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Adventures of Donkey Ollie-Boat Angel Outreach Center

Adventures of Donkey Ollie is a animated musical thirteen part TV series with E/I content for children everywhere. The characters were created by Mike McKinney (lion King, Home on the Range) and shows were directed by Doug Aberle (California Raisins, Will Vinton Productions) The shows are designed to help children early on face the difficulties of life and develop a keen survival as they prepare to enter the adult world. Each show is twenty eight minutes and thirty seconds long. There is no commercial content. Each show highlights different adventures and shows how with the right heart someone can survive any adventure.
The individual shows feature a life action segment with animator director Farmer John and Friends and cover additional subjects with education and entertainment value. Children will benefit as they learn who to trust and who not to trust. Please download just one episode at a time. You can request free movies for your viewers at .

Adventures of Galesteo

Adventures of Galesteo is a children's reading series featuring a cat named Galesteo, his friends and the family that rescued him.  It is read by the author Jamie Hudspeth (Galesteo's "mom"), with his theme music performed by Tom Hudspeth ("dad").   Galesteo is a curious, adventurous cat that is always ready to explore new places and make new friends.  The books are about actual adventures around town that Galesteo has experienced and the people and other animals he meets. 

Afghan Peace Plan

After World War II, civil war and insurrection during the fragile post-war period in Europe was averted by large-scale projects which employed large numbers of men and women in projects which rebuilt the war-torn infrastructure. Today Afghan society faces the same conditions. A report of the Royal United Services Institute in 2008 called hunger and starvation the greatest threat to Afghanistan, and as recently as 2008, unforgivably eight years into the occupation, people were eating grass in Bamyan Province to stave off hunger. Since that time, little has changed.

With Afghans having been abandoned once already by U.S. imperialists seeking to give the Russians "their own Vietnam" in the Eighties, this film shows that U.S. security interests are served not by a continuing military presence, nor by the arming of government forces, but by nation-building, which would cost a mere 5% of the cost of military operations, and save the U.S. taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars. Afghanistan's mineral resource wealth should be nationalized until a strong resource extraction law is in place.

The focus is on giving Afghans the tools, wages, and technical assistance to rebuild the water and irrigation infrastructure with their own labor, a key to an economy which has always been based on agriculture and trade. The Pakistani-based Taliban which controls the opium trade pays $10 a day to fighters facing a chronic unemployment rate of 50 percent. The bungled U.S. reliance on American contractors for projects which do not meet priorities, and enrich the contractors, has led to an increase in the popularity of the Taliban.

The success of Afghans at ejecting foreign occupiers is legendary and a point of national pride. The tragedy is many Afghans looked forward to work and rebuilding their country in 2001, in toleration of a short and benign foreign presence. That presence has turned into a bloody occupation in which Afghan men disappear into secret prisons, and airborne drones fire into dwellings with civilians.

Filmed in Kabul in 2009 by a pair of independent filmmakers who traveled to interview unemployed Afghan men. See and hear them up close in the squares where they gather by the thousands looking for work, and struggle to feed their families.

After Hours Cinema

After Hours Cinema is a late-night, horror host television program presenting public domain low-budget horror and sci-fi films, along with showcasing independent filmmakers and fandom.

After Hours with T.C. Restani

"After Hours with T.C. Restani" is an award winning late night talk show based out of Eastern Massachusetts.

Inspired by the golden age of late night television made famous by Johnny Carson, the cast and crew of After Hours reach for the stars every episode to capture the magic of late night too often lost in an age of reality television and diminishing ratings. After Hours rings true to form with talented musicians, extraordinary guests, absurd dialogue, and sketch comedy written to the delight of viewers across the United States and its emerging cult following online.

Agents of Global Change

Around the globe there are powerful, positive stories that deserve to be told - tales of people and organizations that are working to solve the social and environmental issues effecting their community, and their part of the world.
Actuality Media brings crews to developing communities around the world to meet these changemakers, and to tell stories on the work they do through short documentaries.

Alivelihood - New Adventures As We Age

Karma Kitaj, PhD, CEO of Life Spring Coaching, interviews guests who are over age 50 and have begun new adventures in their “3rd Age.” The interviews are meant to be inspirational and provide role models for the burgeoning population of baby boomers and beyond.

Guests have included men and women who have left their mid-years’ career and embarked on a new career either by becoming an entrepreneur or becoming employed in a new field for them; others have started non-profit organizations, engage in the arts, trekked across Spain, become an engaged volunteer, wrote and published books, or otherwise have embraced this new stage of life with zest.

All Aboard

All Aboard (series 1) was produced in the 1990’s by Green Frog Productions of Douglasville Georgia. The half-hour weekly show was produced with the railroad enthusiast in mind and covers railroad operations over the last half of the 20th century across much of The United States.

This series was originally aired on several PBS stations in the US.