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The Simple Gourmet

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: One time show

Show Producer: Mt. Blue Community Television

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001 Holiday Brunch.mpg00:32:070.53/N/A15/0
002 Pan Seared Salmon.mpg00:33:380.70/N/A24/0
003 Pork Loin Roll.mpg00:23:070.38/N/A20/0
004 Baked Haddock.mpg00:19:390.32/N/A19/0
005 Fun wBreakfast.mpg00:21:320.45/N/A18/0
006 Cod wEscargot Butter.mpg00:24:050.50/N/A13/0
007 Summer Salads.mpg00:11:040.23/N/A18/0
008 Grilling.mpg00:10:310.18/N/A20/0
009 Dinner for 2.mpg00:30:140.62/N/A14/0
010 Pizza.mpg00:40:170.84/N/A19/0
011 Holiday Sides 1.mpg00:28:210.46/N/A17/0
012 Holiday party.mpg00:32:010.53/N/A11/0
013 Asian Cuisine.mpg00:39:370.94/N/A13/0
014 Chicken White Wine Sauce.mpg00:30:130.46/N/A19/0
015 Autumn Harvest.mpg00:45:300.76/N/A15/0
016 Pork Loin.mpg00:25:400.42/N/A22/0
017 Ginger Shrimp.mpg00:19:490.32/N/A17/0
018 Greek Food.mpg00:31:360.52/N/A23/0
019 Holiday Sides 2.mpg00:42:080.88/N/A9/0
020 SG Comfort Foods.mpg00:50:010.99/N/A14/0
021 SG Cooking with Meghan.mpg00:40:360.85/N/A15/0
022 SG Mexican.mpg00:47:080.78/N/A18/0
023 SG Fun w Potatoes.mpg00:37:180.61/N/A17/0
024 SG Chicken Curry.mpg00:20:560.34/N/A18/0
025 SG Healthy Cooking.mpg00:41:000.68/N/A21/0
026 SG Holiday Sides 2009.mpg00:35:520.59/N/A10/0
027 SG Calzolaio Pasta Co.mpg00:51:120.84/N/A14/0
028 SG Chinese.mpg00:54:380.99/N/A11/0
029 SG Cold Soups.mpg00:37:010.81/N/A12/0
030 SG Halibut Sticks.mpg00:24:290.54/N/A19/0
031 Pan Seared Haddock3.mpg00:23:490.22/N/A0/0
032 SG Holiday Sides 3 2010.mpg00:36:230.76/N/A10/0
033 SG Comfort Food Soups.mpg00:32:280.53/N/A22/0
034 SG Abby & Emily.mpg00:40:340.93/N/A10/0
SG Quick Meal Scallops (5 min).mpg00:03:220.05/N/A15/0

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