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Talking with Henrietta is an award-winning informational talk show. Each "Talking with Henrietta" show, which is just under an hour, focuses on a topical and timely issue, which is presented in a lively manner with guests who bring valuable information and differing perspectives to each discussion.

Each show segment is taped at the Media Center in Palo Alto, CA., and it is hosted by Henrietta J. Burroughs an Emmy award-winning journalist who has hosted television shows on both the East and West Coasts of the United States. The Talking with Henrietta show started in 2002 and has garnered a wide audience locally and on the web since its inception.
Talking with Henrietta was given national recognition by the Alliance for Community Media in July 2011 when one of its featured discussions,"Strengthening the Bonds between Fathers and their Children,” was selected for a Hometown Video Award.

On September 13, 2011, Burroughs was given a plaque, containing a resolution in her honor, that was presented to her by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, who represent the County of Santa Clara in CA.
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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Henrietta J. Burroughs

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Affordable Housing: How to Get It and Keep It00:58:180.99/N/A17/0
Protecting Ourselves from Internet Crime00:58:310.99/N/A18/0
A New Look at Philanthropy: Talking with Henrietta00:58:320.99/N/A8/0
Assistance for Foreclosure Victims:Talking with Henrietta00:58:480.99/N/A10/0
Banks and Consumer Rights00:58:260.99/N/A11/0
Cal MediConnect: Expanding and Streamlining Health Care00:58:450.53/N/A1/0
Common Core - Teaching the Teachers: Part 200:54:490.49/N/A1/0
Creative Housing Solutions00:43:230.79/N/A2/0
Crime and Punishment - How Will You Vote00:58:440.53/N/A4/0
Crossing the Border00:59:020.99/N/A4/0
Dealing with the Challenges00:58:160.99/N/A7/0
Dealing with the Last Taboo00:58:170.99/N/A7/0
Educating Children to Succeed in a Global Economy00:58:480.99/N/A3/0
Fighting a Global Disease00:58:380.99/N/A6/0
Giving the Gift of Life: Talking with Henrietta00:58:100.99/N/A1/0
Grappling with Budget Cuts00:58:510.99/N/A6/0
Health Disparities and Infant Mortality00:58:280.99/N/A6/0
Housing the Homeless: How Do We Do It?00:58:350.99/N/A4/0
How Far Have We Come Since the March on Washington?00:58:330.99/N/A5/0
How To Be A Better You in 201300:58:300.99/N/A3/0
How to Positively Improve Our Relationships00:58:500.99/N/A4/0
Human Rights for Women: A Global Issue00:58:270.99/N/A2/0
Immigration-A Need for Change00:58:260.99/N/A4/0
Improving Health on Every Level 00:58:160.99/N/A3/0
In the Shadow of Deportation00:58:380.99/N/A5/0
Increasing Diversity in Corporate America00:58:380.99/N/A3/0
Is the Economic Boom Trickling Down?00:58:260.99/N/A3/0
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Where Are The Jobs?00:58:200.99/N/A5/0
Looking at the Common Core Part 100:58:530.99/N/A3/0
Mental Illness - Eliminating the Stigma01:28:350.99/N/A1/0
New Resources for Homeowners00:58:460.99/N/A4/0
Nurturing Children from the Cradle to the Grave00:58:280.99/N/A7/0
Overfed and Undernourished00:58:290.99/N/A9/0
Personal Creativity-Recognizing It and Using It00:58:210.99/N/A4/0
Preparing for the Future00:58:310.99/N/A4/0
Preserving Our Open Spaces00:58:300.99/N/A4/0
Preventing Inhumane Events from Occurring00:58:340.99/N/A3/0
Protecting Voters Rights00:58:430.99/N/A4/0
Reforming the Political System00:58:240.99/N/A4/0
Rising Sea Levels: How Can We Protect Ourselves00:58:270.53/N/A3/0
Rising Suburban Poverty00:58:570.99/N/A4/0
Surviving Financially in Today's Economy00:58:200.99/N/A4/0
Sustainability: Where Are We Heading?00:58:400.99/N/A4/0
Taking a Look at Community Health Centers00:59:160.99/N/A4/0
Targeting Major Areas of Concern 00:58:510.99/N/A3/0
The Affordable Care Act00:58:400.99/N/A3/0
The Changing Face of America's Voters00:58:460.99/N/A4/0
The Demise of Redevelopment Agencies00:58:220.99/N/A3/0
The Dream Act and the Dreamers.mpg00:58:260.99/N/A3/0
The Homeowner Bill of Rights00:58:230.99/N/A4/0
The Power of Political Districts00:58:350.99/N/A2/0
The Rights of Crime Victims00:58:160.99/N/A5/0
Top News Stories 201300:58:360.99/N/A2/0
Top News Stories of 2012 and Their Effect on You00:58:350.99/N/A1/0
Traveling Many Roads: Talking with Henrietta00:58:240.99/N/A3/0
Where Is Our Economy Headed00:58:300.99/N/A3/0
Which Candidate Will Be Elected00:58:550.99/N/A2/0
Whom Will Sequestration Affect?00:58:190.99/N/A2/0
Youth Empowerment_Making It Happen00:58:170.99/N/A5/0

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