Detail For Show: How to Gain Safety Control and Growth for Your Retirement

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Produced by JPC Educational Systems, this program is intended for anyone who is saving for, or in retirement and has questions on what to do with their retirement funds, in todays uncertain market conditions. Joseph Conroy (e.g. EnvaPower founder), the first person to successfully predict electricity futures using artificial intelligence algorithms, now places his focus and knowledge on the retirement investment market.

Joe's goal is to educate everyone in the US, and hopefully his programs will assist in the retention, and / or rebuilding of retirement funds of retirees.

Joe reviews the choices the retiree has, and begins to take him through a series of analysis and steps whereby the retiree gains a basic understanding of how safety, control, and growth apply to Savings, CD's, Mutual Funds, Equity Indexed Annuities, IRA's, and stocks.

This is the first program in a five part series. Joe is currently producing; "Why it makes sense to get out of the stock market now!"

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Program length: 28:00 (w/ fade up & down black screens)
I am producing the show because I find what has happened on Wall St, and its corresponding impact on retirement accounts unacceptable. I am very familiar with Wall St and its mindset. And as a multi-business owner, I have seen first-hand how folks have needed to go back to work, because the retirement for which they worked 25+ years for, disappeared in a matter of months.

In a format that is convenient, and hopefully educational, I have chosen the Community Access network as a means to assist me in getting the word out about the choices a retiree has regarding his or her retirement account. This program is the first in a 5-part series. I am currently working on; "Why it makes sense to get out of the stock market now!" which should be complete by 02/01/09. This program will be followed up by; (i) How to turbo-charge your 401k, (ii) The inner workings of an Equity Index Annuity, and (iii) How to establish a lifetime of income for you and your spouse. I also have a request to produce a program called; "The real rate of return; what is your bottom line?" This could be #6...Please feel free to email any comments to

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