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"Living Healthy with The Women In You" is a talk show that explores the fields of holistic health, nutrition, medicine and spirituality.

The show features hosts Jackie Bell of, Sheryl Worthington Turgeon of and Jacqueline Bonfiglio Naja of interviewing guests from across the country on topics such as organic foods, toxins in the environment, diseases and disorders, child health and self-improvement.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: The Women In You

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to The Women In You for covering this cost.

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0016 Living Healthy_Choosing Healthy Foods00:29:570.0059
0020 Living Healthy_Dawna Jones_Breast Health00:29:590.0027
0029 Living Healthy Transformational Handwriting.mpg00:26:370.0049
0030 Living Healthy - Eating for the A's00:29:580.0053
0031 Living Healthy_Creating Healthy Children.mpg00:28:380.0054
0032 Living Healthy_Hormone Health.mpg00:28:300.0044
0033 Living Healthy_Compounding-Personaized Prescriptions.mpg00:28:300.0037
0034 Living Healthy_Dr Karen Avila_Better Health Through Nutrition.mpg00:28:300.0043
0035 Living Healthy_Annaita Gandhy_Eastern Thoughts.mpg00:28:300.0033
0036 Living Healthy_Joanie Winberg_Surviving A Life Crisis00:28:300.0042
0037 Living Healthy_Jessica Kozak_Exploring Integrative Healing 00:28:300.0031
0038 Living Healthy_Kim Bella Phd and Prof. Stephan Martin_Exploring Fermentation00:28:290.0033
0039 Living Healthy_Lane Poor_The 3 Bs of Lyme00:28:300.0037
0040 Living Healthy_Lane Poor_Living With Lyme00:28:300.0035
0041 Living Healthy_Linda Tucker_Saving The White Lions00:28:290.0032
0042 Living Healthy_Dr Frank Pleus_Exploring Biological Medicine00:28:300.0031
0043 Living Healthy_Dr Eben Alexander_Exploring Life After Death00:28:300.0034
0044 Living Healthy_Dr Frank Pleus_Treating Cancer with Biological Medicine00:26:300.0036
0045 Living Healthy_Burke Lennihan_Exploring Health Care Changes and Holistic Options00:28:300.0039
0046 Living Healthy_Aurelie Cormier_ Child Health Through Mindful Parenting00:28:290.0037
0047 Living Healthy_Joan Gussow_ Sustainability-A Realistic Option00:28:300.0033
0048 Living Healthy_David Gumpert_ In Pursuit of Food Rights00:28:300.0031
0049 Living Healthy_How On Earth_ Cooking Healthy - Muffins00:27:000.0036
0050 Living Healthy_ Burke Lennihan_Your Natural Medicine Cabinet00:28:300.0034
0051 Living Healthy_Eben Alexander MD_Science and Spirituality Part 100:28:300.0029
0052_Living Healthy_ Eban Alexander_Science And Spirituality part 200:28:240.0025
0053_Living Healthy_Lane Poor_LymeThe Disease State00:28:300.0032
0054_Living Healthy_John Kozinskiz, MEA_Diet, Dieting and Health00:28:590.0031
0055 Living Healthy_John Kozinski_Healing The Digestive System00:30:000.0029

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