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Dance Today in Maine is, as the title indicated, about ballet and classical dance in Maine. It is hosted by Langston Snodgrass and produced by Great Falls Video. The show has good production quality and is a mixture of interviews and dance. Shows are about 28 minutes long.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Langston Snodgrass, Producer

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001 Carmina Burana.mpg00:30:580.72/N/A5/0
002 Louis Gervais.mpg00:33:380.78/N/A3/0
003 Karen Montanaro.mpg00:34:130.80/N/A2/0
004 Jill Eng.mpg00:34:350.80/N/A1/0
005 Fisher Qua.mpg00:30:470.72/N/A0/0
006 Andrei Bossov Show 1.mpg00:30:050.70/N/A0/0
007 Andrei Bossov Show 2.mpg00:34:380.81/N/A0/0
008 Elizabeth Hansen.mpg00:34:040.79/N/A1/0
009 Barry Dean.mpg00:30:210.71/N/A0/0
010 Carol Dilley.mpg00:30:210.71/N/A0/0
011 MSB.mpg00:29:030.67/N/A0/0
012 Ben Malone.mpg00:27:390.65/N/A1/0
013 Natalie Robison.mpg00:28:320.67/N/A0/0
014 Bates Dance Festival Show 1.mpg00:28:220.66/N/A0/0
016 Dancing with Horses Part 1.mpg00:28:150.66/N/A1/0
017 Dancing with Horses Part 2.mpg00:28:210.66/N/A1/0
018 Janet and Glen Davis Me St Ballet.mpg00:28:390.86/N/A0/0
018 Revised Janet and Glen Davis Me St Ballet.mpg00:28:390.87/N/A0/0
019 Sasha Randall Berwick Academy.mpg00:29:000.88/N/A0/0
020 Janet and Glen Davis Pt 2 Me St Ballet.mpg00:28:570.88/N/A0/0
021 Revised Sasha Randal Part 2.mpg00:28:030.85/N/A0/0
023 Bates Dance Festival Part 3 Faculty.mpg00:27:500.44/N/A0/0
023 Bates Dance Festival Part 3 Students.mpg00:28:120.86/N/A0/0

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