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Show Description:

Forms of Identification explores the ways we create who we are, our attachment to our various identities or personas, and where we must sometimes go to find our core selves after a perceived or real disaster. The film asks: “When I’ve lost what I perceive to be the most important element of myself, what is left?; Who am I when all my circumstances have changed?”

As an art form, Forms of Identification embodies its message of searching for an identity and regaining joy from calamity. It is an artistic collaboration that crosses the boundaries of genre. Through creating art in a new genre, the dancer dives into a foreign arena for self-expression and ultimately reconnects with the artist-within.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and since our film follows a dancer with Lyme, I think this might be an opportune time to air our film on Public Television. We would like to offer the film to educational and public television this month as a special. Our film raises awareness and sparks lively dialogue about Lyme Disease, and some of the ways that art and creative self-expression can heal and transform.

The film’s primary audience consists of people with Lyme Disease and friends and family of those afflicted with Lyme Disease. These viewers will be able to directly relate to the story told by the principal character and narrator of the film. In addition, anyone who has experienced chronic illness that is life-debilitating will find a direct connection to the narrative of this personal and poetic film.

Furthermore, anyone who has a close friend or family member who experienced identity crisis and loss as a result of a profound change in his/her life will relate to and learn from the raw and naked expression of the experience of loss that is described in detail in the film. That is why people suffering disability are included in our audience. The film’s positive message will appeal to practitioners of art therapy and depth psychology, so students and teachers in the following subject areas will find interest in this film: public health, psychology, art therapy, art as social commentary. Because the film is produced and directed by two women - filmmaker Kristin Tieche and choreographer/dancer Jessica Ingersoll-Cope, Forms of Identification will also appeal strongly to women.

This short film runs 14 minutes 30 seconds. We also have supporting "behind-the-scenes" interviews which may also be of interest to stations.

Type of Show: Specials

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: One time show

Show Producer: Selvavision LLC

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