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Thyme In The Kitchen features Lee Danek and Pam Leck in the ktichen showing a variety of recipes that are easy and fun to make. The series has been in production since 2003. During the first few years, a third cook - Sylvia Gruner - was part of the cast. The show has its own website...

...where background about how the show is made and all the show's recipes are available.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 90 days

Show Producer: Ground Glass Productions

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0911A - Tribute to Julia Part100:37:290.8824
0911B - Tribute to Julia Part200:35:070.8221
0912 Holiday 2009 - PartyFoods.mpg00:59:380.9913
1008 End Of Summer Foods00:29:380.6917
1010 Holidays-2010.mpg00:41:200.998
1103 Meatballs00:40:040.9914
1111 Holidays 201100:49:570.995
1203A Spring-Thyme Part 100:29:510.7712
1203A Spring-Thyme Part 200:28:130.7311
1204 Seafood00:41:080.999
20120926 - Mexican Treats00:24:560.5810
201210B - German Treats00:37:090.885
20130306 Cheese00:40:180.956
20130811 Sticks Show00:40:210.954
20140123A TIK - Sauces00:20:510.495
20140916 Cooking With Wine00:38:000.896
20140922 Fall Recipes 201400:37:070.878
20141223B TIK - Cheese00:27:320.656
20160610 TIK Tomato Recipes00:39:440.667
All About Herbs00:29:170.6839
Lets Get Sauced00:31:190.7339

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