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Life Matters is a weekly, right-to-life TV program aired in Boston since October 2003. The purpose of 'Life Matters' is to inform the public about the truth of many current day issues such as abortion, the abortion-breast cancer link, adoption, cloning, contraception, eugenics, euthanasia, fertility, embryonic stem cell research and sexually transmitted diseases. With our nationally renowned guests, we address these issues from many perspectives including: biological, medical, economic, emotional, psychological, legal, legislative, political and spiritual viewpoints.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Life Matters TV and Media Inc.

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Life Matters TV - 023 - Excommunication.mpg00:28:550.48/N/A15/0
Life Matters TV - 154 - Umbert The Unborn cartoons.mpg00:24:080.40/N/A11/0
Life Matters TV - 176 - 4D Ultrasound of Fetus.mpg00:26:150.61/N/A33/0
Life Matters TV - 232- Low Birth Rates, Demographic Winter.mpg00:23:390.55/N/A12/0
Life Matters TV - 257 - Porn's Negative Impact.mpg00:29:150.48/N/A15/0
Life Matters TV - 264 - Freedom of Choice Act.mpg00:29:460.49/N/A12/0
Life Matters TV - 273 - Euthensia.mpg00:29:400.49/N/A12/0
Life Matters TV - 294 - History of the Abortion Industry.mpg00:29:030.48/N/A9/0
Life Matters TV - 299 - Population Control Myths.mpg00:29:030.48/N/A11/0
Life Matters TV - 302 - National Abstinence Clearinghouse.mpg00:29:030.48/N/A10/0
Life Matters TV - 307 - Counseling pregnant women.mpg00:29:030.48/N/A14/0
LIfe Matters TV - 308 - Post Abortive Woman - Pati Adams.mpg00:29:020.48/N/A13/0
LIfe Matters TV - 309 - Dispensing Abortion Drugs.mpg00:29:010.48/N/A13/0
Life Matters TV -274- High School Health Clinics.mpg00:29:140.48/N/A15/0

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