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Karma Kitaj, PhD, CEO of Life Spring Coaching, interviews guests who are over age 50 and have begun new adventures in their “3rd Age.” The interviews are meant to be inspirational and provide role models for the burgeoning population of baby boomers and beyond.

Guests have included men and women who have left their mid-years’ career and embarked on a new career either by becoming an entrepreneur or becoming employed in a new field for them; others have started non-profit organizations, engage in the arts, trekked across Spain, become an engaged volunteer, wrote and published books, or otherwise have embraced this new stage of life with zest.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

With 78,000,000 baby boomers approaching the 3rd Age (50 and above), Americans are challenging themselves to articulate what this new stage of life can be. Most are still vibrant, healthy, well-educated, and many have the desire to contribute in ways that previous generations did not do at their age.
Alivelihood: New Adventures As We Age documents the many ways that boomers (and beyond) have chosen to contribute, to create meaningful lives, and to leave legacies that will make the world a better place. Their stories are inspirational and are a testimony to the strengths of this generation.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Life Spring Coaching

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0001 Alivelihood Playwright Elicits Stories.mpg00:29:240.49/N/A24/0
0002 Alivelihood Combining Voice, Movement, and Therapy.mpeg00:27:420.49/N/A20/0
0003 Dyslexic Woman Awarded for Contribution to Field of Learning Disabilities.mpg00:29:370.11/N/A14/0
0004 Alivelihood Life Coaches Publish "The Couples Retirement Puzzle. .mpg00:28:580.10/N/A14/0
0005 Former Boston Globe veteran journalist Writes Book About Her Retirement.mpg00:27:030.12/N/A16/0
0006 Alivelihood Digital Computer Programmer Takes Early Retirement and Becomes a Graphic Artistmpg00:29:100.08/N/A14/0
0007 Alivelihood German Professor Becomes Creativity Coach.mpg00:28:530.10/N/A10/0
0008 ALivelihood 2 Artists Collaborate to Protest Sex Trafficking With Their Art.mpg00:26:170.09/N/A9/0
0009 Alivelihood Marketing Entrepreneur Writes Compelling Book Called Ms. Informed.mpg00:27:220.10/N/A9/0
0010 Alivelihood Executive Recruiter Leaves Business and Becomes Certified as a Yoga Instructor..mpg00:28:070.07/N/A9/0
0011 Alivelihood Business Woman Downsizes and Enjoys Competitive Rowing, Trekking, & Taking Harvard Courses.mpg00:30:150.12/N/A8/0
0012 Alivelihood Brandeis Visiting Scholar Writes About Parenting Adult Children .mpg00:28:490.10/N/A6/0
0013 Alivelihood Psychotherapist Writes Books That Give Hope and Instruction About Eating Normally.mpg00:28:360.12/N/A6/0
0014 Alivelihood President of Movie Theater Company Retires to Become a SuperVolunteer.mpg00:28:010.11/N/A5/0
0015 Alivelihood Pioneering Mind-Body Psychotherapist Turns to Writing Creative Non-Fiction.mpg00:29:050.11/N/A3/0
0016 Alivelihood Son of Butler Defies Stereotypes to Excel in Organizational Consulting.mpg00:29:360.11/N/A4/0
0017 Alivelihood Psychologist Wrote Iron Butterflies to Depict Ways Women Leaders Can Lead with Strength & Vulnerability..mpg00:27:320.12/N/A5/0
0018 Alivelihood Boston TV producer Retires to Sing Johnny Mercer & Write a Children's Book..mpg00:28:510.11/N/A5/0
0019 Alivelihood College Administrative Assistant Uses Computer Skills to Become Photographer.mpg00:28:270.09/N/A4/0
0020 Alivelihood Harvard Teaching Hospital Nurse Retires to Create Events for Family + Friends.mpg00:28:460.10/N/A4/0
0021 Alivelihood Corporate Lawyer Leaves her Career to Pursue Her Artistic Visions.mpg00:28:180.11/N/A3/0
0022 Alivelihood From Spanish Teacher to Space Clearer.mpg00:28:020.12/N/A3/0
0023 Alivelihood The Story Behind "The Word," an E-Newsletter That Represents the Black Community.mpg00:28:240.08/N/A2/0
0024 Alivelihood Education Professor Becomes a Professional Actor.mpg00:29:590.13/N/A2/0
0025 Alivelihood Hi Tech Entrepreneur Becomes Publisher of Job Newsletter for 50+.mpg00:28:300.11/N/A2/0
0026 Alivelihood Harvard Radiologist Leaves Medicine for a Career in Documentary Photography.mpg00:29:580.10/N/A4/0
0027 Alivelihood Special Education Teacher Volunteers in Women's Prison.mpg00:28:290.09/N/A4/0
0028 Alivelihood Former Nurse Launches Travel Companion Service.mpg00:28:220.13/N/A3/0
0029 Alivelihood Social Worker Joins 2 Women to Form Glamour Project.mpg00:33:050.14/N/A2/0
0030 Alivelhood Graphic Designer Leaves Job to Pursue Own Art.mpg00:27:570.14/N/A3/0
0031 Alivelihood Award-Winning Fitness Trainer Studies Acupuncture.mpg00:28:470.10/N/A3/0
0032 Alivelihood Psychotherapist Retired Her Practice & Becomes Visual Artist.mpg00:28:180.11/N/A4/0
0033 Alivelihood From Math Professor to Legal Info Manager for Gay Organization.mpg00:28:020.13/N/A2/0
0034 Alivelihood Financial Services Executive Finds His Artistic Passion.mpg00:27:450.14/N/A3/0
0035 Alivelihood Special Ed Tutor Discovers Macro Photography.mpg00:28:260.16/N/A3/0
0036 Alivelihood Librarian Retires to Head Sister City Project in Nicaragua.mpg00:28:420.11/N/A2/0
0037 Alivelihood Computer Company VP Retires to Found Non-Profit for African School.mpg00:30:310.13/N/A2/0
0038 Alivelihood High School English Teacher Retires to Become a StandUp Comic.mpg00:27:510.15/N/A11/0
0039 Alivelihood Psychologist Fulfills Dream to Work in Africa.mpg00:28:130.16/N/A4/0
0040 Alivelihood Psychology Professor Starts Blog About Engaging World Peace.mpg00:30:490.15/N/A4/0
0041 Alivelihood Foreign Lit Professor Becomes FundRaiser for Sex Trafficking NonProfit.mpg00:26:590.20/N/A4/0
0042 Alivelihood Corporate Hi Tech Atty Retires to Provide Services to Environmental Non-Profits.mpg00:31:040.15/N/A5/0
0043 Alivelihood Becoming an Image Consultant.mpg00:28:330.09/N/A5/0
0044 Alivelihood Economics Professor Becomes a Fitness Instructor for Mature Adults.mpg00:26:530.09/N/A5/0
0045 Alivelihood Real Estate Entrepreneur Gives Services to People Displaced from Their Homes.mpg00:28:360.10/N/A7/0

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