Detail For Show: Las Recetas de Mi Madre - Fernandos Secrets

Show Description:

Simple to more detailed classic Spanish fare for the American kitchen. A Spaniard ex-pat who’s lived in the Bay Area for more than 2 decades is compiling typical recipes from his childhood. From Barcelona yet from a Castillian family, Fernando watched his mother, a fabulous cook, prepare every-day and elaborate dishes for years. In an effort to honor his mother’s influence in his culinary style, Fernando has embarked upon this cooking expedition to express his love of food and to preserve some of his most cherished childhood memories.

As production evolves, so do his ideas. The Paella Episode included a trip to a sponsor’s store, The Spanish Table in Mill Valley, CA, and back home again. He presented light canapes, the paella, and a very typical Catalan dessert- El Musico y la Flauta- to a small group of friends. Wines were paired with the courses. Fernando will seek more sponsors. He plans to reach out to Bay Area Spanish restaurants and outdoor markets: a trip to the venue to taste their cuisine or buy local ingredients - back home to prepare a dish or two. The viewer will be transported, out on the town, and receive a cooking lesson, too. Fernando was raised in a family enthusiastic about food and family gatherings. He hopes to impart that same excitement and appreciation for Spanish cuisine to his viewing audience.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

We have five short recipes of about 10 minutes each and four half hour shows. Experience has taught us that half an hour shows are more effective from a broadcasting point of view. From now on, all productions will be formatted to fill a half an hour time slot.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Fernando R. Fernandez

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Botifarra amb Mongetes00:09:280.22/N/A24/0
Cal Pep.mpeg00:17:120.40/N/A18/0
Garbanzos con Espinacas.mpeg00:04:440.10/N/A21/0
Holiday Special00:28:220.67/N/A31/0
Holiday Special - Canelones.mpeg00:28:570.69/N/A28/0
JAPAN, You Are in My Heart - Salmon & Tempura00:27:590.66/N/A22/0
Kitchen of Champions00:29:580.71/N/A36/0
Madrid - Pollo al Ajillo00:24:380.58/N/A29/0
Panecillos Rellenos (crispy sandwiches with meringue)00:04:550.11/N/A21/0
Pastel de Tortillas.mpeg00:27:440.66/N/A32/0
Pinchos Morunos.mpeg00:20:510.49/N/A24/0
Pollo con Langostinos00:26:460.63/N/A34/0
Sea Bass con Escalibada00:23:410.56/N/A30/0
Straight From The Oven.mpeg00:26:250.62/N/A27/0
Tapas 100:24:390.58/N/A32/0
Tortilla de Patatas00:07:140.16/N/A27/0

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