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"Chatting With History" is an original satirical 1/2-hour "talk" show in which host Dan Gersten chats with some of the most famous characters in the history of western civilization. It's intended to be irreverent in a respectful way and there may be some "controversary" given his "guests" and some of the things they say. Still, in each and every show there's at least one positive message, e.g., love, tolerance, acceptance, equality, etc.

Our first season was produced at LexMedia in Lexington, MA, where our "guests" included Adam (from the Garden), Noah (the guy with the ark), Moses, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Eve (had to give equal time) and Alexander Graham Bell and each role was played by a local actor in the Greater Boston area. The first season premiered on LPTV in Lexington and shows were picked up by a number of public access stations across the country (thank you

After our first season, the producer moved to Arizona and the show is now produced at Access Tucson -- though LexMedia is a "partner" in the show. The second season featured Jesus and premiered on Access Tucson April 28th of 2012. Other second season shows included Da Vinci, and two 2-parters, Sigmund Freud and Teddy Roosevelt.

Season three featured shows with Davy Crockett, Abraham the Patriarch (a 2-parter), Prometheus, Nostradamus and Galileo.

Season four is in the midst of production with two 2-parters having beein completed: Queen Elizabeth I and God!

Notes to Stations About This Show:

NOTE: Several shows are in two parts because the show ran over thirty minutes by a considerable amount. If you would like the entire show, please email me at Also, there are longer versions of some others shows where 4-10 minutes might have be edited out. Again, if interested in longer/uncut shows, please let me know. Thank you.

It's special to community access cable TV in that it's scripted and played by local area talent, and demonstrates how creativity in a community can be expressed through and at local community access programs and stations. Lastly, it's not your "average talk show, Yogi"!

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: LexMedia

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Chatting With History: Show 10: Teddy Roosevelt Part I00:29:500.25/N/A23/0
Chatting With History: Show 10: Teddy Roosevelt Part II00:30:250.26/N/A20/0
Chatting With History: Show 11: Davy Crockett00:30:210.23/N/A21/0
Chatting With History: Show 12: Abraham Part I00:29:560.25/N/A13/0
Chatting With History: Show 12: Abraham Part II00:29:550.25/N/A12/0
Chatting With History: Show 13: Prometheus00:30:320.26/N/A14/0
Chatting With History: Show 14: Nostradamus00:30:280.26/N/A16/0
Chatting With History: Show 15: Galileo00:29:560.25/N/A17/0
Chatting With History: Show 16: HRH Elizabeth I Part I00:28:040.24/N/A15/0
Chatting With History: Show 16: HRH Elizabeth I Part II00:29:260.25/N/A14/0
Chatting With History: Show 17: GOD Part I00:29:290.25/N/A10/0
Chatting With History: Show 17: GOD Part II00:27:500.24/N/A9/0
Chatting With History: Show 1: Adam & Noah00:29:580.63/N/A45/0
Chatting With History: Show 2: Moses00:30:000.63/N/A31/0
Chatting With History: Show 3: Christopher Columbus00:30:000.63/N/A50/0
Chatting With History: Show 4: George Washington00:29:580.63/N/A43/0
Chatting With History: Show 5: Eve00:28:420.60/N/A28/0
Chatting With History: Show 6: Alexander Graham Bell00:29:240.62/N/A36/0
Chatting With History: Show 7: Jesus00:29:560.25/N/A18/0
Chatting With History: Show 8: Leonardo Da Vinci00:29:580.25/N/A26/0
Chatting With History: Show 9: Sigmund Freud: Part I00:30:090.26/N/A22/0
Chatting With History: Show 9: Sigmund Freud: Part II00:30:260.26/N/A21/0

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