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Social Jumpstart is the cable television show about Social Media, we interview different experts each week about how social media works, why it's important and how people can understand it, master it and put it to use.

We seek to educate, motivate, entertain and inspire our viewers to use social media to connect with others in a meaningful way, for business owners to engage prospects and customers to deliver extraordinary customer service and how to leverage new media to promote worthy and worthwhile causes.

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Hello Stations!
Social Jumpstart TV is a 26 episode series (:28 TRT) that educates viewers about social media. In an ever changing world of new media, we offer insight from the experts and plenty of tools, tips and techniques to help your viewers master social media and online connections to grow their personal network and to connect their business with prospects and customers to deliver extraordinary customer service. We also focus on using social media to promote worthy and worthwhile causes.

We produce every episode to high quality broadcast standards and create beautifully lit shows with excellent sound that provide a wonderful viewing experience. We create our show in a former network studio that has been digitally updated. Our target audience is as wide ranging as people seeking to learn more about new media - we have had great responses from 18-85 year olds and will keep producing content that is appealing and applicable to all.

The episodes are as evergreen as possible and are filmed in such a way that you can run them in any order you please. If your website offers an on-demand feature, please let us know - we'd love to be part of that.

Additionally, we have produced a few short training videos and workbooks to help Community TV producers connect with people via social networks to build viewership and support of their shows and stations. If you are interested in this training (it's free, of course) please contact Mike Wolpert / 407.405.3500 or and we will get you set up!

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Social Jumpstart

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0001_Social Jumpstart_Social Media Past, Present, Future with Steve Sarner.mpg00:27:570.66/N/A35/0
0002_Social JumpStart_Social Media, the Future of Digital Libraries with Sarah Houghton.mpg00:27:580.67/N/A27/0
0003_Social Jumpstart_Social Media and Expert Marketing with Alicia Dunams.mpg00:27:580.67/N/A26/0
0004_Social Jumpstart_Social Media and Blogging with expert Suzanna Stinnett.mpg00:27:570.66/N/A22/0
0005_Social JumpStart_Social Media and Making Connections with Sally Kuhlman.mpg00:28:010.75/N/A23/0
0006_Social Jumpstart_Social Media and Video Blogging with Mary Cary.mpg00:28:010.75/N/A22/0
0007_Social JumpStart_Social Media and Law Enforcement with Ralph Pata.mpg00:27:590.75/N/A22/0
0008_Social Jumpstart_Social Media and Staying Safe Online with Kathy Ciari.mpg00:27:590.75/N/A22/0
0009_Social Jumpstart_Social Media and Viral Video with Scott Bromley.mpg00:28:270.76/N/A20/0
0009_Social Jumpstart_Social Media and Viral Video with Scott Bromley.mpg00:28:270.76/N/A7/0
0010_Social Jumpstart_Social Media and Creating Great Content with Anne Hill.mpg00:27:590.75/N/A21/0
0011_Social Jumpstart_Social Media, Developing Diversity and Entrepreneurs in Tech with Angela Benton.mpg00:27:590.75/N/A21/0
0012_Social Jumpstart_Social Media's Three Key Elements with Roohi Moolla.mpg00:27:590.75/N/A21/0

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