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Improving life as we age is the goal of Graceful Aging. Welcome to this journey!

Graceful Aging features national experts describing ways your life can be vibrant, fun, productive, profitable, safe, and healthy. Gregory Bator is the founder, producer and host of the country’s leading community access television program. Over 365 TV markets reaching over 15 million households have access to smart programs with experts passionate about improving life.

More than 100 interesting programs treat viewers to topics from “Getting Good Sleep” to “Strengthening Your Driving Skills” to “Building Stronger Relationships”. Show guests include doctors, national leaders, renowned experts, authors, and professionals in aging. Every guest is delighted to share valuable insights on improving life as we age.

Graceful Aging is America’s most popular community access television show. ( “Graceful Aging’s strong community access reach is a testament to the nation’s hunger for reliable interesting ways to improve life as we age,” says Bator an accomplished attorney with over 30 years experience in assisted living law. “My own interest, probably like yours, began from a deep respect for my grandparents and parents.” Professionally and personally, Bator assists families and individuals lead fulfilling, rewarding, vibrant lives.

Graceful Aging is simple, if everything goes right. Our promise is that every video you watch will impact your life for the better. Thank you for your support and interest. We will work diligently to earn your continued trust.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Graceful Aging can be downloaded by stations airing shows at no charge periodically. I appreciate the continued interest in the show by stations and your willingness to accept the minimal download expense intermittently charged. Together we can improve life as we age.

We design our shows so they can be run in any order. Every show is different even when they are within the same subject area. For instance, we have several important shows on driving, others on relationships, and others on dementia.

Shows treat topics from a national perspective fit for any community of any size anywhere. The shows are timeless and relevant at any time of the year. Show run times are approximately 28 minutes.

Viewers gain useful tips to incorporate in daily life. Production is studio quality compliments of Bloomfield Community Television and Community Media Television. Just like our aging population, the Graceful Aging Network of stations is continually growing. Currently, 350 stations have broadcast Graceful Aging! This would not be possible without the great resources of!

We welcome your comments, questions, and ideas for shows and guests. You can email us at Or join our community on

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Michigan

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Graceful Aging

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0002 GA Adding Sexual Heat and Spice to Your Life00:30:170.5425
0003 GA Sexuality & Aging Let's Talk00:25:420.4521
0004 GA Igniting Loving Relationships As We Age00:29:130.5229
0005 GA Sexuality Has No Age Limit00:23:080.4120
0006 GA How Can Wandering Behavior Be Managed00:30:090.5636
0007 GA Protecting Your Money00:29:550.5345
0008 GA How To Control Gambling00:28:310.5135
0009 GA Lifelong Learning Knows No Limits00:28:460.5249
0010 GA Saving Life, Our Own and Others00:28:110.5044
0011 GA Is Someone You Know Wandering Into Trouble 00:31:450.5645
0012 GA Don't Let Addictive Behavior Rob Your Good Life00:29:400.5343
0013 GA Don't Gamble Your Life Away00:28:490.5239
0101 GA Are Possessions Paralyzing Your Right Moves00:28:070.5073
0102 GA Great Legs Again.mpg00:28:310.5166
0103 GA Can You Afford Long Term Care?00:27:570.6669
0104 GA Adult Playgrounds Ready To Swing00:28:110.8055
0105 GA Improving LGBT Aging Outreach00:26:210.4742
0106 GA Making Senior Housing Moves00:28:140.5063
0107 GA I Love My Dog, But...00:28:340.6850
0108 GA Should You Buy Long Term Care Insurance?00:28:290.6744
1001 Graceful Aging Staying Behind the Wheel.mpg00:29:590.52260
1002 Graceful Aging Food for Seniors.mpg00:28:280.18239
1003 Graceful Aging So You're 100.mpg00:28:020.18181
1004 Graceful Aging Gizmos and Gadgets.mpg00:28:350.18218
1005 Graceful Aging So You're 60 .mpg00:28:070.18194
1006 Graceful Aging Looking Good Feeling Great.mpg00:28:550.19209
1007 Graceful Aging Saving Our Noodles.mpg00:29:360.52191
1008 GA Dealing with Dementia: Staying Home Safely.mpg00:28:340.49191
1009 Graceful Aging Making Senior Marriages Stronger.mpg00:29:590.50173
1010 Graceful Aging Holidaze Part 1.mpg00:28:490.50155
1011 Graceful Aging Holidaze Part 2.mpg00:28:090.48147
1012 Graceful Aging Hiring Home Aids Smartly.mpg00:29:420.51170
1013 Graceful Aging "Hospice Is Not For Dying"00:28:520.47155
1014 Graceful Aging Safeguarding Your Home's Exterior From Crime00:24:190.42167
1015 Graceful Aging: Older Adults Dating Again!00:28:270.50168
1016 Graceful Aging So, You're 50!00:29:340.51155
1017 Graceful Aging Conquering Chronic Illness00:28:340.50153
1018 GA: When Dementia Threatens Home Safety Part 200:29:590.50129
1019 GA Dementia's Troubling Theft of Intimacy and Sex00:28:350.50116
1020 Graceful Aging: So, You're 8000:29:590.52133
1021 GA Strengthening Your Driving Skills00:29:590.52159
1023 Graceful Aging So, You Are 70!00:29:110.51127
1024 GA: How America's Aging Network Works: At the Federal Level00:08:180.18110
1111 GA Vote PSA.mpg00:01:040.0222
2025 GA Fast Forward to 203500:29:010.51132
2026 GA Staying Behind the Wheel CARFIT00:29:530.51127
2027 GA Timebanks Get Great Returns!00:28:210.49108
2027 Graceful Aging: In the Bathroom-Part 100:27:020.48119
2028 GA: In the Bathroom, Part 200:29:590.52109
2029 GA: Fixing Family Fumbles00:27:340.47131
2030 GA Standing Up Against Senior Scams and Swindles00:29:590.52158
2031 Graceful Aging: Don't Get Fleeced By a Con-Artist--Part 200:29:590.52126
2032 Graceful Aging: Please Do Not Fall, Part 100:26:350.44130
2033 Graceful Aging Please Do Not Fall Part 200:28:080.48116
2034 GA The Best Place to Start: Area Agency on Aging00:28:320.71101
2035 Graceful Aging: Sexuality and Seniors00:29:220.7799
2036 GA-Older Adults Changing Careers.mpg00:28:050.48132
2037 GA-Talking To Your Doctor00:28:060.48131
2038 GA-Talking To Your Doctor Part 200:29:480.51117
2039 GA: Aging Veterans Fight for Deserved Dignity.mpg00:29:060.51114
2040 GA Aging Veterans Fight for Dignity Part 200:28:290.50102
2041 GA Hoarding: Our Battle With Stuff00:27:250.48129
2042 GA Hoarding Help: You and Your Community00:28:130.49102
2043 Graceful Aging: Worried Over Wrinkles.mpg00:28:590.50106
2044GA: STILL Worried Over Wrinkles?.mpeg00:29:590.5197
2045 Graceful Aging:Tackling Clutter.mpg00:29:040.51115
2046 GracefulAging--Tai Chi Energy.mpeg00:29:300.51103
2047 HeyGalsPalsStaySafe.mpg00:29:490.5286
2048 Someone's Knocking At My Door!00:29:040.50105
2049 Making Lifetime Wishes Come True00:29:190.69106
2050 Advance Care Directives.mpeg00:29:320.5093
2051 The Funeral Process: Choosing a Funeral Director00:28:240.4981
2052 Funerals-Making Initial Arrangements00:27:210.4781
2053 Funerals--Selecting the Casket/Urn00:29:110.5177
2054 Funerals-Your Final Resting Spot.mpeg00:28:040.4875
2055 Smart Car Shopping for Seniors.mpg00:28:590.77105
2056 Getting Good Sleep00:28:530.49127
3057 GA Variety Highlights.mpeg00:27:360.4875
3058 Graceful Aging Variety Highlights 2.mpg00:27:290.4873
3059 Stop Falls and Move Strong.mpg00:28:490.67102
3060 GA Stay Healthy and Avoid Malnutrition00:29:260.7594
3061 Driving With Dementia: Is It Time to Pull Over.mpg00:27:110.65103
3062 Graceful Aging: Hot Sex Doesn't Cool After 50.mpg00:29:190.6874
3063 GA Enjoying The Retirement Puzzle As A Couple.mpg00:29:380.70102
3064 GA Prostate Health: Should Healthy Males 50 and Over STOP Getting Routinely Screened.mpeg00:33:220.5786
3065 GA Music Has Entertaining Power.mpg00:25:340.44101
3066 Graceful Aging: Passionate Aging Leadership.mpg00:27:360.6984
3067 GA Beef Up Female Financial Literacy.mpeg00:29:290.7190
3068 GA Design Matters As We Age.mpg00:29:350.8497
3069 GA Music: Improving Life's Harmony.mpg00:28:480.5099
3070 GA Telling Life Stories with Ben Patton.mpg00:27:300.7683
3071 GA Senior Centers--A Fresh Look.mpg00:26:550.4892
3072 GA Personal Safety Self Defense.mpg00:28:450.9989
3073 GA Creating an Effective Family Care Team.mpg00:30:090.5388
3074 GracefulAging Everyone Deserves Lingerie.mpg00:29:100.5270
3075 GA Keeping Important Documents.mpg00:29:380.53103
3076 Women Will Succeed in Business.mpg00:28:490.8186
3077 GA Improving Our Directional Sense.mpg00:28:360.5196
3078 GA Records Part 2: When Can I Throw Them Out.mpg00:29:090.5281
3079 GA Geri-Obesity: We’re Eating Ourselves to Death.mpg 00:29:410.83106
3080 GA Healthy Moves Improve Life.mpg00:28:110.43112
3081 GA Monitoring Devices: A Little Tech May Do Ya.mpg00:29:040.51102
3082 GA Coaxing Life's Stories.mpg00:28:380.8198
3083 GA Moms Never Leave.mpg00:26:170.78100
3084 GracefulAging Advanced Style00:28:290.80106
4085 GA Alzheimer's Report Card: Where Are We?00:29:330.81115
4086 GA Boomer Addiction00:28:400.8197
4087 GA REVERSE MORTGAGE: A Strategic Tool00:28:570.8087
4088 GA Aging in Place, An Improved Place00:29:040.8286
4089 GA Finding Love Again00:28:430.8188
4090 GA Good Grief! Making Difficult Times Better00:28:090.7883
4091 GA I CAN GET UP00:29:200.8275
4092 GA Senior Driving: Technology to the Rescue!00:27:480.7589
4093 GA Female Financial Independence--Honey, Let's Talk Money.mpg00:27:370.4873
4094 GA What Will You Leave Your Heirs?00:29:130.5187
4095 GA Sleep's Importance to Good Health00:27:140.4799
4096 GA Creative Aging Improves Life00:29:130.8187
4097 GA Managing Life When Chronically Ill00:28:300.8088
4098 GA Health Care: It's Personal00:28:410.7981
4099 GA Dental Health Is More Than a Good Smile00:28:150.7681
4100 GA Taking the Toothbrush to Task! Oral Health for Seniors00:27:430.7781
P000GA 30 Promo Revised.mpg00:00:340.0154
P000GA 60 Promo Revised.mpg00:01:010.0138
P000GA Jingle Bells Barbershop Style.mpg00:01:350.0336

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