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The award-winning “Health Matters with Dr. Larry Santora” features candid conversations with doctors, authors, scientists and other health care professionals who are leaders in their fields. These are the type of discussions each of us would like to have with a doctor one on one, where any question may be asked, and every answer is understandable. We also showcase patients and their families who generously share personal stories about their conditions and treatments. Every segment of the show presents information you can use right now to evaluate – and perhaps improve – your own health and wellness.

Built on a tradition of education and service to our community, “Health Matters with Dr. Larry Santora” is produced by Panther Productions at Chapman University. The show’s crew is made up of both professionals and students working side by side, providing students valuable hands-on production experience.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Chapman University, Panther Productions

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Health Matters - Autism, Breast Implants, Gardasil HPV Vaccine00:27:170.64111
Health Matters - Bone Health, Chiropractors, Bottled vs. Tap Water00:26:410.63149
Health Matters - Bypass Surgery and Infertility00:27:120.3476
Health Matters - Dick Butkus' Quadruple Bypass, Varicose Veins, Dementia and Vegetables00:28:170.3677
Health Matters - Fibromyalgia, Energy Drinks, Focal Hand Distonia00:28:240.6382
Health Matters - Kids and Nutrition, Antioxidants, and Anxiety00:25:360.3277
Health Matters - Lasik Eye Surgery, Cramps, Intensive Care Unit00:28:220.6167
Health Matters - Lung Cancer, Bypass Surgery, and Vitamin D00:27:390.3569
Health Matters - Prostate Cancer, Heart Murmurs, Common Emergencies00:28:490.6373
Health Matters - Sudden Cardiac Death, Health Program, and Sugar & Sugar Substitutes00:27:390.6370
Health Matters – Abnormal Heart Rhythms, Acupuncture, Healthy Aspects of Coffee00:26:560.62127
Health Matters – Alzheimer’s, Breast Health, Olive Oil Benefits 00:28:310.67109
Health Matters – Artificial Hearts, Benefits of Wine, Advantages of Aspirin00:27:160.65111
Health Matters – Sexual Medicine, LapBand, Cholesterol00:27:310.6491
Health Matters – Stroke Treatment, Integrative Medicine, Dangers of Grapefruit with Medicine00:27:310.61103
Health Matters –Back Surgery, Down Syndrome, and Shingles00:27:080.64107
Health Matters- Calling 911, Hearing Aids, Coffee Creamers00:25:490.60106
Health Matters- Chronic Pain, Heart Disease, Exercising00:23:140.55111
Health Matters- Eyelid Surgery, Colorectal Cancer, Herbal Teas00:23:000.5294
Health Matters- Heart CT Scans, Cosmetic Botox, Hormone Replacement Therapy00:28:260.66101
Health Matters- Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Organic Food00:26:020.61125

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