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Dedicated to educating the general public on issues surrounding elder law, estate planning, elder care services, elder housing options, medical issues, financial planning, insurance products and life style issues most relevant to Baby Boomers and care takers of older adults. This show targets the Baby Boomer demographic and seeks make them more aware of their options. In so doing, they develop the confidence to engage in the appropriate advance planning.

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The host is Elder Law Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy who invites expert guests to discuss a variety of timely issues relevant to the Baby Boomer Generation and their parents. Being more aware and planning for the future is a constant theme in all of the shows. Your Money Your Life seeks to create interesting, informative and entertaining programs to educate our viewers. The programs are interesting and practical. My guests are experts motivated to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Host Ramsey Bahrawy asks the questions on your mind. Attorney Bahrawy has extensive professional experience as a lawyer specializing in elder law and care matters for over 30 years. Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy has assisted neighbors, friends, relatives and parents with care giving needs. His conversations with expert guests are intended to advance your understanding of challenging topics. You will think, learn and be inspired to improve your life while also chuckling at the many real life stories sprinkled throughout each program.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: New England (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Atttorney Ramsey A. Bahrawy

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Video Memoirs00:23:220.547
0001 Your Money Your Life New Reality.mpg00:28:060.4276
0002 Your Money Your Life Progress and Promise.mpg00:29:000.4448
0003 Your Money Your Life Long Term Care Insurance.mpg00:29:470.9957
0004 Your Money Your Life The World is Broke.mpg00:27:490.4647
0005 Your Money Your Life Gut Feeling.mpg00:28:200.9943
0006 Your Money Dimensions of Aging.mpg00:29:000.9842
0007 Your Money Your Life - ABCs of Dividend Investing.mpg00:29:000.5637
0008 Your Money Elder Abuse.mpg00:29:000.4838
0009 Your Money Elder Law .mpeg00:27:040.4435
0010 Your Money Give Me A Break.mpg00:30:040.5035
0011 Your Money Options.mpg00:11:220.1831
0012 Your Money Your Life Hands.mpg00:27:450.4633
0013 Your Money Your Life Stress Solutions.mpeg00:27:470.9835
0015 Your Money Your Life Navigating Turbulent Times.mpeg00:26:370.9432
0016 Your Money Peace of Mind.mpeg00:26:530.4430
0017 Your Money annuities.mpeg00:29:050.4831
0018 Your Money Your Life Meeting Of The Minds.mpeg00:28:090.4626
Accidental caregiver00:29:250.6911
Adult Day Care: A Key Community Service? 00:41:060.4611
Adult Day Services, The Future of Elderly Care?00:27:500.546
Age with Quality00:28:500.556
Ageism: End in Sight?00:28:500.568
Aging Lessons00:28:370.999
Aging with Quality of Life00:28:480.6711
Asset Protection.mpeg00:28:300.6123
Assisted Living and Memory Care00:27:540.493
Being a Family Caregiver, A time of Transition00:28:240.4610
Brain Health: A Game Changer00:28:480.466
Building Bridges with a personal brand00:26:080.3912
Caregiver Resources00:27:590.569
Cashing Out of Your Business00:27:580.6510
Coping with Alzheimer's00:28:520.566
Coping with Alzheimers Each and Every Day00:28:500.577
Declutter Your Life00:28:420.459
easy living.mpeg00:26:550.6118
Elders and Driving00:28:510.6713
Elders and Road Safety 00:28:470.4612
Embracing Aging.mpeg00:29:030.6824
Exercise, Socialize and Play - adult playgrounds or parks00:28:120.3811
Facial Rejuvenation.mpeg00:26:110.6116
Fall Prevention00:27:290.2610
great expectations .mpeg00:24:280.578
great expectations.mpeg00:24:310.5713
Is It Normal Aging or Dementia?00:28:580.565
Lack of Interest00:27:260.439
Life In Case - safely organizing your important documents00:28:520.534
Life Settlement Transactions00:23:030.547
Life Settlements00:23:030.548
Living with Alzheimers00:28:510.3411
Living with Dementia00:27:220.496
Love and Marriage.mpeg00:26:320.4319
Memory Care and the role of Assisted Living00:27:540.496
Navigating the Nursing Home Maze00:28:290.398
Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention.mpeg00:20:190.3326
New Possibilites in 201500:28:450.476
Perfect Storm part 1 My most popular program in my home town 00:29:030.5612
Perfect Storm part 2 (estate planning, family dynamics, etc)00:29:040.5611
Perfect Storm part 3 (financial, tax & reverse mortgage issues)00:29:460.578
Realities of Income Investing in a low interest rate environment00:28:590.435
Retirement Decisions00:15:150.3223
Reversal of Roles: Parenting A Parent00:28:560.445
senior options00:28:580.6711
simply moving.mpeg00:28:010.6522
Talking Turkey00:28:490.4911
Teaming up with a healthcare advocate00:28:520.6714
The Affordable Care Act: Prescription for Healthcare00:28:570.446
The Bitter Truth of the Coming Elder Boom00:28:290.4315
The Nursing Home Maze00:28:300.418
Today's Hot Button Issues00:19:210.264
Understanding communication with a person living with Alzheimers Disease00:28:160.4812
VA Aid & Attendance - an enhanced pension benefit for Vets & their spouses00:26:190.419
What is a life inventory and why do I need one? 00:27:200.5316
You Money Your Life Looking Ahead One Day At A Time.mpeg00:23:240.3828
Your Money Your Life Boomer Transitions.mpeg00:19:400.3227
Your Money, Retirement Ready or Not.mpg00:28:090.4635

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