Detail For Show: Grilldog Presents Food Fun and Friends a cooking show

Show Description:

The show is all about Food, Fun and Friends. We have a great mix of comedy with real life cooking and great easy to duplicate recipes.

Grilldog Presents: currently airs all over the United States, New Zealand and Australia on Community TV.

Grilldog Presents: is not just about Grilling, the show promotes to be not just Another Cooking Show...You know the ones, where they profess to show you how to cook a meal in less than 30 minutes and have everything pre-wrapped, pre-measured, pre-prepared and a bunch of other words that start with the word PRE or where they make you feel like you need to be a Nuclear Physicist just to BOIL WATER! We're not like that!

Who knows, you just might learn something, and you'll certainly have a laugh. Full descriptions and pictures of each show can be found at

Notes to Stations About This Show:

With a Master's Degree in Education, Grilldog "Dogs" the inaccuracies of "the Other Shows" while teaching simple methods and styles of cooking, and utilizing easy to find and inexpensive ingredients. Despite Chaos from the Grillpack and the pratfalls of his lampooning sidekick Billdog, Grilldog continues unscathed and manages to produce tasty and delicious dishes.

If you feel like the other cooking shows just don't go far enough, Grilldog is the first to admit that "Grilldog Presents:" just might go too far. But Judge for yourself. Whether we’re cooking at our “Dog House of Fun” or out on location in San Diego or someplace else in the world, this is a "Four Paws and a Tail Salute" of a fun family oriented show, and the kids will love it.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Grilldog Presents:

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0001 How to Grille with Charcoal00:28:290.78/N/A18/0
0002 Lotsa Pasta00:28:490.77/N/A13/0
0003 Sensational Sushi00:28:490.80/N/A10/0
0004 Grilled Portabello's A Vegatarian Treat00:28:500.78/N/A15/0
0005 Shish Kabobs for the Vegatarian and/or Meat lover00:28:500.78/N/A12/0
0006 Incrediable Ediable Ice Cream00:28:490.79/N/A8/0
0007 Holiday Special On Holiday Specials00:58:250.99/N/A4/0
0008 Eggcellant Eggs00:28:060.75/N/A7/0
0009 28.5 or Die00:28:290.77/N/A7/0
0010 Food Of The Gods:Chocolate00:28:290.77/N/A12/0
0011 Wine, Meats, Grille00:28:290.77/N/A12/0
0012 Take Outs00:28:290.77/N/A8/0
0013 Fabulous Fish Fry00:28:290.77/N/A12/0
0014 How to Grille Pizza00:28:290.77/N/A12/0
0015 Fabulous French Fries00:28:290.77/N/A9/0
0016 Liquid Libations00:28:290.77/N/A5/0
0017 Smok'n Sausages00:28:300.77/N/A9/0
0018 Tortang Talong - Eggplant Omelet00:28:290.77/N/A6/0
0019 Mala Insana - Grilled Eggplant00:28:290.77/N/A6/0
0020 Grilled Desserts00:28:290.77/N/A8/0
0021 Grilled Drunk'n Beans00:28:290.76/N/A4/0
0022 Tantalizing Tacos00:28:290.24/N/A3/0
0023 Big Bear Lake, CA Camping Food00:28:290.78/N/A4/0
0024 Grill'n with Tequila00:28:290.78/N/A4/0
0025 Chili Contest00:28:290.77/N/A6/0
0026 Dungeonous Crabbing00:28:290.77/N/A3/0
0027 Decapod Crustaceans (Shrimp)00:27:280.74/N/A4/0
0028 Take Outs00:28:290.73/N/A4/0
0029 Kook'n for Kidneys, Recipes for renal failure patients00:28:290.77/N/A6/0
0030 Road Kill00:28:290.76/N/A5/0
0031 Wing'n It00:28:290.77/N/A8/0
0032 Pizza UnRevealed00:28:380.76/N/A5/0
0033 Taiwan On00:28:290.77/N/A5/0
0034 Julian Julienned, Grilldog visits Julian CA00:28:290.77/N/A5/0
0035 Irish Tacos & NO we are not using Corned Beef!00:28:290.76/N/A8/0
0036 London Pub Crawl00:28:290.75/N/A5/0
0037 Rubbing IT Right - the Multiple uses of BBQ Rub00:28:280.77/N/A7/0
0038 Cracked Up, Egg Cellant Eggs II00:28:290.77/N/A4/0
0039 Road Kill II: The Massacre!00:28:290.76/N/A6/0
0040 Reflections - Not Just another Compilation Show00:28:290.76/N/A6/0
0041 Out of Gas - Foods to Decrease Flatulance00:28:290.75/N/A5/0
0042 Coo Coo Dogs, Gourmet Toppings for Hot Dogs00:28:290.75/N/A6/0
0043 Day of the Dog, 1 Full Day of Grilldog00:28:290.73/N/A5/0
0044 Lotsa Pasta II: Creamed00:28:340.75/N/A2/0
0045 Chicken Pot Pie, Pennsylvania Dutch Style00:28:340.74/N/A5/0
0046 Momma's Night Off00:28:350.75/N/A3/0
0047 Tantalizing Tacos II Part 100:28:320.74/N/A6/0
0048 Tantalizing Tacos II, Part 200:28:290.75/N/A6/0
0049 Getting Sauced - Sauces for BBQ00:28:290.75/N/A6/0
0050 Recipes for Romance00:28:290.75/N/A5/0
0051 Beer, Fondue & Fun00:28:290.76/N/A6/0
0052 OMGzilla - Grilldog Eats Tokyo!00:28:290.75/N/A6/0
0053 PIG'N Out! with Grilldog & Friends - A Pig Roast and MORE!00:28:290.75/N/A7/0
0054 Family Fishing Fun - Families Fish Together & Flavored Tartar sauce Recipes00:28:290.77/N/A7/0
0055 Jerk'n Around00:28:290.75/N/A5/0
0056 Bloody Sunday - Bloody Mary Recipes & More!00:28:290.74/N/A10/0
0057 Food of the Gods II "Chocolate Peanut Buttercups"00:28:290.75/N/A14/0
0058 Grilldog Turns 50 and has a BBQ Party00:28:290.75/N/A13/0
0059 Road Kill 3:Battle for Supremacy-Part 100:28:290.73/N/A13/0
0060 Road Kill III: Battle for Supremacy Part 200:28:290.75/N/A13/0
0061 Caribbean Grilled Stuffed Swordfish00:28:300.70/N/A16/0
0062 Grilling Recipes using Vodka00:28:290.73/N/A15/0
0063 Grilln Zealous Tequila Recipes00:28:300.74/N/A11/0
0064 The Tequila Challenge00:28:430.48/N/A10/0
0065 Battle of the Barmaids00:28:290.70/N/A12/0
0066 Bikers N Brisket Part 100:28:490.84/N/A14/0
0067 Bikers & Brisket Part 2 the recipes00:28:290.84/N/A14/0
0068 Fun with Rum00:28:290.83/N/A7/0
0069 Resort-Ful00:28:290.82/N/A8/0
0070 Braa 4Heritage - South African Heritage Day BBQ/Braai00:28:290.73/N/A7/0
0071 Grilldog Presents: Los Tres Compas (Food of Mazatlan)00:28:300.60/N/A6/0
0072 The Mazatlan Road Trip00:28:290.73/N/A9/0
0072 Viaje Por Carretera - Mazatlan Road Trip00:28:290.73/N/A7/0
0073 Sport Fishing in Mazatlan, Mexico00:28:290.73/N/A12/0
0074 Camerons Suculento00:28:290.73/N/A6/0
0075 Grilldog Presents: Resort-Ful in Mazatlan, Mexico00:28:300.65/N/A6/0

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