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An interesting nature show, “Expedition New England” evolved into "Expedition Earth with Scott Tucker", is a little bit wacky, but takes viewers close up into areas much like their own back yards where there are all kinds of interesting creatures. It’s a great show for kids as well as adults. Makes you want to turn off the tv and get outside!

This show is in various parts of New England including Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine, but also ventures out to other interesting areas of the world. It's produced for community access and is shown on many stations.

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: New England (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Expedition Earth Productions 501c3

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001 The Amphibians.mpg00:28:070.77/N/A108/0
002 Searching for Reptiles.mpg00:29:440.83/N/A90/0
003 Reptile Randevú.mpg00:29:430.63/N/A80/0
004 Snakes Snappers and Jellies.mpg00:29:440.83/N/A79/0
005 Escaping Disney.mpg00:27:220.77/N/A75/0
006 Catch and Release.mpg00:29:280.82/N/A75/0
007 Your Land.mpg00:27:370.77/N/A74/0
008 Exploring the Sea Floor.mpg00:29:340.81/N/A74/0
009 Life under every rock.mpg00:14:580.42/N/A64/0
010 Spring Emergence.mpg00:29:400.82/N/A72/0
011 Mojave Desert.mpg00:29:520.83/N/A66/0
012 Southern New England Summer.mpg00:29:250.81/N/A66/0
013 Scuba New England.mpg00:26:550.74/N/A66/0
014 A Day With Daphne.mpg00:27:310.76/N/A52/0
015 On the Ground.mpg00:29:550.83/N/A36/0
016 Invasive Species.mpg00:29:570.82/N/A58/0
017 Breakneck Speed.mpg00:29:380.81/N/A55/0
018 Searching for Life.mpg00:29:340.81/N/A56/0
019 Tropical New England.mpg00:29:330.95/N/A64/0
020 Cape Ann Scuba Diving.mpg00:29:030.94/N/A62/0
021 Cape Ann Crusaders.mpg00:28:250.91/N/A55/0
022 All Things Aquatic.mpg00:28:410.92/N/A59/0
023 Approaching Real Time.mpg00:27:310.89/N/A48/0
024 Root Canal Plus.mpg00:28:340.92/N/A45/0
025 Bluff Head.mpg00:29:230.94/N/A55/0
026 More Than a Creek.mpg00:28:560.94/N/A52/0
027 Diamondback Terrapin.mpg00:26:360.86/N/A52/0
028 Chatfield Hollow.mpg00:29:530.97/N/A50/0
029 Power Outage '06 & Florida Flashback.mpg00:28:370.92/N/A34/0
030 Weekapaug Point Scuba & the Turtle Rescues.mpg00:29:560.97/N/A42/0
031 Rocks, Dinosaurs & Tobacco Hornworm.mpg00:29:440.96/N/A52/0
032 Life and Death.mpg00:27:070.87/N/A40/0
033 The Osprey.mpg00:29:580.96/N/A54/0
034 The New England Jungle.mpg00:29:400.96/N/A53/0
035 The Forgotten Dive.mpg00:28:340.92/N/A42/0
036 Ansonia Nature Center.mpg00:28:520.92/N/A42/0
037 I Was The Alien.mpg00:28:300.91/N/A46/0
038 White Mountains.mpg00:29:560.96/N/A54/0
039 Winter Bio-Blitz.mpg00:28:560.91/N/A45/0
040 Escaping New England Part 1.mpg00:29:000.95/N/A38/0
041 Nocturnal New England.mpg00:28:280.94/N/A57/0
042 Toads In Heat.mpg00:27:590.92/N/A40/0
043 Searching for Seals.mpg00:28:420.94/N/A42/0
044 Backyard Jungles of New England.mpg00:29:540.95/N/A42/0
045 Ants on the March.mpg00:28:490.95/N/A44/0
046 Dreams.mpg00:29:030.93/N/A33/0
047 Blue Crabs, Beavers & Bald Face Hornets.mpg00:28:270.93/N/A45/0
049 Supergermophobia.mpg00:29:100.96/N/A35/0
050 Where Have All the Blue Sharks Gone.mpg00:29:030.95/N/A38/0
051 The Real Treasure.mpg00:29:230.93/N/A34/0
052 Acadia on the Brain.mpg00:30:030.95/N/A36/0
054 The Time is Now for Long Island Sound.mpg00:28:210.74/N/A28/0
056 Escaping New England 2008 Part 1.mpg00:29:560.81/N/A25/0
057 A Piece of Africa in New England.mpg00:29:040.80/N/A40/0
058 Escaping New England 2008 Part 2.mpg00:29:590.81/N/A30/0
059 Space for All of Us.mpg00:29:260.79/N/A33/0
060 Listening to the Sound.mpg00:29:390.79/N/A37/0
061 Sweet New England.mpg00:29:290.80/N/A34/0
062 Exodus.mpg00:28:400.77/N/A27/0
063 Brain Freeze.mpg00:28:090.74/N/A38/0
064 New York Time Warp.mpg00:29:590.81/N/A38/0
065 The Abyss.mpg00:28:510.77/N/A42/0
066 Manatees Garden in the Sound.mpg00:29:040.78/N/A51/0
067 Up A Creek.mpg00:29:570.79/N/A39/0
068 Birth Of A River.mpg00:29:000.78/N/A42/0
069 Clam Harvest Clean up.mpg00:29:190.77/N/A54/0
070 Stellwagen Bank scuba.mpg00:29:260.78/N/A37/0
071 Nonpoint Source Pollution00:29:590.80/N/A44/0
072 The last Blue Shark.mpg00:29:420.79/N/A62/0
073 Invasive Maneuvers.mpg00:28:550.78/N/A53/0
074 The Here and Now.mpg00:29:040.77/N/A56/0
075 Snakes, people and pheromones.mpg00:28:580.83/N/A57/0
076 Swimming with Humpback Whales.mpg00:29:550.87/N/A83/0
077 Its a free for all.mpg00:29:570.87/N/A49/0
078 Humpbacks Reloaded.mpg00:29:350.79/N/A65/0
079 Horseshoe crab breeding migration.mpg00:29:560.81/N/A60/0
080 Backyard garden.mpg00:28:310.77/N/A69/0
081 ene Water Guardians.mpg00:30:000.81/N/A58/0
082 The Citronella Ants00:29:480.94/N/A68/0
083 Long Beach West00:29:590.97/N/A54/0
084 Microscopic New England00:29:450.84/N/A62/0
085 Shades of Gray00:28:180.88/N/A67/0
086 No Escaping . . . New England00:29:590.97/N/A64/0
087 Mini Winter Bio Blitz 201200:28:530.94/N/A70/0
088 Cape Cod Dolphin Strandings 201200:28:470.95/N/A67/0
089 Going Extinct00:26:290.85/N/A66/0
090 The Desert & the Ocean00:28:540.78/N/A71/0
091 The Northern Copperhead00:28:340.87/N/A66/0
092 The Wasp00:29:300.92/N/A71/0
093 Insects Abound!00:27:210.88/N/A61/0
094 The Honey Bee00:25:430.72/N/A76/0
095 In Search of the Coyote"part 1"00:27:280.88/N/A66/0
096 Search for the Coyote Part 200:26:020.82/N/A58/0
097 Reptile Rescue00:27:240.87/N/A63/0
098 Reptile Rescue Part 200:29:320.94/N/A59/0
099 Spring Tide00:29:110.94/N/A71/0
100 Striper00:27:560.90/N/A64/0
101 Feeding the Fear - Sharks of New England00:26:580.85/N/A74/0
102 Polar Vortex.mpg00:29:470.95/N/A70/0
103 Living on Ice- Northern Vermont00:27:510.87/N/A75/0
104 Amphiban Rescue & Whale Necrosy00:29:380.93/N/A61/0
105 Culebra part 1- Leatherback Turtle00:27:490.99/N/A51/0
106 Culebra Leatherback Turtle "part 2"00:29:250.98/N/A34/0
107 Leatherback part iii00:29:210.94/N/A21/0
110 Osa Peninsula part 200:29:160.92/N/A24/0
111 Anthropology of Sport00:29:340.93/N/A33/0
112 Go Anthro00:28:130.75/N/A20/0
113 Congo part 1 "On Ugandan Soil"00:29:240.81/N/A25/0

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