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Karen White is a registered dietician living in Westborough. She started her education at the University of Maine in Farmington and earned an Associates Degree in Nutrition. Karen then transferred to Framingham State College and earned her Bachelors and Masters in Nutrition. Her work experience includes working as a clinical dietician in various hospitals in the Boston area, teaching courses in nutrition, providing community education on topics in nutrition when needed and management for diet offices in the hospital setting. She currently teaches part-time at Framingham State University and would now like to volunteer her knowledge and time in helping people eat better.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Westborough TV, Inc

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Healthy Bites - Creative Pumpkin Recipes00:23:260.54/N/A15/0
Healthy Bites - Crock Pot Cooking 00:28:130.65/N/A23/0
Healthy Bites - Debunking Food Myths00:30:390.71/N/A6/0
Healthy Bites - Eating Vegetarian00:24:460.57/N/A14/0
Healthy Bites - Fats, Which is Which00:29:510.69/N/A20/0
Healthy Bites - Fitting in Fiber00:26:400.62/N/A21/0
Healthy Bites - Framingham State University Fall Visit 00:21:500.50/N/A8/0
Healthy Bites - Grilling Made Healthy00:28:320.66/N/A14/0
Healthy Bites - Guiltless Treats00:26:260.68/N/A5/0
Healthy Bites - Healthy Holiday Recipes00:26:070.61/N/A16/0
Healthy Bites - Healthy Holiday Tips00:34:400.81/N/A14/0
Healthy Bites - Healthy Snacks00:28:120.65/N/A20/0
Healthy Bites - Healthy Summer Options00:30:030.70/N/A20/0
Healthy Bites - Lets Boast About Roasting00:25:520.60/N/A13/0
Healthy Bites - Life In the Fast Lane00:29:560.70/N/A15/0
Healthy Bites - More Crock Pot Cooking00:29:220.68/N/A15/0
Healthy Bites - Sensible Salads00:28:470.86/N/A12/0
Healthy Bites - Shaking the Salt Habit00:28:560.67/N/A20/0
Healthy Bites - Souper soups00:27:580.81/N/A5/0
Healthy Bites - Squash00:26:020.68/N/A6/0
Healthy Bites - Sugar Shakedown00:28:450.64/N/A6/0
Healthy Bites - Superbowl Sunday Treats00:28:540.67/N/A7/0
Healthy Bites - Top 10 Heart Healthy Foods00:30:010.70/N/A14/0
Healthy Bites at Framingham State University00:27:190.63/N/A8/0
Healthy Bites at Framingham State University Spring 201400:24:040.56/N/A5/0
Healthy Bites with the Girl Scouts00:15:220.35/N/A4/0

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