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This weekly program is a scientific analysis of the psycho-pathology of those who wield socio-economic power, those referred to in the Occupy movement as the 1%. Comparisons are made between principles of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. and the psychotic interests of a small group of international bankers. Each program contains video clips of demonstrations filmed by the Occupiers themselves revealing the realities of the movement that mainstream media never shows.
It is presented by the Occupy Wall Street Activist Gilbert Gambucci, who is by profession an International Piano Recitalist and Psycho-Social Analyst.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

This is the only television program we have that objectively and scientifically analyzes the origins of the crisis we face in the United States today with an emphasis on revealing tried and tested solutions. The awareness these programs bring is vital to anyone concerned about returning to the Democracy our Founding Fathers laid out for us to uphold and preserve.
At the same time the unique video clips are of current events within the Occupy movement, the analysis of these events are of a universal nature and therefore of a timeless quality.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New York

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Gilbert Gambucci

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01: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Obedience to the Truth00:27:590.59/N/A28/0
02: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Thomas Paine Study00:28:000.59/N/A19/0
03: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - What Makes a Nation Great00:27:310.58/N/A16/0
04: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Thomas Jefferson Study00:27:570.58/N/A13/0
05: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Market Economy and Real Economy00:27:460.57/N/A13/0
06: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Back On The Road to Success00:27:480.87/N/A11/0
07: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Economic Power vs. Political Power00:28:030.85/N/A11/0
08: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Corporate Media Censorship00:28:000.85/N/A10/0
09: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Alexander Hamilton Study00:27:390.87/N/A8/0
10: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - The Third Way Enterprising00:27:410.84/N/A8/0
11: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Who Really Attacked the NYC World Trade Center00:27:260.83/N/A7/0
12: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Art, The Foundation of Civilization00:27:540.59/N/A6/0
13: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Who Ordered the Murder of Our Late President John F. Kennedy00:27:460.58/N/A5/0
14: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Analyzing the Mental Illness of Those Who Wield Social-Economic Power00:28:500.83/N/A5/0
15: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - The Real Terrorists of Humanity00:27:540.59/N/A6/0
16: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Making Petroleum and Electricity Obsolete00:29:200.85/N/A3/0
17: Analyzing the 1 Per Cent - Origin of the Crisis00:27:560.39/N/A4/0

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