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“Out in Left Field” is an interview show about subjects of interest to Mainers in the political, environmental, economic, and social justice arenas. The conversational style is frank and occasionally incendiary.

Some show topics include: Maine Friends of Animals, Smart Meters Panel, United States Postal Service, Wolves, Tar Sands Oil, Save Our Schools, etc.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Originally produced at Biddeford Public Access.
Most shows have 30 or more seconds black lead in.
These MPEGs are ripped from DVDs and include occasional encoding weirdness present on the source media, eg some shows are spread over two titles. Look for file names that are the same but end in "_title1.mpg" and "_title2.mpg." Generally "_title1" is the intro and "_title2" is the content. Download both and play in order.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: South Portland Community TV

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oilf_20110310 Bruce Gagnon.mpg01:01:270.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110317 Ray Shadis.mpg01:01:440.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110324 Ali Ahmida To the Shores of Tripoli.mpg01:02:550.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110331 Matt Beck The Right to Work for Less.mpg01:01:190.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110407 Neil Ward and Steve Hinchman Conflict What Conflict.mpg01:00:390.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110414 Ken Jones.mpg00:49:260.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110421 Dennis Bailey Racino No_title1.mpg01:00:510.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110421 Dennis Bailey Racino No_title2.mpg00:00:400.02/N/A1/0
oilf_20110505 Dr Doug Dransfield.mpg01:01:130.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110512 Mary Beth Sullivan.mpg01:00:360.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110519 Cris Bryant Smart Meters.mpg01:01:190.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110602 Shauna Bellows MCLU.mpg01:01:170.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110609 Ken Jones School of the Americas Watch Honduras.mpg01:01:510.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110623 Dr Julie Pease.mpg01:02:000.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110630 Save Our Schools.mpg01:01:470.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20110711 Smart Meters Panel.mpg01:01:120.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110721_John Glowa Wolves.mpg01:00:340.99/N/A2/0
oilf_20110728 Dennis Bailey Slot Mecca.mpg01:01:240.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110804 Bruce Gagnon That Awful Thing Hiroshima Bomb.mpg01:00:520.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110818 Wayne Poland USPS_title1.mpg00:00:430.01/N/A1/0
oilf_20110818 Wayne Poland USPS_title2.mpg01:00:110.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110825 Don Tremontozzi Verizon Strike.mpg01:01:340.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110901 Dr Jim Maier_v2.mpg01:00:370.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110908 Ken Jones back to School.mpg01:01:110.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20110915 Ed Miller Addicted to Pollution.mpg01:02:080.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20111006 Dennis Bailey Casino Mecca.mpg01:01:540.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20111013 Les Barnal Stop Predatory Gambling.mpg01:03:460.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20111020 Robert Fisk Jr Maine Friends of Animals.mpg01:00:480.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20111117 Matt Beck Race to the Bottom.mpg01:02:590.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20111201 Peter Kellman on Richard Grossman RIP.mpg01:00:470.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20111208 Dylan Voorhees In the Pipeline.mpg01:00:330.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20111215 Ed Miller Merchants of Death.mpg01:01:310.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20111222 John Glowa Valuing the Wild.mpg01:00:420.99/N/A1/0
oilf_20120105 Garrett Martin.mpg01:04:250.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20120112 Ken Jones A Little History.mpg01:02:250.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20120119 Sara Gagne-Holmes Lashing the Surplus Population MaineCare Cuts.mpg01:01:350.99/N/A0/0
oilf_20120126 Julie Pease MD MaineCare Cuts.mpg01:01:250.99/N/A0/0

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