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Wicked Good Food is a 30 minute American, cooking show, which is filmed every two weeks.

The Chef, Matt Williams, is a chef/instructor at a local vocational school. Chef Matt Williams’ cooking show highlights simplistic ingredients and instructions, which make this show and his cookbook a score. Williams shares the recipes of the comfort foods of his childhood along with souped up versions of those classics American dishes.

It is being distributed and airing in 25 community cable companies in the Massachusetts area. We have been filming since January 2011 and expect this pattern to continue through all of 2012 and beyond.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Donna Redding

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Caratelli Wicked Good Food Show #6200:30:010.88/N/A31/0
Cook show 33 Apples and Fall Dinner00:29:570.71/N/A46/0
Wicked Good Food #63 Sour Dough00:30:010.88/N/A35/0
Wicked Good Food 0015 Breakfasts.mpg00:29:380.72/N/A67/0
Wicked Good Food 0016 Asian Favorites.mpg00:28:480.70/N/A52/0
Wicked Good Food 0017 Rain/Snow Comfort Food.mpeg00:29:490.84/N/A56/0
Wicked Good Food 0018 Savory Pies.mpg00:29:410.72/N/A52/0
Wicked Good Food 0019 Mexican Cooking.mpg00:29:360.71/N/A56/0
Wicked Good Food 0020 Lobster Dishes.mpeg00:25:030.60/N/A48/0
Wicked Good Food 0021 Soups A La Julia.mpeg00:29:270.70/N/A43/0
Wicked Good Food 0022 Cooking With Clams.mpeg00:29:310.70/N/A45/0
Wicked Good Food 0023 All Potatoes.mpeg00:29:390.70/N/A46/0
Wicked Good Food 0024 Company Cuisine.mpeg00:27:540.66/N/A41/0
Wicked Good Food 0025 Cast Iron Cooking.mpeg00:29:390.71/N/A46/0
Wicked Good Food 0026 Rooting for Root Veggies.mpeg00:29:490.71/N/A46/0
Wicked Good Food 0027 Chicken Wings.mpeg00:27:470.66/N/A48/0
Wicked Good Food 0028 Beef Wellington00:29:530.71/N/A41/0
Wicked Good Food 0029 Chicken Picata00:29:570.71/N/A42/0
Wicked Good Food 0030 Sliders00:29:390.70/N/A45/0
Wicked Good Food 0058 Nacho00:29:590.85/N/A36/0
Wicked Good Food 0059 Meatloaf00:29:590.83/N/A36/0
Wicked Good Food 34 Snacks00:29:520.71/N/A42/0
Wicked Good Food cook show 31 Munchies00:29:400.71/N/A42/0
Wicked Good Food Show #61 Patea00:30:010.86/N/A42/0
Wicked Good Food Show #70 Microwave Munchies00:30:010.89/N/A29/0
Wicked Good Food Show #72 Donuts00:29:460.87/N/A31/0
Wicked Good Food Show#60 Soup00:29:590.87/N/A48/0
Wicked Good Food Show#64 It's all about corn00:30:010.88/N/A41/0
Wicked Good Food Show#65 Holiday Gifts00:30:010.88/N/A35/0
Wicked Good Food Show#66 Butternut Squash00:30:010.87/N/A44/0
Wicked Good Food Show#67 Breakfast for Dinner00:30:010.87/N/A43/0
Wicked Good Food Show#68 Casseroles00:29:460.87/N/A39/0
Wicked Good Food Show#69 Poutine00:30:010.88/N/A39/0
Wicked Good Food Show#71 Backyard BBQ sides00:30:010.88/N/A26/0

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