Detail For Show: Songspeak Conversations on the Art and Craft of Songwriting

Show Description:

10-12 programs per year; 2009-2010 is the final season. Produced in Tennessee MTSU Recording Industry professor Hal Newman and occasional guests hosts interview ASCAP songwriters.

Topics include the process of writing songs, how one becomes a songwriter, tips for being a successful songwriter in the music industry. Songwriters also perform a few of their songs. The programs are recorded in front of MTSU students enrolled in Recording Industry courses. A question and answer session follows each discussion.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Tennessee

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Education Resource Channel @ Middle Tennessee

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0001 Songspeak Pat Alger Tony Arata00:58:260.00/N/A64/0
0002 Songspeak Ralph Murphy00:58:260.00/N/A52/0
0003 Songspeak Walt Aldridge Brad Crisler00:58:260.00/N/A53/0
0004 Songspeak Anthony Smith00:58:260.00/N/A48/0
0005 Songspeak Byron Hill00:58:260.00/N/A44/0
0006 Songspeak Jaime Kyle Bob Regan00:58:260.00/N/A46/0
0007 Songspeak James LeBlanc00:58:260.00/N/A45/0
0008 Songspeak Jim Foglesong00:58:260.00/N/A45/0
0009 Songspeak Kirsti Manna Coles Whalin00:58:260.00/N/A46/0
0010 Songspeak Chris DuBois00:58:260.00/N/A44/0
0011 Songspeak Tom Hambridge Robert Ellis Orrall00:58:260.00/N/A40/0
0012 Songspeak Clff Downs00:58:260.00/N/A37/0
0013 Songspeak Victoria Banks00:58:260.00/N/A41/0
0014 Sonspeak Rick and Janis Carnes00:58:260.00/N/A39/0
0015 Songspeak Brady Seals Bobby Terry00:58:250.00/N/A37/0
0016 Songspeak Deanna Bryant Marla Cannon-Goodman00:58:260.00/N/A38/0
0017 Songspeak Jessi Alexander00:58:320.00/N/A35/0
0018 Songspeak Bonnie Baker Paul Sikes Mallary Hope00:58:260.00/N/A40/0
0019 Songspeak Mark Narmore Spooner Oldham00:58:260.00/N/A32/0
0020 Songspeak Carl Jackson00:58:260.00/N/A31/0
0021 Songspeak Dave Berg00:58:260.00/N/A33/0
0022 SongSpeak Erin Enderlin Shane McAnally00:58:260.00/N/A33/0
0023 SongSpeak Lisa Carter00:58:260.00/N/A37/0
0024 SongSpeak Marc Beeson00:58:260.00/N/A35/0
0025 SongSpeak Chris Wallin.mpg00:58:260.00/N/A33/0
0026 Songspeak Matthew Perryman Jones Neilson Hubbard00:58:270.00/N/A35/0
0027 Songspeak Curtis Wright Billy Ryan00:58:260.00/N/A35/0
0028 Songspeak Matt King00:58:270.00/N/A35/0
0029 Songspeak Desmond Child00:58:280.00/N/A39/0
0030 Songspeak J Fred Knobloch00:58:260.00/N/A32/0
0031 Songspeak Paul Williams00:58:260.00/N/A37/0
0032 Songspeak Brett Jones00:58:260.00/N/A36/0
0033 Songspeak Gretchen Peters00:58:260.00/N/A39/0
0034 Songspeak Randy Wachtler00:58:260.00/N/A35/0
0035 Songspeak Gary Nicholson00:58:300.00/N/A36/0
0036 Songspeak Casey Kelly00:58:260.00/N/A35/0
0037 Songspeak Tim DeBois00:58:260.00/N/A34/0
0038 Songspeak Travis Hill00:58:260.00/N/A35/0
0039 Songspeak Monty Holmes00:58:260.00/N/A37/0
0040 Songspeak Pilot The Karg Brothers00:54:560.00/N/A36/0

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