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Winner of the prestigious 2010 Digital Halo Media Activist and 2009 WAVE video awards, Voices Of Truth - One-On-One With Hawaii's Future is one of Hawaii’s most popular television shows. Now in its twelfth season, Voices Of Truth seeks to inspire viewers to become active participants in creating a better future for wherever they live. Whether you watch Voices Of Truth for our guests and their fascinating message or Hawaii's breathtaking scenery, you'll come away amazed, uplifted and wanting more.

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Voices Of Truth - One-On-One With Hawaii's Future, now in its twelfth season, is one of Hawaii’s most popular television shows. Winner of the prestigious 2010 Digital Halo Media Activist Award and First Place winner in the Talk Show/Issues category of the 2009 WAVE video awards, the show’s purpose is simple – to convert armchair viewers into active participants in creating a better future for wherever they live.

Voices Of Truth features guests with a fascinating message amid Hawaii's breathtaking scenery. Our primary purpose is to inspire and motivate our viewing audience to seek out and recognize their own area of responsibility and get to work in it.

We have some of our best recent episodes available to upload now, and will add two new ones each month on a regular basis.

The show is filmed and produced in Hawaii, and has viewers worldwide online at

Voices Of Truth - One-On-One With Hawaii's Future - Our Guests Are Fascinating - The Scenery Is Breathtaking - Our Downloads Are FREE

Your viewers will love Voices Of Truth and be asking for more.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: International

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Hawaii

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: The Koani Foundation

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50th State Fraud - A Visit With Professor Williamson Chang00:25:510.0013
A Boston Hawaiian - A Visit With Al Kuahi Wong00:24:150.0021
A Fence Around Heaven - A Visit With Summer00:27:040.0054
A Gun To The Head - A Visit With Kyle Kajihiro00:25:020.0019
A Life Of Humility - A Visit With Kahu Bruce Keaulani00:27:370.004
A Lucky Guy - A Visit With Danny Bishop00:24:470.0020
A Place Called Anahola - A Visit With Kamealoha Hanohano-Smith00:26:030.0017
A Place Of Transition - A Visit With Tom McDonald00:27:360.0010
Activist To The Max - A Visit With Aunty Maxine Kahaulelio00:27:370.005
Aloha Aina Activist - A Visit With Joshua Noga00:27:390.003
Ancient Hawaiian Homes - A Visit With Francis Sinenci00:27:380.006
Ancient Stones Of Kaiaka - A Visit With Malia Evans00:27:370.008
Ancient Ways For Modern Times - A Visit With Hanale Hopfe00:27:370.007
Answering The Call - A Visit With Marti Townsend00:27:560.0042
At The Crossroads - A Visit With Choon James00:27:320.0018
Back From The Brink - A Visit With Patti Isaacs00:25:310.0010
Back On The List - A Visit With Leon Siu00:23:270.0014
By The Books - A Visit With Ihi Wakinekona00:25:070.0011
Called Back To Kaneohe - A Visit With Mahealani Cypher00:24:490.0017
Can Hawaii Survive Without The US? - A Visit With Larson Ng00:27:360.0010
Can Of Worms - A Visit With Chris Kauwe00:27:120.0030
Caring For The Land - A Visit With Rickey Ortiz00:27:290.0022
Carving A Different Path - A Visit With Keoni Turalde00:26:000.0015
Catching Waves & Changing Lives - A Visit With Cynthia Derosier00:27:380.009
Civil War Hawaiians - A Visit With Nanette Napoleon00:26:170.009
Connected To The Land - A Visit With Kimo Franklin00:27:330.0015
Cooking For Healthy Living - A Visit With Keith Pono Apana00:27:360.005
Crawling To Courage - A Visit With Pua Case00:27:380.007
Cultural Kipuka - A Visit With Eric Enos00:27:250.0012
Cultural Revolutions - A Visit With Ramsay Taum00:27:250.0026
Dedicated To Hawaiians - A Visit With Anton Krucky00:24:560.009
Dogs Are Healers - A Visit With Genie Joseph00:27:370.0018
Enough For Everyone - A Visit With Glenn Martinez00:24:430.0013
Ensuring Our Future – A Visit With Malia Alohilani Rogers00:27:390.007
Extreme Makeover Hawaii - A Visit With Momi Akana00:25:290.0010
Feeding Ourselves - A Visit With M. Kalani Souza00:24:570.0010
Find Your Mountain - A Visit With Hāwane Rios00:27:370.008
First Landing Movie - A Visit With Stephen Kaneai Morse00:25:330.009
Food Desert - A Visit With Kaiulani Milham00:27:150.005
From Annexation To Occupation - A Visit With Tom Coffman00:26:110.0010
Game Plan - A Visit With John Ka`ohelauli`i00:24:400.008
Grave Matters - A Visit With Kamuela Kala`i00:27:250.0011
Habilitat Hawaii - A Visit With Jeff Nash00:27:350.003
Hawaii Independent - A Visit With Ikaika Hussey00:26:510.009
Hawaii The Fake State - A Visit With Leon Siu00:26:500.0034
Hawaiian Achiever - A Visit With Jasmine Choy00:27:360.007
Hawaiian At Art - A Visit With Brook Parker00:24:080.0011
Hawaiian Kingdom On The World Stage00:27:340.007
Hawaiian State Of Mind - A Visit With Ke`eaumoku Kapu00:26:530.0012
Hawaiians At Risk - A Visit With Elise Dela Cruz-Talbert00:27:340.008
Hawaiiʻs Ancient Fishponds - A Visit With Hiilei Kawelo00:27:370.0018
Hawaiiʻs Bounty - A Visit With Juanita Mahi`ena`ena Brown00:24:470.006
Hawaiiʻs Crown Jewels - A Visit With James Estores00:27:360.0011
Hawaiiʻs Hidden Past - A Visit With Lanakila Willard00:24:450.0010
Healing The Nation - A Visit With Elithe Manuha`aipo Kahn00:23:410.0010
Hiding In Plain Sight - A Visit With Kaipo Gorai00:27:380.008
How Do We Run Our Country? - A Visit With Kuhio Vogeler00:27:420.009
In Touch With The Ancestors - A Visit With Kekai Kapu00:26:310.006
Indigenizing The Law - A Visit With Amy Brinker00:26:450.008
Internet Implorer - A Visit With Tane00:27:130.008
Invisible No More - A Visit With Leon Siu00:26:410.006
Island Salads - A Visit With Sabrina Keliikipi00:23:090.007
Jailed For My Country - A Visit With Pilipo Souza00:23:450.009
Just Say No - A Visit With Larry McElheny00:27:140.006
Kaiula - A Visit With Melissa Leinaala Moniz00:27:370.004
Kaloman - A Visit With Keoki Fukumitsu00:27:300.0011
Kauai Life - A Visit With Elwood Machado00:22:310.007
Kokua Junkies - A Visit With Rick Rutiz00:27:290.002
Kue Petition Continues - A Visit Wiyh Clare Apana & Joyclynn Costa00:27:360.002
Kukaniloko - Birth Of A Nation - A Visit With Tom Lenchanko00:27:390.0020
Kuleana - A Visit With Mana Caceres00:27:350.007
Labor Of Love - A Visit With Lehuakona Isaacs00:27:380.007
Last Man Standing - A Visit With Jon Osorio00:27:390.008
Law Of The Splintered Paddle - A Visit With Laulani Teale00:26:310.005
Learning From Their Lessons - A Visit With Mary Ann Mills00:26:260.005
Lehua Poi - A Visit With Nakulu Arquette00:24:460.005
Let Us Not Be Forgotten - A Visit With Palani Vaughan00:26:570.008
Life Is His Designs - A Visit With Kamaka Pili00:27:370.004
Makawalu - A Visit With Z `Aki00:26:300.004
Making His Mark - A Visit With Keone Nunes00:25:590.005
Malama Makua - A Visit With Fred Dodge00:25:380.005
Malama Maunalua - A Visit With Alika Winter00:25:390.005
Marriage In Medicine - A Visit With Bula Logan & Miho Fukuda00:27:170.008
Mauiʻs American Colony - A Visit With Kawelau Wright00:27:390.006
Mauiʻs Stolen Water - A Visit With Lyn Scott00:27:350.003
Message Of The Ancestors - A Visit With Vernon Kalanikau00:27:410.0012
Model For Freedom - A Visit With Kuhio Vogeler00:27:040.0015
Model Of Sustainability - A Visit With Keli`i Gannet00:26:470.005
Mokuula - A Visit With Keeaumoku Kapu00:27:320.004
Moving Mountains - A Visit With Kaleo Paik00:27:270.0010
Much More Than Hula - A Visit With Blaine Kia00:27:170.003
My Hawaiian Genealogy - A Visit With Robert Ebanez00:26:570.005
My Sacred Places - A Visit With Uncle Les Kuloloio00:24:310.006
Na Kama Kai - A Visit With Duane DeSoto00:25:190.004
No Throwaway People - A Visit With Ed Gomes00:25:460.007
Not For Sale At Any Price - A Visit With Ka`anohi Kaleikini00:26:520.004
Ocean Teacher - A Visit With Kaina Nakanealoha00:27:370.003
Ohana Network - A Visit With Manulele Clarke00:22:200.004
On The Brink Of Extinction - A Visit With Rick Barboza00:27:380.005
One Size Does Not Fit All - A Visit With Kealaula Cockett00:27:130.008
Our Home, Our Heritage - A Visit With Tamar deFries00:25:430.006
Our Love For The Land - A Visit With Meleanna Aluli Meyer00:27:270.008
Patterns Of Our Lives - A Visit With Ku`ulei & Hi`ilei Martinson00:26:400.004
Prime Example - A Visit With John "Prime" Hina00:25:440.004
Protecting Our Rights - A Visit With Alan Murakami00:27:280.007
Remembering Aunty Paulette - A Visit With Paulette Kahalepuna00:27:270.002
Remembering Our History - Teaching Our Future - A Visit With Noelani Goodtear-Kaopua00:24:420.008
Secrets Of Thomas Square - A Visit With Baron Kahoola Ching00:27:340.003
Shape Of Things To Come - A Visit With Iokepa Nae`ole00:23:550.005
Snorkel Bob - A Visit With Robert Wintner00:27:340.002
State Of Our Unions - A Visit With Tambry Young00:24:260.009
Stewards Of Our Land - A Visit With Mahealani Cypher00:22:260.005
Struggle For Our Nation - A Visit With Andre Perez00:20:140.009
Surfer Servant - A Visit With Elle Cochran00:27:380.002
Surviving Without The Military - A Visit With Al Frenzel00:26:300.004
Teaching Our Cultural Arts - A Visit With Marie McDonald00:26:590.0014
Teaching Towards Our Future - A Visit With Imaikalani Winchester00:27:350.005
Telling Stories - A Visit With Calvin Hoe00:26:440.004
The Art Of Lei Hulu - A Visit With Paulette Kahalepuna00:26:220.008
The Art Of Lua - A Visit With Ramsay Taum00:27:000.005
The Drums Of Keauhou - A Visit With Rodney Kala Willis00:27:060.0018
The Fishermen Of Waimanalo - A Visit With Kalani Kalima00:24:120.0010
The Ku Project - A Visit With Daniel Aipa00:27:320.006
The Liquid Continent - A Visit With Malia Nobrega00:25:320.0012
The Makery - A Visit With Neil Scott00:27:350.004
The Natural Things - A Visit With Oliver Dukelow00:25:390.009
The Paddler - A Visit With Kahiwa Kahakui00:27:060.0015
The Power Of Words - A Visit With Kalama Cabigon00:27:370.005
The Queen And I - A Visit With Sydney Iaukea00:25:090.004
The Royal Bones Of Ewa - A Visit With Michael Kumukauoha Lee00:26:250.008
The Women Of Kunia - A Visit With Sheila Valdez00:26:470.007
Then There Were None - A Visit With Martha Noyes00:27:280.006
They Said No - A Visit With Lynette Cruz00:24:200.006
Ties To The Land - A Visit With Stacy Sproat-Beck00:24:320.007
To Restore Our Kingdom - A Visit With Pomaikaiokalani Kinney00:27:390.0018
Traditional Hawaiian - A Visit With Keao NeSmith00:25:370.0019
UN Breakthrough - What Pakistan Asked The US - A Visit With Leon Siu00:27:360.003
United Nations Update - A Visit With Leon Siu00:23:110.004
Victory On Mauna Kea - A Visit With Kealoha Pisciotta & Paul Neves00:27:370.007
Village Of Old Hawaii - A Visit With Alohalani Smith00:27:320.005
Voice Of The People - A Visit With Kaleikoa Kaeo00:27:400.003
Voices Of Sovereignty - A Visit With Catherine Bauknight00:25:070.007
Voices Of Truth - One-On-One With Hawaii's Future Promo00:00:390.008
Voyage Of Rediscovery - A Visit With Pono Kealoha00:27:240.0013
Wahine Noa - A Visit With Keahi Felix00:24:150.009
Warrior For Pono - A Visit With Poka Laenui00:25:470.0013
Was The Hawaiian Kingdom Race-Based? - A Visit With Willy Kauai00:27:370.005
We Can Make Them Healers - A Visit With Wayde Hoapili Lee00:25:350.004
Weeding The Ocean - A Visit With Michelle Kapana-Baird00:22:000.0027
What My Grandfather Did - A Visit With Thomas Shirai00:27:360.007
What They Are Missing - A Visit With Randy Ching00:23:270.007
Who Owns Hawaii's Lands? - A Visit With Joyclynn Costa00:26:070.0021
Wouldnʻt Let it Die - A Visit With Kamaka`eu Willams00:24:070.009

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