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Legal Ease is a show on legal topics of interest to the general public in Massachusetts. It has been running in more than 30 communities for over 11 years. The show is supported and sponsored by the Northern Middlesex Bar Association. It is produced by Ernest H. Hyde, Esq. and his guests are usually members of the Association with expertise in the topic area.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Northern Middlesex bar Association

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0081 Legal Ease Operating Under the Influence.mpg00:29:150.9938
0082 Legal Ease The Changing Criminal Law.mpg00:29:380.9932
0083 Legal Ease Small Claims Court.mpg00:29:430.9930
0084 Legal Ease Automobile Accident Claims.mpg00:29:300.9924
0085 Legal Ease Teenage Legal Issues.mpg00:29:240.9924
0086 Legal Ease New FTC Testimonial and Endorsement Rules.mpg00:30:070.9917
0087 Legal Ease Judging in District Court.mpg00:28:420.9918
0088 Legal Ease Workers Compensation Insurance.mpg00:29:190.9924
0090 Legal Ease Massachusetts Bullying Law.mpg00:29:560.5524
0091 Legal Ease Search and Seizure Law Update.mpg00:28:010.5127
0092 Legal Ease Rights and Consent in OUI Stops.mpg00:28:320.5223
0093 Legal Ease Estate Claims.mpg00:29:540.4921
0094 Legal Ease Business Innovations.mpg00:27:030.4421
0095 Operating Under the Influence.mpg00:27:400.4526
0096 Massachusetts Conservation Restrictions.mpg00:26:500.4424
0097 Legal Ease Unified Court System.mpg00:29:570.8321
0098 Legal Ease Juvenile Court System.mpg00:29:330.4823
0099 Legal Ease Bar Advocates.mpg00:29:410.3724
0100 Legal Ease Buying Foreclosed and Short Sale Property.mpg00:28:180.7823
0101 Legal Ease 2011 Homestead Law.mpg00:28:060.7722
0102 Legal Ease New 2011 Alimony Law.mpg00:29:000.9922
0103 Legal Ease Hearsay Evidence.mpg00:27:570.7720
0104 Legal Ease Elder Law.mpg00:28:440.7923
0105 Legal Ease Alcohol Based Crimes.mpg00:28:160.9923
0106 Legal Ease Domestic Violence.mpg00:28:050.7719
0107 Legal Ease Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code.mpg00:28:300.7818
0108 Legal Ease Chinese Assessor System.mpg00:28:340.7917
0109 Legal Ease Sealing Criminal Records.mpg00:28:490.7919
0110 Legal Ease Access to Justice.mpg00:29:220.8120
0111 Legal Ease - Probation.mpg00:29:580.8221
0112 Legal Ease Judging in the District Court II.mpg00:29:350.8115
0113 Legal Ease Landlord-Tenant Law.mpg00:27:490.8520
0114 Legal Ease Drug Addiction Treatment.mpg00:27:310.9722
0115 Legal Ease Condominium Law.mpg00:29:270.8124
0116 Legal Ease Divorce Myths A - Z00:29:470.8624
0117 Legal Ease School Suspensions00:28:220.8623
0118 Legal Ease Bankruptcy Myths00:29:150.9025
0119 Legal Ease Medicaid and Long Term Care00:28:550.8823
0120 Legal Ease Special Education Law00:28:550.8825
0121 Legal Ease Specialty Courts00:28:500.5224
0122 Legal Ease Small Claims Court - Part 100:29:080.5222
0123 Legal Ease Small Claims Court - Part 200:28:510.5223
0124 Legal Ease Estate Planning Basics00:29:450.8622
0125 Legal Ease Trusts00:29:400.6922
0126 Legal Ease Operating Under the Influence00:29:460.7323
0127 Legal Ease OUI Defense00:29:540.7123
0128 Legal Ease - Estate Planning Considerations00:29:460.7123
0129 Legal Ease - Financial Planning00:29:000.9921
0130 Legal Ease - Street Drugs00:29:370.9920
0131 Legal Ease - Drug Courts00:29:150.6914
0132 Counterfeit Goods and Services00:29:200.6919
0133 Beware of Scams00:29:320.6418
0134 Legal Ease - Changes in Domestic Violence Law00:29:400.7313
0135 Legal Ease Dispute Resolution00:29:480.6616
0136 Legal Ease Premises Liability00:29:160.7016
0137 Legal Ease Police Prosecutors00:27:540.6413
0138 Legal Ease Good and Clear Record and Marketable Title00:28:500.6815
0139 Legal Ease Restorative Justice00:28:320.6912
0140 Legal Ease Dealing with Title Defects00:27:530.6611
0141 Legal Ease Reliability of the Breathalyzer00:27:340.8416
0142 Legal Ease Special Education Needs00:27:070.6412
0143 Legal Ease Magna Carta00:29:190.7113
0144 Legal Ease Parental Alienation00:28:250.7613
0145 Legal Ease Collaborative Law00:28:580.8812
0146 Legal Ease Sex Offender Registry Board00:27:570.8514
0147 Legal Ease Adoption Law00:29:110.7613
0148 Legal Ease Valor Act00:28:550.889
0149 Legal Ease AntiSLAPP Law and Right to Petition00:29:390.8013
0150 Legal Ease Alimony as Reformed00:28:410.8212
0151 Legal Ease Criminal Restitution00:28:460.8710
0152 Responding to the Opioid Crisis with District Attorney Marian T. Ryan00:29:090.7510

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