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Town Square: The Future of Social Security gives viewers insight into the questions being raised about the Social Security retirement program: Is it going broke? What is the connection between Social Security and the federal deficit? Should the purpose of Social Security be different now than when it was created? Two common proposals—raising the payroll tax cap and raising the retirement age--are also explored. Three experts with a range of views--from those who want to strengthen the program to those who are concerned about fiscal responsibility--discuss these issues and more.

Town Square is a gathering place to talk about important issues. The goal is to provide a range of views to help people deepen their understanding of problems and explore solutions.

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Social Security is a topic that affects almost everyone who works because money is taken from his or her paycheck to pay for it. It is currently being connected to federal budget deficit reduction talks and people are scared about the future. Other shows may have guests with different views on the future of Social Security but they don't really go into much depth or help viewers understand what is really going on. This show provides a range of views in easy-to-understand language to help viewers understand the current situation and explore the trade-offs in planning for the future.

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Show Producer: Dawn Becker

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