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“Libertarian Viewpoint” is all about non-government solutions to problems. This show provides the viewer with the information they need to counter the government only solutions the mainstream media constantly feeds them. Libertarians believe in liberty. Liberty is the exercise of freedom that does not infringe on the rights of others. Liberty is the basis of all non-government solutions. Liberty based solutions are always a better alternative than government solutions.
The host, Sue Jeffers, is a radio talk show host on AM 1130 KTCN. During the ½ hour show, Sue interviews private citizens and representatives from various Minnesota and national organizations on subjects as diverse as education, healthcare, energy, transportation, and philosophy.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

“Libertarian Viewpoint” is produced at SCC’s (Suburban Community Channels) studio in White Bear Lake, MN. The show is produced in Minnesota with about one half the episodes targeted to Minnesota. The rest of the episodes have a national interest, but they do mention Minnesota.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Minnesota

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Bob Odden

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0001 Libertarian Viewpoint Taxpayers League of MN.mpg.mpg00:28:280.671
0002 Libertarian Viewpoint Complete Streets.mpg.mpg00:28:280.561
0003 Libertarian Viewpoint Citizens' Council For Health Freedom.mpg00:28:280.581
0004 Libertarian Viewpoint MN's Energy Needs.mpg00:28:280.561
0005 Libertarian Viewpoint Fully Informed Jury Association.mpg00:28:280.570
0006 Libertarian Viewpoint Institute for Justice.mpg00:28:280.550
0007 Libertarian Viewpoint Proposed Viking Stadium Arden Hills.mpg00:28:280.640
0008 Libertarian Viewpoint Wind Turbines.mpg00:28:280.620
0009 Libertarian Viewpoint Government Involvement in Healthcare.mpg00:28:280.671
0010 Libertarian Viewpoint Tea Party Movement.mpg00:28:280.550
0011 Libertarian Viewpoint Starting a Tea Party Org.mpg00:28:280.570
0012 Libertarian Viewpoint Private Bus Company.mpg00:28:280.670
0013 Libertarian Veiwpoint Home Schooling.mpg00:28:280.670
0014 Libertarian Viewpoint Small Business Property Rights00:28:280.670
0015 Libertarian Viewpoint Right to Work.mpg00:28:280.670
0016 Libertarian Viewpoint Childcare Unionization.mpg00:28:280.670
0017 Libertarian Viewpoint MN Marriage Amendment00:28:280.670
0018 Libertarian Viewpoint What is Objectivism.mpg00:28:280.670
0019 Libertarian Viewpoint War on Drugs.mpg00:28:280.670
0020 Libertarian Viewpoint Conceal Carry Proposed Changes.mpg00:28:280.670
0021 Libertarian Viewpoint Judicial Accountability.mpg00:28:280.670
0022 Libertarian Viewpoint MN Judicial Election Reform.mpg00:28:280.670
0023 Libertarian Viewpoint Latest Government Healthcare Involvement.mpg00:28:280.671
0024 Libertarian Viewpoint Role of Local Government.mpg00:28:280.673
0025 Libertarian Viewpoint Left Right Libertarian?.mpg00:28:280.670
0026 Libertarian Viewpoint Citizen vs Central Planning.mpg00:28:280.670
0027 Libertarian Viewpoint County Budgets.mpg00:28:280.670
0028 Libertarian Viewpoint Big Government Thinking.mpg00:28:280.671
0029 Libertarian Viewpoint Candidate Nongovernment Solutions.mpg00:28:280.670
0030 Libertarian Viewpoint Selling Liberty.mpg00:28:280.551
0031 Libertarian Viewpoint Unionizing Childcare Gay Marriage.mpg00:28:280.670

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