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The Health Reporter™ is a series of multiple one- to three-minute segments that provide solid intellectual how-to's on living a longer, stronger and happier life. Karen Owoc, The Health Reporter™, delivers succinct news stories and headlines that highlight noteworthy health research as well as practical nutrition, cooking and fitness tips. The Health Reporter presents each healthy living topic in a friendly, upbeat and easy-to-understand style.

---> NEW! FULL HALF-HOUR PROGRAM! The Health Reporter (SHOW) is now available for broadcast. This show is a full half-hour program and was created as an extension of The Health Reporter short-format minute health segments. Host Karen Owoc, The Health Reporter, explores various health topics with medical experts. Topics are current, relevant and provocative. Karen is a medical professional (cardiac rehabilitation clinical exercise physiologist) and talks with physicians, surgeons and medical specialists to get credible and timely health news and medical information. She asks the questions that patients may not know to ask or may be afraid or too embarrassed to ask their own doctors. The format is conversational in a setting that is non-clinical and inviting.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

WHY AIR THIS SHOW? The Health Reporter includes a new full half-hour program plus 46 short-format segments. The compact segments are ideal for use as a PSA or to fill available broadcast time. The TRT for each segment is between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

**Airing the short-format segments can serve as 'promos' or as complementary broadcasts to help stations build popularity and drive viewers to the full half-hour program.

WHO IS KAREN? Host Karen Owoc is a TV producer and local health news host/journalist. She is a health and anti-aging fitness professional and the Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinical Exercise Physiologist at a San Francisco Bay Area hospital. She specializes in disease management and prevention and promotes healthy living via her work with cardiac patients and as a public speaker, TV/radio/magazine contributor, and writer.

Karen served as a Governor of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, currently pens a blog and monthly health column, and recently received the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club Award. These television segments are an extension of Karen's blog:

WHO NEEDS THE CONTENT? Seeking the key to feeling more energetic, looking more vibrant, and remaining productive has become essential. Many older Americans are working beyond their planned retirement (due to financial need or the desire to stay connected and active), so they are dependent on both their vitality and longevity.

Also, health care has become increasingly expensive. One in three Americans report having difficulty paying their medical bills. Whether you’re 8 or 80, staying well is critical to surviving the costs of health care. Karen is your guide to optimum health and weight loss.

TARGET AUDIENCE The Health Reporter is popular amongst baby boomers, but has received equally positive responses from viewers in their mid- to late-twenties. The younger audiences are looking for ways to increase their levels of energy, lose weight, and maintain their youth.

PRODUCTION QUALITY The Health Reporter is shot professionally in HD from Karen's kitchen, studio and other field locations.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Karen Owoc

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to Karen Owoc for covering this cost.

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0001 The Health Reporter: The Dirty Dozen00:02:510.00/N/A115/0
0002 The Health Reporter: Raw v Cooked Vegetables00:02:500.00/N/A113/0
0003 The Health Reporter: Healthy Hydration00:02:540.00/N/A112/0
0004 The Health Reporter: Outsmart the Triggers to Overeat00:01:530.00/N/A103/0
0005 The Health Reporter: Top Anti-Aging Foods for the Skin - Part 100:03:000.00/N/A106/0
0006 The Health Reporter: Top Anti-Aging Foods for the Skin - Part 200:02:470.00/N/A92/0
0007 The Health Reporter: Carrots and Cataracts00:01:460.00/N/A89/0
0008 The Health Reporter: Beyond the Sneezing and Runny Nose00:00:360.00/N/A63/0
0009 The Health Reporter: Beyond the Sneezing and Runny Nose (Updated)00:00:380.00/N/A70/0
0010 The Health Reporter: Carrots and Cataracts (Condensed Version)00:01:100.00/N/A66/0
0011 The Health Reporter: Male Longevity (Updated)00:00:550.00/N/A77/0
0012 The Health Reporter: Top Anti-Aging Foods for the Skin - Part 2 (Condensed Version)00:01:160.00/N/A52/0
0013 The Health Reporter: Lifestyle Hearing Loss | Convertibles (Updated)00:00:400.00/N/A65/0
0014 The Health Reporter: Migraines and Strokes00:00:350.00/N/A79/0
0015 The Health Reporter: Laptops and Sperm Health (Updated)00:00:350.00/N/A55/0
0016 The Health Reporter: UV Rays and Manicures (Updated)00:00:420.00/N/A66/0
0017 The Health Reporter: Undersleeping and Overeating (Updated)00:00:550.00/N/A75/0
0018 The Health Reporter: Female Heart Attacks (Updated)00:00:420.00/N/A72/0
0019 The Health Reporter: Color Blindness (Updated)00:00:360.00/N/A66/0
0020 The Health Reporter: Toasted Skin Syndrome (Updated)00:00:430.00/N/A57/0
0021 The Health Reporter: Hyperhidrosis (Updated)00:00:530.00/N/A55/0
0022 The Health Reporter: Outsmart the Triggers to Overeat (Condensed Version)00:01:040.00/N/A53/0
0023 The Health Reporter: Hair Loss and Gray Hair (Updated)00:01:030.00/N/A63/0
0024 The Health Reporter: Toxic Receipts (Updated)00:01:020.00/N/A60/0
0025 The Health Reporter: Male Hearing Loss (Updated)00:00:450.00/N/A53/0
0026 The Health Reporter: Dental Health and Longevity (Updated)00:00:440.00/N/A64/0
0027 The Health Reporter: Pre-Exercise Hydration00:00:360.00/N/A62/0
0028 The Health Reporter: Heat and Medications00:00:420.00/N/A59/0
0029 The Health Reporter: Supplement Safety - Part 100:00:560.00/N/A59/0
0030 The Health Reporter: The Dark Side of Sunscreen00:00:500.00/N/A59/0
0031 The Health Reporter: Supplement Safety - Part 200:00:390.00/N/A53/0
0032 The Health Reporter: Aid for Age-Related Blindness00:00:580.00/N/A65/0
0033 The Health Reporter: Heart Disease at Work00:01:030.00/N/A69/0
0034 The Health Reporter: Heart Smart Shopping00:00:410.00/N/A69/0
0035 The Health Reporter: Revolutionary Hair Restoration00:00:490.00/N/A57/0
0036 The Health Reporter: Alzheimer's Predictor00:00:430.00/N/A65/0
0037 The Health Reporter: The Healthy Plate00:01:060.00/N/A68/0
0038 The Health Reporter: Beer Belly Anatomy 10100:01:050.00/N/A66/0
0038 The Men's Health Minute_Beer Belly Anatomy 101.mpg00:00:220.00/N/A5/0
0039 The Health Reporter: Potassium and Type 2 Diabetes00:01:050.00/N/A64/0
0040 The Health Reporter: Trimming Belly Fat00:00:420.00/N/A61/0
0041 The Health Reporter: Sizing Up Sports Drinks00:00:560.00/N/A61/0
0042 The Health Reporter: Eating for Weight Loss00:00:510.00/N/A67/0
0043 The Health Reporter: The Apple Effect00:00:380.00/N/A62/0
0044 The Health Reporter: White Bites00:00:330.00/N/A53/0
0045 The Health Reporter: The Sunnier Side of Eggs00:00:470.00/N/A64/0
0046 The Health Reporter: Saving Your Voice00:00:390.00/N/A58/0
0047 The Health Reporter: S1/Ep01, Low Testosterone, Prostate Cancer, Robotic Surgery, Osteopenia00:28:300.00/N/A52/0
0048 The Health Reporter: S1/Ep02, Anxiety & Depression in Men; Senior Pet Care00:27:430.00/N/A49/0

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