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Link TV has launched, a new multimedia platform that harnesses the power of storytelling to change the world.

Stories are powerful. They teach us lessons and shape our values. A good story can inspire people around the world to think, to start conversations, and to take action. brings the power of storytelling to the mission of global development: fighting poverty, hunger, and disease around the world. On TV and online at, watch stories of progress in tackling the most pressing global challenges of the 21st century.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

These episodes feature the best submissions from Link TV's ViewChange Online Film Contest, a competition to find stories of progress from around the developing world. From Mali to Kenya
to the Dominican Republic, filmmakers captured brilliant shorts that inform, entertain, and inspire. These episodes prove that powerful storytelling and arresting imagery can come from all corners of the planet. Viewers are also encouraged to learn more and take action at

New programs are uploaded as they become available. These files have an expiration date in their names so you can keep track of them. Files with no expiration date have "NA" in the title.

The shows are licensed for broadcast by non-commercial community access stations only.

Questions about Link TV programming? Please contact Emily Jones by email or cell 206.412.8443.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Link TV

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001 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Burning in the Sun.mpg00:05:330.1268
002 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Chocolate Country.mpg00:05:320.1366
003 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Kakenya.mpg00:03:190.0751
004 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Rising to the Top.mpg00:05:290.1351
005 ViewChange Expires NA TVG The Witch Doctor.mpg00:05:330.1346
006 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Trash is Cash.mpg00:04:170.1049
007 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Green Goes Global.mpg00:27:120.6598
008 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Community First.mpg00:26:540.6284
009 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Small Business Big Impact.mpg00:27:140.6493
010 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Health is Hope.mpg00:26:590.6486
011 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Crossing the Gender Gap.mpg00:24:520.5878
012 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Mothers Index.mpg00:30:000.7294
013 ViewChange Expires February 28 2016 TVG Feast and Sacrifice.mpg00:30:000.7270
014 ViewChange Expires April 30 2016 TVG To Educate a Girl.mpg01:12:060.9937
015 ViewChange Expires NA TVG Balancing Act.mpg00:28:480.6976
016 ViewChange Expires April 30 2015 TVG Mozambique Poo Tour.mpg00:58:060.9936
017 ViewChange Expires April 30 2016 TVPG Starting Over.mpg00:29:180.6866
018 ViewChange Expires April 30 2016 TVG Outside the Box.mpg00:26:140.6373
019 ViewChange Expires April 30 2016 TVG Challenging Hunger.mpg00:27:070.6580
020 ViewChange Expires April 30 2016 TVG Shelter from the Storm.mpg00:29:000.7070
021 ViewChange Expires April 30 2016 TVG Edge of Joy.mpg00:44:190.9931
022 ViewChange Expires April 30 2016 TVG Africas Last Famine.mpg00:25:250.6165
023 ViewChange Expires April 30 2016 TVG Unleashing Innovation.mpg00:26:050.6377

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