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"Indymedia Presents" is a weekly 28 minute access program produced by PepperSpray Productions on behalf of the Seattle Indymedia Center, bringing you video from the front lines in the global battle against the corporate state. "Indymedia Presents" has a no-host magazine format. Some weeks the whole episode is devoted to a single subject but often the episode is comprised of several shorter pieces, ranging in topic and style from documentary to socially conscious music video to political humor.

About PepperSpray Productions:

The all-volunteer PepperSpray Collective formed shortly after the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle in answer to the Independent Media Center's call "don't hate the media, be the media." We feel that corporate media is not enough, and that people must make our own media if we want our voices heard. As a collective we try to live in the intersection of race, class, gender and environment. Sometimes we describe ourselves as a "megaphone of the movement."

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The desire for change in America runs deep. As people have become more skeptical of corporate media, independent shows that grapple with issues of global warming, environmental and economic collapse, social justice and peace are increasingly popular. Viewers want to challenge old assumptions, and look for new solutions. "Indymedia Presents" does that in a diverse and popular way. Originating in Seattle on our local access station, "Indymedia Presents" has expanded, after more than 340 weekly episodes, to stations across the country, and a strong presence on the web. For more info on "Indymedia Presents" or the PepperSpray Collective, which produces the show, visit our website:

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Washington

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: PepperSpray Productions

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0343 Indymedia Presents Google Darfur.mpeg00:28:000.99/N/A0/0
0344 Indymedia Presents Mar09 Indymedia Newsreal.mpg00:28:000.99/N/A0/0
0345 Indymedia Presents - Seattle General Strike part 2.mpg00:28:000.99/N/A0/0
0346 Indymedia Presents Police Brutality-Code Pink-EndOfWorld.mpg00:28:000.99/N/A1/0
0347 Indymedia Presents Ray McGovern presidential briefing.mpg00:28:000.99/N/A0/0
0348 IndymediaPresents EndOfWorld FurFreeFriday.mpg00:28:000.99/N/A0/0
0349 Indymedia Presents Situation & Our Tasks.mpeg00:28:000.99/N/A0/0
0350 Indymedia Presents Mayday.mpg00:28:000.99/N/A0/0
0351 Indymedia Presents G-20 and workers takeover.mpeg00:28:000.99/N/A0/0
0352 Indymedia Presents Apr09 Indymedia NewsReal.mpeg00:27:590.99/N/A0/0
0353 Indymedia Presents SeaGenStrike#3.mpeg00:28:000.96/N/A0/0
0354 Indymedia Presents May09 Indymedia NewsReal.mpg00:27:590.98/N/A0/0
0355 Indymedia Presents LtWatada-He Stood UP.mpg00:28:000.96/N/A0/0
0356 Indymedia Presents Pharmaceutical system exposed.mpeg00:28:000.94/N/A0/0
0357 Cracking Shell.mpg00:27:590.98/N/A0/0
0358 Tamim Ansary-on Afghanistan.mpg00:27:590.99/N/A0/0
0359 Indymedia Presents June 09 Indymedia NewsReal.mpg00:27:590.99/N/A0/0
0360 Indymedia Presents Single Payer Healthcare.mpeg00:28:000.92/N/A0/0
0361 Indymedia Presents - Justice For All.mpeg00:28:000.95/N/A0/0
0362 Indymedia Presents-tyranny of Oil.mpeg00:27:590.98/N/A0/0
0363 Indymedia Presents The Abatwa.mpg00:27:590.99/N/A0/0
0364 Indymedia Presents End of World S3E10&11.mpeg00:27:590.99/N/A0/0
0365 Indymedia Presents-Critical Mass.mpeg00:27:590.99/N/A0/0
0366 Indymedia Presents Testimonies From Falluja.mpeg00:27:590.98/N/A1/0
0367 Indymedia Presents Tribal Journeys.mpg00:27:590.98/N/A2/0
0368 Indymedia Presents Direct Action.mpg00:28:000.92/N/A0/0
0369 Indymedia Presents Demonstration of our Hopes.mpeg00:27:590.98/N/A0/0
0370 Indymedia Presents 5 Days that Shook the WTO part1.mpeg00:28:000.99/N/A1/0
0371 Indymedia Presents 5 Days that Shook the WTO part2.mpeg00:27:590.99/N/A1/0
0372 Indymedia Presents 5 Days that Shook the WTO part3.mpeg00:27:590.99/N/A1/0
0373 Indymedia Presents 5 Days that Shook the WTO part4.mpeg00:27:590.99/N/A1/0
0374 Indymedia Presents 5 Days that Shook the WTO part5.mpeg00:27:590.99/N/A1/0

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