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Smart Boating is a professional quality show series designed to inform and educate recreational boaters about a variety of topics from "How To Protect Your Boat From A Hurricane" to "How To Compare Quality Among Boats". In between the "how to" shows are programs that focus on interesting boats: Coast Guard boats, Electric boats, PT boats, Hovercraft, Classic speedboats, etc.. The shows, based on carefully researched discussion guides, feature experts on each different topic. And, professional TV video and audio gear is used to ensure professional production values. Recreational boaters traversing both inland and ocean waters will enjoy and learn from this interesting program.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The series, with over 100 shows, provides the opportunity to mix newly released shows with older shows that are interesting and relevant to recreational boaters with boats between 16 and 35' long. The series, initially created in August 2006, has been well received in MA and is now being made available to other areas.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Paul C. Jermain

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0001 Smart Boating How To Protect Your Boat From A Hurricane.mpg00:28:200.48/N/A36/0
0002 Smart Boating Antique Boat Show-Salem.mpg00:28:280.67/N/A33/0
0003 Smart Boating Navigation Rules.mpg00:27:250.64/N/A48/0
0004 Smart Boating Picking the Right Boat.mpg00:28:220.67/N/A44/0
0005 Smart Boating Ethanol Fuel.mpg00:23:410.56/N/A28/0
0006 Smart Boating Anchoring.mpg00:17:580.42/N/A29/0
0007 Smart Boating Gloucester Maritime Building Wooden Skiff.mpg00:22:130.52/N/A22/0
0008 Smart Boating Winterize Inboard Outboard.mpg00:29:430.70/N/A27/0
0009 Smart Boating Winterizing Outboards.mpg00:29:500.70/N/A23/0
0010 Smart Boating Chartering.mpg00:25:440.60/N/A30/0
0011 Smart Boating USCG Boats and Tips.mpg00:29:460.70/N/A27/0
0012 Smart Boating Electric Boats.mpg00:29:330.69/N/A27/0
0013 Smart Boating USCG Boats in Action.mpg00:29:400.70/N/A23/0
0014 Smart Boating Buying a New Boat.mpg00:27:050.64/N/A33/0
0015 Smart Boating Buying a Used Boat.mpg00:29:110.69/N/A30/0
0016 Smart Boating Marine Electronics Part 1.mpg00:30:160.71/N/A26/0
0017 Smart Boating Marine Electronics Part 2.mpg00:28:460.68/N/A26/0
0018 Smart Boating Detailing.mpg00:28:550.68/N/A27/0
0019 Smart Boating Surveys.mpg00:29:110.69/N/A21/0
0020 Smart Boating Towing.mpg00:29:350.70/N/A27/0
0021 Smart Boating Salvage.mpg00:28:590.68/N/A21/0
0022 Smart Boating Insurance.mpg00:27:470.65/N/A25/0
0023 Smart Boating Boat Club Membership.mpg00:28:410.67/N/A17/0
0024 Smart Boating Fractional Boat Membership.mpg00:29:120.69/N/A20/0
0025 Smart Boating Propellers.mpg00:27:120.64/N/A25/0
0026 Smart Boating Rigid Inflatables.mpg00:27:210.64/N/A24/0
0027 Smart Boating PT Boats Part 1.mpg00:27:550.66/N/A19/0
0028 Smart Boating PT Boats Part 2.mpg00:28:070.66/N/A19/0
0029 Smart Boating Hovercraft.mpg00:27:100.64/N/A21/0
0030 Smart Boating - Jet Drives.mpg00:27:570.84/N/A21/0
0030 Smart Boating Jet Drives.mpg00:27:570.84/N/A9/0
0031 Smart Boating Classic Boats Springfield Mass Part 1.mpg00:28:100.66/N/A18/0
0032 Smart Boating Classic Boats Springfield Mass Part 2.mpg00:27:220.64/N/A16/0
0033 Smart Boating Hull Refinishing.mpg00:28:040.66/N/A21/0
0034 Smart Boating Fuel Efficiency.mpg00:27:430.65/N/A21/0
0035 Smart Boating Docking.mpg00:27:130.64/N/A20/0
0036 Smart Boating New Hampshire Boat Museum.mpg00:28:060.66/N/A18/0
0037 Smart Boating NWS Weather Part 1.mpg00:28:070.66/N/A17/0
0038 Smart Boating NWS Weather Part 2.mpg00:27:500.65/N/A17/0
0039 Smart Boating Classic Boats North Hampton Part 1.mpg00:28:230.67/N/A13/0
0040 Smart Boating Classic Boats North Hampton Part 2.mpg00:28:010.66/N/A12/0
0041 Smart Boating Hurricane Protection 2008.mpg00:28:130.66/N/A14/0
0042 Smart Boating Spring And Fall Safety.mpg00:26:450.63/N/A21/0
0043 Smart Boating Boat Trailers.mpg00:27:530.65/N/A17/0
0044 Smart Boating Boat Repossessions.mpg00:27:410.65/N/A15/0
0045 Smart Boating Boat Financing.mpg00:27:060.64/N/A15/0
0046 Smart Boating Boat Show Approach And Quality Part 1.mpg00:29:020.68/N/A12/0
0047 Smart Boating Boat Show Approach And Quality Part 2.mpg00:28:320.67/N/A12/0
0048 Smart Boating Crockers Huckins Refit Part 1.mpg00:27:100.64/N/A13/0
0049 Smart Boating Crockers Huckins Refit Part 2.mpg00:28:290.99/N/A12/0
0050 Smart Boating Bay State Woodies.mpg00:27:380.65/N/A15/0
0051 Smart Boating Fan Tail Launch.mpg00:27:480.65/N/A10/0
0052 Smart Boating Electronics 2009.mpg00:28:190.67/N/A15/0
0053 Smart Boating Hybrid Engines.mpg00:29:420.70/N/A21/0
0054 Smart Boating Boat Trailer Operation.mpg00:27:080.64/N/A17/0
0055 Smart Boating Spring Comissioning Part 1.mpg00:27:400.65/N/A15/0
0056 Smart Boating Spring Comissioning Part 2.mpg00:28:500.68/N/A13/0
0057 Smart Boating Project Boat A.mpg00:28:440.67/N/A12/0
0058 Smart Boating Project Boat B.mpg00:28:580.68/N/A10/0
0059 Smart Boating Slip Docking.mpg00:29:070.68/N/A19/0
0060 Smart Boating New Hampshire Bt Museum.mpg00:28:210.67/N/A11/0
0061 Smart Boating Navigation, Getting Back In.mpg00:29:340.69/N/A17/0
0062 Smart Boating Bay State Woodies Event.mpg00:28:300.67/N/A13/0
0063 Smart Boating Severe Weather.mpg00:28:480.68/N/A25/0
0064 Smart Boating Marine Safety.mpg00:28:200.66/N/A24/0
0065 Smart Boating Repower A.mpg00:28:460.67/N/A14/0
0066 Smart Boating Repower B.mpg00:29:100.68/N/A15/0
0067 Smart Boating Lowell's Boat Shop.mpg00:28:510.68/N/A17/0
0068 Smart Boating Canvas.mpg00:28:570.68/N/A17/0
0069 Smart Boating Upholstery00:28:110.66/N/A24/0
0070 Smart Boating Design A.mpg00:28:190.66/N/A20/0
0071 Smart Boating Design B.mpg00:28:120.66/N/A19/0
0072 Smart Boating Ice Boats.mpg00:28:260.67/N/A27/0
0073 Smart Boating Bottom Paint 100:28:450.68/N/A22/0
0074 Smart Boating Bottom Paint 200:29:130.69/N/A21/0
0075 Smart Boating Life Rafts.mpg00:28:510.68/N/A22/0
0076 Smart Boating Electrical Systems A.mpg00:28:350.67/N/A20/0
0077 Smart Boating Electrical Systems B.mpg00:28:330.67/N/A20/0
0078 Smart Boating Lines and Knots.mpg00:29:090.68/N/A28/0
0079 Smart Boating Lake Winnipesaukee Bt Show A00:28:130.66/N/A19/0
0080 Smart Boating Lake Winnipesaukee Bt Show B.mpg00:23:210.55/N/A19/0
0081 Smart Boating Bay State Woodies Summer Event A.mpg00:26:500.63/N/A17/0
0082 Smart Boating Bay State Woodies Summer Event B.mpg00:28:050.66/N/A17/0
0083 Smart Boating Boston Whaler Remanufacturing Process00:28:500.68/N/A20/0
0084 Smart Boating Fiberglass Boat Restoration00:28:040.66/N/A24/0
0085 Smart Boating Faering Wood Boat Build.mpg00:27:580.66/N/A20/0
0086 Smart Boating NH Bt Museum A.mpg00:28:390.67/N/A16/0
0087 Smart Boating NH Bt Museum B.mpg00:28:520.68/N/A15/0
0088 Smart Boating Man Overboard.mpg00:28:350.67/N/A24/0
0089 Smart Boating Community Rowing Inc. A.mpg00:28:010.66/N/A19/0
0090 Smart Boating Community Rowing Inc. B.mpg00:28:380.67/N/A18/0
0091 Smart Boating Engine Rebuilding.mpg00:28:390.67/N/A23/0
0092 Smart Boating Custom Boat Building.mpg00:28:000.66/N/A21/0
0093 Smart Boating Boat Restoration.mpg00:28:370.67/N/A19/0
0094 Smart Boating Boat Restoration.mpg00:28:340.67/N/A19/0
0095 Smart Boating Inflatables.mpg00:28:420.67/N/A20/0
0096 Smart Boating Dressing For Boating.mpg00:27:500.65/N/A23/0
0097 Smart Boating - Boat Donation Programs.mpg00:29:210.69/N/A19/0
0098 Smart Boating Marine VHF.mpg00:28:170.66/N/A20/0
0099 Smart Boating - Boating Apps.mpg00:27:210.64/N/A23/0
100 Smart Boating - Anniversary Show.mpg00:28:300.67/N/A18/0
101 Smart Boating - Boating Apps 2.mpg00:28:140.66/N/A20/0
102 Smart Boating - Night Boating.mpg00:28:520.68/N/A23/0
103 Smart Boating - Lake Winn. ACBS 2011 Show.mpg00:29:340.69/N/A19/0
104 Smart Boating - Bay State Woodies Evt 1.mpg00:28:460.68/N/A18/0
105 Smart Boating - Bay State Woodies Evt 2.mpg00:26:480.63/N/A17/0
106 Smart Boating - Wolfeboro Vintage Race Bt Regatta 1.mpg 00:27:350.65/N/A16/0
107 Smart Boating - Wolfeboro Vintage Race Bt Regatta 2.mpg00:28:280.67/N/A15/0
108 Smart Boating - Model Boats.mpg00:28:580.68/N/A21/0
109 Smart Boating - Engine Rebuild.mpg00:28:440.67/N/A24/0
110 Smart Boating - Xmas Show 1.mpg00:28:390.67/N/A15/0
111 Smart Boating - Xmas Show 2.mpg00:28:470.68/N/A11/0
112 Smart Boating - Buying at a Boat Show 1.mpg00:28:050.66/N/A21/0
113 Smart Boating - Buying at a Boat Show 2.mpg00:28:570.68/N/A19/0
114 Smart Boating - Live Aboards 1.mpg00:28:500.68/N/A20/0
115 Smart Boating - Live Aboards 2.mpg00:28:250.67/N/A21/0
116 Smart Boating - Electronics.mpg00:28:410.67/N/A24/0
117 Smart Boating - Bottom Paint.mpg00:29:100.69/N/A30/0
118 Smart Boating - Detailing.mpg00:28:260.67/N/A27/0
119 Smart Boating - Safety.mpg00:28:460.68/N/A27/0
120 Smart Boating - Ocean Rowing.mpg00:28:230.67/N/A25/0
121 Smart Boating - Boat Club Membership.mpg00:28:520.68/N/A16/0
122 Smart Boating - Hurricane Protection.mpg00:28:470.68/N/A21/0
123 Smart Boating - Fall and Spring Boating Safety.mpg00:28:440.67/N/A26/0
124 Smart Boating - Small Scale Boat Building.mpg00:28:110.66/N/A23/0
125 Smart Boating - Christmas Gifts.mpg00:29:220.69/N/A15/0
126 Smart Boating - Chartering.mpg00:28:080.66/N/A18/0
127 Smart Boating - Quality and Boat Show Purchases.mpg00:28:470.68/N/A19/0
128 Smart Boating - Propellers.mpg00:28:000.66/N/A24/0
129 Smart Boating - Welded Aluminum Boats.mpg00:28:380.67/N/A24/0
130 Smart Boating - Fiberglass Boat Repairs.mpg00:28:100.66/N/A25/0
131 Smart Boating - Radio Controlled Model Boats 1.mpg00:28:390.67/N/A23/0
132 Smart Boating - Radio Controlled Model Boats 2.mpg00:27:470.65/N/A24/0
133 Smart Boating - Stand Up Paddleboarding.mpg00:28:450.67/N/A28/0
134 Smart Boating - NH 40th Annual ACBS Show.mpg00:28:390.67/N/A19/0
135 Smart Boating - NH 40th Annual ACBS Show.mpg00:25:530.61/N/A18/0
136 Smart Boating - Navigational Rules of the Road.mpg00:28:490.68/N/A21/0
137 Smart Boating - Tropical Storm Preparation Plan.mpg00:28:530.68/N/A20/0
138 Smart Boating - Bay State Woodies Summer Event 1.mpg00:26:040.61/N/A17/0
139 Smart Boating - Bay State Woodies Summer Event 2.mpg00:25:320.60/N/A17/0
140 Smart Boating - Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta 1.mpg00:29:070.68/N/A17/0
141 Smart Boating - Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta 2.mpg00:29:550.70/N/A15/0
142 Smart Boating - NH Boat Museum.mpg00:28:350.67/N/A21/0
143 Smart Boating - Christmas Show.mpg00:30:150.71/N/A15/0
144 Smart Boating - Boating Apps.mpg00:31:130.73/N/A21/0
145 Smart Boating - Boat Donations.mpg00:30:540.73/N/A13/0
146 Smart Boating - Custom Boat Building-CW Hood Yachts.mpg00:28:290.67/N/A22/0
147 Smart Boating - Marine Electronics -2014.mpg00:29:160.69/N/A23/0
148 Smart Boating - Roll and Tip Painting.mpg00:27:520.65/N/A22/0
149 Smart Boating - Kayaks.mpg00:29:140.69/N/A36/0
150 Smart Boating - Donations.mpg00:28:560.20/N/A16/0
151 Smart Boating - Xmas Show.mpg00:29:300.37/N/A12/0
152 Smart Boating - Wood Boat Building.mpg00:28:300.36/N/A24/0
153 Smart Boating - Upholstery.mpg00:29:090.27/N/A23/0
154 Smart Boating - RIBs.mpg00:28:170.26/N/A20/0
155 Smart Boating - Safety00:28:430.48/N/A18/0
156 Smart Boating - Insurance00:28:460.28/N/A14/0
157 Smart Boating - NH Boat Museum Auction00:25:290.33/N/A12/0
158 Smart Boating - ACBS New England show00:29:250.50/N/A8/0
159 Smart Boating - ACBS New England show00:27:540.47/N/A9/0
160 Smart Boating - NH Classics00:28:170.48/N/A13/0
161 Smart Boating - NH Classics00:23:290.39/N/A13/0
162 Smart Boating - Fiberglass Repair00:29:410.29/N/A19/0
163 Smart Boating - Christmas Show00:29:030.34/N/A12/0
164 Smart Boating - Wood Boat Building PL00:29:310.33/N/A19/0
165 Smart Boating - Wood Boat Building PL00:29:440.35/N/A15/0
166 Smart Boating - Antifouling Paint00:29:380.37/N/A21/0
167 Smart Boating - Dory Building00:28:340.24/N/A18/0
168 Smart Boating - NH Boat Museum00:29:150.32/N/A16/0
169 Smart Boating - NH Boat Museum Auction00:28:570.43/N/A15/0
170 Smart Boating - Man Overboard.mpg00:29:100.49/N/A18/0
171 Smart Boating - Spring - Fall Boating Safety00:27:200.38/N/A16/0
172 Smart Boating - Chartering00:29:450.32/N/A14/0
173 Smart Boating - Christmas Show00:30:130.51/N/A14/0
174 Smart Boating - Small Sailboat Build00:27:340.23/N/A15/0
175 Smart Boating - The Landing School00:28:060.87/N/A12/0
176 Smart Boating - Wood Surface Protection and Bottom Paint00:28:310.99/N/A11/0
177 Smart Boating - Diesel Engines00:28:510.99/N/A11/0
178 Smart Boating - NH Boat Museum Auction00:28:190.99/N/A10/0
179 Smart Boating - Dory Building00:29:550.99/N/A10/0
180 Smart Boating - 44th Annual Lake Winnipesaukee ACBS Show, Part 100:29:230.91/N/A14/0
181 Smart Boating - 44th Annual Lake Winnipesaukee ACBS Show, Part 200:30:250.94/N/A10/0
182 Smart Boating - Antique Boat Museum, Part 100:28:58N/A/0.340/8
183 Snart Boating - Antique Boat Museum, Part 200:28:15N/A/0.990/6
184 Smart Boating - Antique Boat Museum, Part 300:27:59N/A/0.990/6
185 Smart Boating - Model Boats, Part 100:28:53N/A/0.340/6
186 Smart Boating - Model Boats, Part 200:29:11N/A/0.340/6
187 Smart Boating - Model Boats, Part 300:27:08N/A/0.310/5
188 Smart Boating - Christmas Show00:30:04N/A/0.990/6
189 Smart Boating - Boating Apps00:30:46N/A/0.990/7
190 Smart Boating - Boat Donations00:29:31N/A/0.990/6
191 Smart Boating - Custom Aluminum Boat Building -Winninghoff00:26:23N/A/0.990/5
192 Smart Boating - New Epoxies, Varnishes, and Paints00:28:54N/A/0.990/5
193 Smart Boating - Marine Insurance00:30:45N/A/0.990/4
194 Smart Boating - Safety Basics00:29:52N/A/0.990/3
195 Smart Boating - Radio-Controlled Boats00:28:38N/A/0.990/3
196 Smart Boating - Marine Clothing00:29:53N/A/0.990/1

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