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"SWITCH" is experimental art and performance television for the people of Western Massachusetts and beyond. Creative Director is Jessica Higgins. Produced by Denis Luzuriaga.

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We are a group of artists who work in many disciplines and have exhibited and performed in venues locally, nationally, as well as internationally. Artists such as Jessica Higgins (, Jaime Davidovich, Alison Knowles, Larry Miller, Bibbe Hansen, Mina Cheon, Gema Alava, John Cage, Arlene Schloss, William Stone, Erika Knerr, Mary Averill (, Denis Luzuriaga (, GLOVE, David Teeple (, Matt Waugh, John Landino, Joshua Selman. Using tools from the latest DSLR's, to video cameras from the 70's; digital editing suites to analog video switchers - we document our performance happenings and turn them in to the show we call SWITCH. YOU CAN PREVIEW SHOWS HERE:

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

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0001 SWITCH_Air Time For Color TV.mpg00:30:000.83/N/A27/0
0002 SWITCH_Pendulum.mpg00:29:560.83/N/A23/0
0003 SWITCH_You Can.mpg00:30:000.83/N/A19/0
0004 SWITCH_Outspoken Earth.mpg00:29:540.83/N/A18/0
0005 SWITCH_Duplicates And Enlargements.mpg00:30:000.83/N/A19/0
0006 SWITCH_Paper City.mpg00:28:420.79/N/A20/0
0007 SWITCH_853 or 864.mpg00:30:000.83/N/A18/0
0008 SWITCH_Vessel Tea Bowl.mpg00:29:220.81/N/A22/0
0009 SWITCH_Everything New Is Old Again.mpg00:29:360.82/N/A24/0
0010 SWITCH_Artists Paddle Fish With Song00:28:300.79/N/A18/0
0011 SWITCH_Canoe.mpg00:28:300.79/N/A17/0
0012 SWITCH_White House-Blue House.mpg00:27:540.80/N/A16/0
0013 SWITCH_Video-Video00:28:000.85/N/A15/0
0014 SWITCH_Fluxus Under Construction.mpg00:28:000.85/N/A13/0
0015 SWITCH_Cooking With Cage.mpg00:28:000.77/N/A12/0
0016 SWITCH_Insomnia00:28:010.52/N/A10/0

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