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Dialogues of populist perspectives for better local, state, national and global governance that nurtures everyone - people and nature.

Populist Dialogues are powerful voices speaking on critical issues. Each Populist Dialogue shows how we can encourage better governance. Populist Dialogues are intended to inspire people to learn more about these issues, to start conversations, and to take action. AfD - The Alliance For Democracy, ( is bringing populist ideas, ideals and ways to the forefront of public policy. On TV and online, watch Populist Dialogues and incorporate these ideas and ideals into your local, regional, national and global participation.

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*** Note that Popular Dialogues is now suspended until further notice. ***
These episodes feature David Delk, President of Portland Oregon AfD and National co-chair of The Alliance For Democracy.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Oregon

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Alliance for Democracy

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AfD PD 17-24 The Danger of Small Nuclear Reactors00:28:320.00/0.008/1
AfD PD 17-25 Nuclear Power, OR Bottle Bill Profiteering, Endangering Public Health00:28:120.00/0.008/0
AfD PD 17-26 How We Lower Tensions with North Korea00:28:140.00/0.0011/1
AfD PD 17-27 Getting to 100% Renewables by 203500:28:430.00/0.0013/0
AfD PD 17-28 Nestle Keeps Trying to Bottle Pacific NW Water00:28:290.00/0.0010/0
AfD PD 17-29 The Unique Columbia River Gorge00:28:290.00/0.005/0
AfD PD 17-30 Nuclear - A Dying Industry00:28:290.00/0.0010/0
AfD PD 17-31 Changing Tenant Rights from a fringe issue to a central human right00:28:300.00/0.0011/0
AfD PD 17-32 Oregon Consumer League00:28:300.00/0.003/1
AfD PD 17-33 Transforming Portland City Government to Enhance Democracy00:28:300.00/0.002/2
AfD PD 17-34 Fear and Intolerance in Tillamook County00:28:300.00/0.004/1
AfD PD 17-35 Corporations, Revolving Doors, and the Water Treatment Plant00:28:300.00/0.006/1
AfD PD 17-36 We the People have the Right to Protect Ourselves00:28:300.00/0.008/3
AfD PD 17-37 Renegotiating NAFTA: History and Expectations00:28:300.00/0.006/2
AfD PD 17-38 Friends of Family Farmers v Corporate Farming00:28:300.00/0.007/3
AfD PD 17-39 Why the Educational System does not Meet Needs00:28:300.00/0.006/3
AfD PD 17-40 Future Visions: No More Freeway Expansions PDX00:28:300.00/0.004/3
AfD PD 17-41 Just Transitions, Deep Democracy aims of Environmental Justice00:28:300.00/0.006/2
AfD PD 17-42 The Music of Tom Nielson - Folk Singer/Activist00:25:360.00/0.005/3
AfD PD 17-43 - Single Payer Health Care - Better Care for More People for Less Money00:28:300.00/0.009/2
AfD PD 17-44 Just Energy Transitions Initiative - how we get to clean energy and just jobs creations00:28:300.00/0.005/3
AfD PD 17-45 District Attorneys: They Should Report to You00:28:300.00/0.005/2
AfD PD 17-46 The Best of the Past00:28:300.00/0.004/2
AfD PD 17-47 Julia DeGraw brings new ideas to race for Portland City Council00:28:300.00/0.001/1
AfD PD 18-01 Progressive ideas from Dana Carstensen, candidate for Portland area Metro Council00:28:000.00/0.001/2
AfD PD 18-02 Saving the Net and Net Neutrality with Municipal Broadband System 00:28:300.00/0.006/3
AfD PD 18-03 Independent/Progressive Candidate Challenges Entrenched Democrat00:28:300.00/0.002/1
AfD PD 18-04 The Middle Class Disappears while the Poor Get Poorer and the Rich get Richer and Richer00:28:300.00/0.0011/2
AfD PD 18-05 Racism as a Public Health Crisis00:28:300.00/0.008/2
AfD PD 18-06 The Value of Minor Parties00:28:300.00/0.007/2
AfD PD 18-07 The VA Gives Better Care; Don't Privatize It!00:28:210.00/0.009/2

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