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Conversations features a mixture of interviews with local and national educators, musicians, historians, government officials, and segments spotlighting everyday people with extraordinary stories and talent.

The approach to embrace and interview a mixture of events and activities has kindly increased our viewership. “Conversations” continues to draw in viewers who have grown to love the show for its relaxed and candid environment and thoughtful discussions.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Kansas

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Kansas City Kansas Community College

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to Kansas City Kansas Community College for covering this cost.

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0005 Conversations Eddie Daniels00:25:230.0010
0008 Conversations Kenneth Peterson00:26:590.008
0014 Conversations Omega7 Inc.mpg00:31:400.0010
0015 Conversations Sumner Spartans00:28:160.006
0016 Conversations Chester Owens Johnnieque B. Love00:31:120.005
0017 Conversations Kevin Kimbrough00:21:030.008
0019 Conversations John Rogers III00:29:230.007
0023 Conversations Roger Suggs Part 100:28:080.007
0026 Conversation Brian Bode.mpg00:29:030.0010
0027 Conversation Sunflower House.mpg00:29:030.0010
0028 Conversations Shelley Coulter.mpg00:30:560.008
0030 Conversations Jeff Lanza.mpg00:29:550.008
0031 Conversations Rick Armstrong.mpg00:30:370.008
0032 Conversations Don Ash_1.mpg00:30:550.007
0033 Conversations Adam C. Ehlert_Brian Bruce .mpg00:31:410.009
0034 Conversations Joe Reardon Part 100:29:560.007
0035 Conversations Mayor Joe reardon part II00:27:380.006
0036 Conversations Deryl Wynn00:28:420.006
0038 Conversations Mike Kim00:30:540.005
0041 Conversations Julian Zugazagoitia00:31:020.005
0044 Conversations Chateau Avalon.mpg00:21:550.0010
0048 Conversations Lonnie McFadden.mpg00:27:350.0010
0049 Conversations Jenna Bush-Hager.mpg00:27:410.0010
0051 Conversations Lonnie and Gina McFadden.mpg00:28:340.009
0052 Conversations Into the Fire.mpg00:30:020.0010
0053 Conversations Fort Leavenworth.mpg00:29:540.0010
0054 Conversations Buffalo Solider.mpg00:26:030.0016
0055 Conversations Barry Grissom.mpg00:30:570.009
0056 Conversations Jewell Colbert.mpg00:32:080.008
0057 Conversations Angela Bates00:29:330.008
0058 Conversations Alvin Brooks00:30:030.006
0059 Conversations Walter R. Bradley00:28:570.008
0060 Conversations Erik Kirkwood.mpg00:29:450.0010
0061 Conversations Dr. Doris Givens00:29:470.006
0062 Conversations Wendall Maddox_Jon Jackson00:29:490.006
0063 Conversations Keli Baliff00:28:570.007
0064 Conversations Keli Baliff(Gang Free)00:27:230.006
0065 Conversations Kevin Yoder00:28:010.007
0066 Conversations Brian Wimes00:30:070.006
0067 Conversations Arlana Coleman00:29:250.007
0068 Conversations Ann Murguia00:30:510.006
0069 Conversations Mark Holland00:29:350.007
0070 Conversations Marisa Gray and Jay Matlack00:28:310.007
0071 Conversations Sparky and Rhonda_Rucker00:30:010.005
0072_01 Conversations Carol and Susan Bryd part 100:28:500.005
0072_02 Conversations Carol and Susan Byrd part 200:30:530.005
0073 Conversations Jacqueline Tomlin00:29:570.006
0074 Conversations WendellMaddox_HowieOlson00:28:250.007
0075 Conversations Tony Tompkins00:29:530.006
0076 Conversations Kelley Newton00:32:290.006
0077 Conversations Michael Vitale00:30:130.006
0078 Conversations Calvin Tompson00:29:510.006
0079 Conversations Paul Jones00:30:060.006
0080 Conversations Wanda Manier-Reed00:29:490.006
0081 Conversations Ann Murguia00:27:180.007
0082 Conversations Michael Kimbrough00:46:340.004

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