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California’s commercial salmon fishing fleet and sport fishermen have not been allowed to fish for wild California King Salmon for two years. Previous to that, restrictions on when and where salmon could be caught had been in place, imposed by governmental agencies. The reason given for closing the salmon runs to fishing were based on a severe decline in the numbers of salmon successfully returning to their native river beginnings to spawn and for their offspring to return to the ocean.

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California water wars have reached a new level of intensity. For months now the national media has been feeding the public the nearly word-for-word script of big agriculture's PR agency. The man-made drought, the Delta Smelt, the poor farmers who are letting their land go fallow because they don't have water. It has been a wonderfully crafted effort and traditional media has been buying it all. Not bothering to ask questions. There is another side. Up and down California's coast commercial salmon fishermen have been prevented from making a living because salmon are in serious risk of going extinct. A situation that can be traced directly to excessive water diversions from rivers that should be flowing through the Sacramento Delta, through the San Francisco Bay (the most important estuary in both North and South America) and out under the Golden Gate Bridge to the ocean. The water diversions have reached record levels and the result is the collapse of the salmon fishery. Thousands of people, businesses and many whole communities have been hit painfully hard. 100% unemployment and billions of dollars lost to California's economy - all because big ag is unwilling to share a limited, public trust resource, water. This video explains the problem and offers a solution. It is calm, reasoned telling of a story that not one single major news outlet from The Wall Street Journal to CBS's 60 Minutes bothered to tell truthfully or fully.

Somethings not right. See if you don't agree. And if you do, air this program and be part of making what is wrong, right again.

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