Opens Market for Renewable Energy Business and Jobs: Interview with Calif. 11th District Senator Joe Simitian00:28:520.95/N/A2/0
29- Pacific Art League: Fostering Creativity and Education in Silicon Valley Corporations and Communities00:30:430.99/N/A2/0
30- Santa Clara County Highest Ranking Sustainability Executive Shares Goals00:28:530.93/N/A2/0
31- Interview with Heather Durham, She is known for her show --"Silicon Valley -Technology, Art, Green and Sustainability"00:29:030.94/N/A3/0
32 - Save the Bay Visualized, Charlie Class interviews Michael Killen, they talk about the upcoming America's Cup in 201300:28:560.90/N/A3/0
33 - Art and Sustainability00:28:480.92/N/A3/0
34 - Michael Killen Sustanable Exhibits00:28:590.94/N/A3/0
35- China’s Eco-Cities Plans00:29:380.93/N/A3/0
36- china-sustainable-energy00:28:500.93/N/A3/0
37- SaveOurShores00:28:420.67/N/A5/0
38- Cargill and Developer DMB Face Growing Push-back as They Try to Develop Vital San Franscico Bay Wetlands00:28:560.79/N/A2/0
39-The Painting "Sustainability"00:28:410.66/N/A4/0
40-Art Exhibition Brings Attention to Cargill and DMB’s Plan to Develop the Salt Ponds in Redwood City Menlo Park00:28:420.90/N/A2/0
41-Sally Lieber California Senate Candidate 2012 Shares What Drives Her to Fight for the San Francisco Bay Area00:26:020.83/N/A3/0
42 Climate Change, Gucci, iPhone, Oil, Rich & Poor: Insights by Artist Michael Killen and Charles Brett, Constellation Research00:28:480.93/N/A3/0
43 Michael Killen, advisor to corporate world and now an artist, explains his paintings & the world around us00:28:520.93/N/A4/0
44 NASA's Space Technology-Packed Building Is the Prototype of Buildings for a Stressed Earth00:28:530.93/N/A4/0
45-killen-Rich Gordon00:28:340.90/N/A3/0
46-Killen Caslifornia Artist and Human Rights00:27:580.83/N/A3/0
61 Artist Michael Killen Interprets a Painting Extreme Weather00:09:540.19/0.441/1
62 Climate Change Plan of France00:27:580.44/0.991/1
63 Helping Teachers Engage Students: Michael Killen Interviews Jamie Smith00:28:260.43/N/A2/0
64 Zero Waste and Water Challenge Every City Face: Palo Alto Shares Experience00:28:370.27/0.991/1
65 Art Intersects with Climate Change Plan of California00:28:460.35/0.991/1
66 Art that Makes a Difference: Harry Cohen and Michael Killen00:28:000.31/0.991/1
67 Stanford University Energy and Climate Strategy. Part 1: History and Implementation00:29:030.37/0.992/1
68 Stanford University Energy and Climate Strategy. Part 2: Changing Perspective on Heating and Cooling00:29:190.44/0.991/0
69 California on the Way to Eliminate GHG Emissions00:07:130.11/0.541/0
70 Transition in California's Vehicle Market: Ripudaman Malhotra00:10:180.16/0.771/0
71 Califonia's Climate Plan and Silicon Energy Summit Energy Summit 201800:06:490.16/0.480/0
72 Most Important U.S. Environmental Plan00:27:360.40/0.991/0
73 Two Bay Area Political Leaders Share What They Learned00:28:560.32/0.991/0

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